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Non-scheduled passenger transport

Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego i Językowego Kadr w Legnicy | Published February 3, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

The contract includes an average of 56 transport services for each of the 41 7-person groups. 

Object of the contract will be carried out in accordance with the following provisions:

1137, as amended.);

b) Services must be rendered technically proficient, registered means of transport have relevant technical studies and third party liability insurance and accident insurance;

It is forbidden to carry more than the permitted number of persons;

d) Vehicles must be equipped with efficient air conditioning, heating, individual air vents and lighting, comfortable reclining seats, seat belts, headrests, back foot on each seat, ABS, ASR.

In addition, vehicles must be equipped with efficient control instruments, including tachometers;

e) Vehicles must be equipped with fire extinguishers with current research and hammers to break any windows prominently displayed;

f) required cleaning after each course, if necessary, when in the course of the route;

g) In the event of outdoor temperatures above 26 degrees Celsius carriage of persons should take place at the air conditioning.

In the case of an appreciable reduction in the temperature below 15 degrees Celsius heating is required of the vehicle;

h) Vehicles must have a neat and aesthetic appearance

and internal;

i) The service provider driver employed by the Contractor must have the right to drive in accordance with applicable law;

j) Since the driver is required professionalism and good knowledge of routes, including the city of Wroclaw and its surroundings.

Drivers should prepare before heading out on tour, also provided with the traditional date maps;

Derogation from this rule every time must be agreed with the head of the group or the Employer;

l) The Contractor shall provide passengers when traveling proper health and safety conditions and the necessary comfort;

m) The Contractor will be required for every request the Employer to show documents confirming the current technical studies and insurance and to submit photocopies, as well as photocopies of registration documents certified as a true copy by the Contractor, as well as a photocopy of tachograph plate of each vehicle of the service - the task of lading.

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