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Washing and dry-cleaning services

Szpital Uniwersytecki nr 2 im. dr Jana Biziela w Bydgoszczy | Published October 20, 2016  -  Deadline November 23, 2016
Laundry and dry-cleaning

Cleaning services

Izba Skarbowa w Bydgoszczy | Published October 19, 2016  -  Deadline November 24, 2016

The present contract is the cleaning of buildings and outdoor areas of the Tax Chamber in Bydgoszcz, offices province. Kuyavian-Pomeranian and the Office of the National Tax Information in Torun participating in the public procurement procedure divided into 6 parts.

Washing and dry-cleaning services

Szpital Uniwersytecki nr 2 im. dr Jana Biziela w Bydgoszczy | Published October 15, 2016  -  Deadline November 17, 2016

The contract is:

1) the provision of comprehensive services in the field of laundry washing and disinfection of hospital linen, clothing fashions, lingerie and clothing, operational, underwear and clothing neonatal and materials for cleaning (cloths, mops overlay) owned by the Employer, hereafter called "underwear hospital" .

2) rental, washing and disinfection of bed linen and clothing, as well as lingerie and clothing, operational hereafter called "underwear Contractors"

3) Provision of the service bieliźniarskiego including:

1. collection and transport of hospital linen and underwear Contractor clean and dirty on the dates indicated in accordance with the specified schedule, directly to the user (branches and clinics bed, the operating and storage underwear circulation Employer)

2. szwalniczo services - repair hospital linen and underwear Contractor,

3. affixing RFID chips using the whole range of underwear Contractor which is the subject of the lease, full of its monitoring in the laundry with the provision of the system (software) for the needs of the cells Employer in terms of on-line access to the program in all cells identified in terms of ordering and inventory control underwear hospital

4. equipping the operating Employer clothing lint operational through the use of equipment and vending ownership of the Employer,

5. ensuring the supply of linen and clothes in sufficient quantities to prevent the needs of organizational units of the hospital, including Sundays and holidays.

6. conduct full monitoring of operational clothing which is in circulation.

Cleaning and sanitation services

Wojewódzki Szpital Obserwacyjno-Zakaźny im. Tadeusza Browicza | Published September 20, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
The contract is a comprehensive service maintenance of cleanliness in all

Bydgoszcz: Construction street Lunar including execution of pieszojezdni with parking bays, technical infrastructure (expansion of storm water drainage and energy and reconstruction of networks colliding with the investment) and to strengthen the slope on plots Reg. No. 100, 59, 52/1, 41 and 124 / 8 rpm. 65 in Bydgoszcz

Stowarzyszenie Budowy ulicy Księżycowej | Published July 27, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016
The scope of works includes in particular: 1) road works related to construction of the street Moon, including: a) demolition work, b) earthworks, c) executing the foundation, laying curbs and resistors and arrangement of surfaces including 8 cm - 1298.3 m2, 6 cm - 3.9 m2, - the construction of the parking lot of openwork plates 40x60x10 cm filled with aggregate broken 0-31,5 mm (10 parking spaces with the dimensions 2,5x6,0 m) - 159.0 m2, 8 cm - 18 2 m2, 8 cm - 63.2 m2, 6 cm - 56.1 m2, 6 cm - 11.3 m2, 16-18 cm or trylinki - 16.1 m2 - performing retaining wall - 19.2 m, 10 cm filled with humus with sowing grass - 63.9 m2, 10 cm - 536.3 m2, 2) work on the implementation of storm water drainage system in the building - street inlets concrete DN500 - 6 pcs., - installation of storm sewer pipes of polymer dn 355x52mm - 121.1 m, - installation of storm sewer pipes PVC-U solid śr.315x9,2mm SN8 - 136.6 m, - installation of storm sewer pipes PVC-U solid śr.200x5,9mm SN8 - 19.1 m - well reinforced fi 1000 with manhole cast iron type D400 - 1 pc., - well reinforced fi 500 with manhole cast iron type D400 - 6 pcs., - well plastic fi 800 - 4 pcs., 3) work related to the construction of road lighting including: - demolition of lighting columns - 3 pcs., - construction of lighting columns - 3 pcs., - dismantling cable lighting - 42.3 m, - laying cable lighting - 44.2 m, - laying pipes bipartite fi 110 - 3 0 m, 4) control and protection devices of the existing underground utilities, 5) installation of road signs and markings, 6) the execution and delivery of the Employer as-built documentation (including inventory geodesic as-built), work should be carried out in accordance with the design documentation, hereinafter referred to as technical documentation (part V - technical documentation) and the specification of the technical implementation and acceptance of works hereinafter referred to as the technical specifications (part III - Technical specifications). Making all fees and arrangements related to the implementation of investment resulting directly from the documentation, as well as necessary to perform the contract, for example. VAT, insurance costs, all the preparatory work, cleaning, management of the construction site, maintenance costs of facilities construction (repair, water, electricity phone, supervision of construction), the costs of occupation of the roadway, the cost of changing traffic organization, surveying services, employment manager of construction, as-built geodesic inventory, etc., belong to the Contractor and are its cost. In the course of the work the Contractor is obliged to preserve the health and safety regulations and reduce the burden of the works. These included documentation, product names / products pointing to a particular manufacturer are only examples of their use in the implementation of the contract and should not be construed as obliging, because in no way they bind the Contractor. 883 as amended.) And its implementing legislation and for general use in the construction industry. The Employer recommends that the contractor is familiar with the subject matter for proper and reliable preparation of the offer and conducted a site visit in order to get acquainted with the contract and the conclusion of the offer price of all costs for the works necessary for the proper performance of the contract. In order to prepare a proper valuation of the offer the Contractor is obliged to check the conformity of the scope of work (type and quantity of work) included in the documentation of the actual state. Transport of materials to the construction site (the place of performance of the contract) and the provision and maintenance of machines and equipment necessary for the proper performance of the contract be borne by the Contractor. 21, as amended.), And in particular is responsible and obliged to manage the waste. Employer allows the use of materials equivalent parameters not worse than indicated in the documentation. The Employer will not be checked or corrected estimate Contractor assuming correctly stated inclusive price total in the tender form.
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