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Cleaning products and supplies catering

Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon (FLO) | Published March 1, 2017

Defence Logistics Organisation should go to the procurement of cleaning products and supplies catering. These include detergents for the kitchen, disinfection and other cleaning products, as well as disposable products such as disposable plates, disposable cutlery and environmental products. Such products are generally simple in nature, and the Defence Logistics Organisation is thus looking for products that meet Defence needs, at the lowest price.

Purchase of cleaning services in Buskerud

Statens Vegvesen | Published March 2, 2017

Buyer wishes tenders for cleaning services for our locations in Oslo. It will be signed one agreement with one provider per area. For further information on addresses, sizes, etc. see requirements and attachment Real Estate Index.

Purchases of total cleaning contract

Halden Kommune | Published September 2, 2017

Halden Municipality (hereinafter referred to as principal) wants total offer cleaning services for municipal buildings.
Halden municipality is contracting. Halden Municipality has since 2004 its competitive cleaning - except cleanliness of the health institutions. We invite now the competition for the fourth time on this mission - but now split into two competitions.
Halden municipality, on the basis of floor space, total ca. 70,000 m2 which will be covered by the assignment for regular cleaning. Total employees in Halden Municipality is currently FTEs ca. 1700, number of employees ca. 2300, ca. 2.4 billion in annual sales.
Halden Municipality has 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 6 kindergartens, and a number of large office space, library and arts around the City Hall quarter in downtown, and further ca. 20 other premises for cleaning any more scattered in and around the town center.
Today's annual cost of this competitive cleanliness is approximately 12. mill. Excl. VAT.

Purchase of cleaning services in Vestfold and Telemark

Statens Vegvesen | Published March 2, 2017

Buyer wishes tenders for cleaning services for our locations in Vestfold and Telemark. It will be signed one agreement with one provider per area.
For further information on addresses, sizes, etc. see requirements and attachment Real Estate Index.

Purchase of cleaning services in Aust and Vest-Agder

Statens Vegvesen | Published March 2, 2017

Buyer wishes tenders for cleaning services for our locations in Aust- and Vest-Agder.
Shall be entered into a framework agreement with one supplier. For further information on addresses, sizes, etc. see requirements and attachment Real Estate Index.

17/729 - Provision of cleaning articles, paper and plastic

Hedmark Fylkeskommune | Published May 2, 2017

1.1 procurement purposes
Procurement of cleaning articles, paper and plastic.
1.2 Scope and Contract Value
Order the employer has previously had framework in this area. Turnover in 2014/15 was approximately NOK 10 million excl. VAT on average per year.

Cleaning and rehabilitation of approximately 170 pcs. bridges on Nordlandsbanen, stretch Steinkjer - Bodø

Bane NOR SF | Published August 2, 2017

The acquisition consists of cleaning and rehabilitation of approximately 170 pcs. bridges on Nordlandsbanen the stretch Steinkjer - Bodø, and includes 4 sections.
For further description of the contract refer to Sec. D in the tender documents.

Supplier Conference connection. planned acquisition of planning, the discount and operational tools to Renhold

Aurskog-Høland kommune | Published February 13, 2017

Aurskog-Høland municipality housekeeping department to deliver quality controlled cleaning services according to the selected quality profiles in NS-INSTA 800 and aims to provide competitive services in the field cleaning. To succeed with this goal are planned acquisition of online subscription-based tools for cleaning, plus an option for solutions for managing / facilitating digital drawings. The procurement should include a combined planning and kalkulasjonsverktøy, and an operating tool for cleaning. (Operating System)
In connection with the planned acquisition would Aurskog- Holand Municipality inviting supplier conference to identify which vendors and solutions / products available in the market, which functions solutions can offer and brief comments on how Aurskog-Holand Municipality can meet the need with solution providers can offer.

Sweeping of municipal roads and squares, 2017-2021

Ringebu kommune | Published February 15, 2017

Spring cleaning, including sweeping, municipal streets, sidewalks, pedestrian and cycle paths, parking facilities and municipal properties and more. Framework agreement for five years, without options.

Laundry facilities and vending machine solution for overalls for nursing homes and home health

Harstad kommune | Published February 15, 2017

Harstad- and Kvæfjord municipality invite to tender on rent and cleaning of work and institution noise to healthcare, as well as automate solution with Exterior and filing device for workwear

160022 Hjerkinn PRO - Framework agreement barracks and catering

Forsvarsbygg | Published January 28, 2017

NDEA is implementing the project Hjerkinn PRO with the return of Hjerkinn Range national park and conservation area. In connection with the remaining cleaning work and reintegration work, it needs to misplace and cared for personnel involved in this work. This applies mainly for works in progress ila summer from 2017 to 2020. See the detailed descriptions in the tender documents.

Framework agreement laundry services - Case 17/61

Vefsn Kommune | Published February 15, 2017

Vefsn municipality wishes to enter into a contract for the purchase of laundry services for the period 2017 - 2021. The contract is based on leietøy.
The agreement is four years with an option for a subsequent year / 1 year. Using option will Vefsn municipality notify 6 months before the agreement expires.
The service deals with rental of clothing, laundry and dry cleaning as well as transportation, pickup and delivery to these entities, all within the city limits in Mosjoen
The largest volume of this contract is as follows:
--Vask And cleanse the pasienttøy
--Vask And the Textile / eietøy (tablecloths, curtains, comforters, pillows)
--Leie And washing flattøy: sheets, towels (small, medium as well as bath towels and washcloths)
--Leie And cleaning of work clothes for institutional use
--Leie And wash of white tablecloths, dusters and dishcloths.
The units are mainly dependent on the delivery 3 time per week (pickup / delivery) because of minimal storage possibilities for both clean and soiled laundry.

Washer-disinfector, endoscopy

Sykehusinnkjøp HF | Published June 2, 2017

The client wants to enter into a purchase agreement for 1 pc washer-disinfectors employing chemical disinfection for thermolabile flexible endoscopes and related equipment depending consumables for ENT outpatient clinic Haukeland University Hospital.
Today's operation by ENT outpatient clinic requires cleaning and disinfection of around 100 flexible endoscopes week, 80/20 without / with working channel. The plan is to increase operations in the future, and it requires a higher options to get decontaminated and completed equipment. In existing washer-disinfector can department currently decontaminate 4 scopes without working channel at 27 min and 2 with working channel 56 min. Process time is an important factor in relation to the operation, and it is important that the department does not have to increase the time for decontamination of the same number of endoscopes. If possible, you want to reduce the time.
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