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Eidsivating lagmannsrett | Published March 17, 2017

This competition comes to entering into the contract for the cleaning of Hamar courthouse, Eidsivating Court's Location in Hobart and premises of Upper Romerike District Court.
There shall be concluded a contract with one supplier for the cleaning of Hamar courthouse, a contract with one supplier for Eidsivating Court's Location in Hobart and a contract with one supplier for Upper Romerike court's premises. The contracts will be awarded independently. For further information about the contract scope and content refer to the tender part 2, 3 and 4.

Purchases of total cleaning contract

Halden Kommune | Published September 2, 2017

Halden Municipality (hereinafter referred to as principal) wants total offer cleaning services for municipal buildings.
Halden municipality is contracting. Halden Municipality has since 2004 its competitive cleaning - except cleanliness of the health institutions. We invite now the competition for the fourth time on this mission - but now split into two competitions.
Halden municipality, on the basis of floor space, total ca. 70,000 m2 which will be covered by the assignment for regular cleaning. Total employees in Halden Municipality is currently FTEs ca. 1700, number of employees ca. 2300, ca. 2.4 billion in annual sales.
Halden Municipality has 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 6 kindergartens, and a number of large office space, library and arts around the City Hall quarter in downtown, and further ca. 20 other premises for cleaning any more scattered in and around the town center.
Today's annual cost of this competitive cleanliness is approximately 12. mill. Excl. VAT.

Acquisition cleaning services Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget

AVINOR AS | Published March 16, 2017

Avinor wish cleaning at Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget, projected start-up date in June 2017

Purchase of cleaning services in Buskerud

Statens Vegvesen | Published March 2, 2017

Buyer wishes tenders for cleaning services for our locations in Oslo. It will be signed one agreement with one provider per area. For further information on addresses, sizes, etc. see requirements and attachment Real Estate Index.

Purchase of cleaning services in Vestfold and Telemark

Statens Vegvesen | Published March 2, 2017

Buyer wishes tenders for cleaning services for our locations in Vestfold and Telemark. It will be signed one agreement with one provider per area.
For further information on addresses, sizes, etc. see requirements and attachment Real Estate Index.

Laundry and dry cleaning services Vadsø 2017 - 2020

Finnut Consult AS | Published March 27, 2017

The provision applies to the following municipalities:
2003 Vadsø
Vadsø municipality wishes to enter into an agreement with a supplier with a view to buying dry cleaning and laundry services to their businesses and institutions in the health care sector in the municipality.
This Agreement shall apply for 2017-2022 (3 years).

17/729 - Provision of cleaning articles, paper and plastic

Hedmark Fylkeskommune | Published May 2, 2017

1.1 procurement purposes
Procurement of cleaning articles, paper and plastic.
1.2 Scope and Contract Value
Order the employer has previously had framework in this area. Turnover in 2014/15 was approximately NOK 10 million excl. VAT on average per year.

Purchase of cleaning services in Aust and Vest-Agder

Statens Vegvesen | Published March 2, 2017

Buyer wishes tenders for cleaning services for our locations in Aust- and Vest-Agder.
Shall be entered into a framework agreement with one supplier. For further information on addresses, sizes, etc. see requirements and attachment Real Estate Index.

Cleaning services Oslo Courthouse 2017

Oslo tinghus / Domstoladministrasjonen | Published March 24, 2017

Oslo courthouse would offer daily cleaning on weekdays, reduced cleaning Saturdays and temporary facilities on the premises at CJ Hambros plass 4 in Oslo and cleaning of curtains. We want a cleaning service with stable operation and high quality. Cleaning shall be perceived as problematic and of good quality.

Norderhov church, inside the main cleaning and liming

Ringerike Kommune | Published March 23, 2017

Norderhov church is a stone church, built in several phases, see the attached information from Churches Database. The church is a listed building, and the owner is obliged to obtain approval from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and diocesan council for the work to be performed.
The Directorate has not made any specific methods for cleaning work, but guidelines set out in RA correspondence (see attached) should be followed.
Plan and vertical section is attached to provide the contractor concept of size and scope of the works.
Rooms to be cleaned and treated lakes / ground:
Kirkesalen: Ceiling in wood and other painted surfaces painted with linseed oil paint. Walls: lime stone walls. Floor: coarse ceramic tiles in the choir at the altar cleaned / refuges. Bench Furnishings: Only clean.
The porch, which chapel.
Rooms in sakresti: like the chapel.
Stairwells basement chapel.
Mausoleum in basement chapel.

Cleaning products and supplies catering

Forsvarets logistikkorganisasjon (FLO) | Published March 1, 2017

Defence Logistics Organisation should go to the procurement of cleaning products and supplies catering. These include detergents for the kitchen, disinfection and other cleaning products, as well as disposable products such as disposable plates, disposable cutlery and environmental products. Such products are generally simple in nature, and the Defence Logistics Organisation is thus looking for products that meet Defence needs, at the lowest price.


Oslo kommune v/Utviklings- og kompetanseetaten | Published March 26, 2017

Agreement covers the purchase of cleaning services, including regular and periodic cleaning. Special cleaning and exterior window cleaning are not covered by the agreement.
The agreements have an estimated value of approximately 175m. Kr. per year. The estimate is for general guidance only and involves no obligation for the client. The estimate includes delivery within the framework agreement by mini competitions, which breaks down in the contract.
It is concluded avropsavtaler previously samkjøpsavtaler on site, which may have a duration of up to 4 years.
Principal will enter into 8-10 parallel framework agreements to ensure that the need for cleaning covered.
The agreements apply to units in Oslo, which do not perform the cleaning themselves.
Oslo has separate agreements for including tissue paper, soap and plastic and disposable equipment that all businesses are required to use when purchasing this type of product.

Cleaning and rehabilitation of approximately 170 pcs. bridges on Nordlandsbanen, stretch Steinkjer - Bodø

Bane NOR SF | Published August 2, 2017

The acquisition consists of cleaning and rehabilitation of approximately 170 pcs. bridges on Nordlandsbanen the stretch Steinkjer - Bodø, and includes 4 sections.
For further description of the contract refer to Sec. D in the tender documents.

EEA 018-2017 Renting and wash off mats and mops for Bergen and collaborators

Bergen Kommune | Published March 27, 2017

The provision applies to rent and cleaning of mats and mops. Rent and cleaning of mats and mops, and getting to sink from merchants and distribution of clean mats and mops to merchants.
Buyer acting under the authority on behalf of the following partners, who also acts as Principals under this Agreement:
Foundation Cathedral home
Landås parish nursing homes
Lindas municipality
Methodist nursing homes
Solhaug nursing
Solsletten nursing
Bergens inner mission retirement

Olav Kyrresgate 19 - E 08B WWTP pool

Stavanger kommune | Published September 3, 2017

Olav Kyrresgate 19, a swimming pool and office buildings will be rehabilitated.
This contract includes complete delivery of cleaning and process equipment for the two pools in Olav Kyrre Gate 19. The Contractor shall be responsible for engineering, design and preparation of the necessary drawings for its delivery also in relation to the electrical schematic drawings.

Framework agreement 16/6551 cleaning, paper and plastic

Ringsaker kommune | Published March 13, 2017

The objective is to cover the Ringsaker municipality needs for products within care areas, cleaning, paper and plastic products.

Washer-disinfector, endoscopy

Sykehusinnkjøp HF | Published June 2, 2017

The client wants to enter into a purchase agreement for 1 pc washer-disinfectors employing chemical disinfection for thermolabile flexible endoscopes and related equipment depending consumables for ENT outpatient clinic Haukeland University Hospital.
Today's operation by ENT outpatient clinic requires cleaning and disinfection of around 100 flexible endoscopes week, 80/20 without / with working channel. The plan is to increase operations in the future, and it requires a higher options to get decontaminated and completed equipment. In existing washer-disinfector can department currently decontaminate 4 scopes without working channel at 27 min and 2 with working channel 56 min. Process time is an important factor in relation to the operation, and it is important that the department does not have to increase the time for decontamination of the same number of endoscopes. If possible, you want to reduce the time.

Painting and coating works

Sykehuset Østfold HF | Published March 17, 2017

Østfold Hospital by section procurement and contract hereby invites to a competition for the conclusion of a framework agreement for the purchase of painting and coating works, and include working as described in NS 3420 T: 2015 Part T: Painting and coating works:
TA Preparatory work
TB Templates Worker
TE Tapetserarbeider
TH Flooring
TK molded coating
TY Maintenance Jobs
The acquisition also applies
- Building cleaning
- Initial Treatment of flooring
- Disassembly / reassembly and less move up in connection with the works mentioned above when it is not appropriate to use other agreements.
Østfold Hospital disposes excess of 192 000m2 BTA, working in some 85% owned and 15% rent spaces.

Idrettens House Narvik

Narvik Kommune | Published March 28, 2017

Construction will include, inter alia:
- Disassembly of internal control, cleaning of trusses in steel, assessment of condition and possible. Design and execution of reinforcement, construction of new interior ceiling, vapor barrier, insulation etc.
- Securing vertical cornice boards around the building
- Removal of existing tiles in barefoot areas in swimming baths, the creation of new membrane and new tiles
- Renovation of exterior concrete stairs and railings
- Renovation of administrative spaces
- Various minor works
Estimated volume: 12-15 mil nok.-
Requirements executing: PRO and UTF, probably TK 2
VVS will include:
- Replacement of two ventilasjonsaggregeter with dehumidification
- Installation of two new electric boiler
- Miscellaneous aid worker
Estimated volume: 2.5-3 mil enough.
Requirements executing: PRO and UTF, probably TK 2
Elektro will include:
- Miscellaneous aid worker
Estimated volume 3-500 000.-
Pool Equipment:
- Miscellaneous new equipment.
Estimated value 6-700 000.-
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