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Cleaning and sanitation services

GVB Exploitatie BV | Published January 11, 2017  -  Deadline February 22, 2017

CFP department Asset Metro stations, intends to conclude new contracts for the cleaning of all its previously being metro, tram stations management. In 4 lots, the maid asked out for the following locations: East Line, Rietlandpark, Bimhuis, Amstelveen Line, Ring line, North / South line. This includes the following activities:

the cleaning of transfer areas,

cleaning of technical areas,

window cleaning,

ballast cleaning,

tunnel wall cleaning,

graffiti removal, etc.

be within the scope of this task performed both daily and periodic cleaning.

ARN 2016

At this tender is ARN2016 version 1.0 of July 2016 applies, insofar as not expressly deviated from in the tender documents. The ARN2016 is annexed. It is recommended to carefully take ARN2016 and in conjunction to read the tender documents.

This involves regular and periodic cleaning of the plot Oostlijn, Rietlandpark and Bimhuis.

This involves regular and periodic cleaning of the plot Ringlijn, Amstelveen line and rectifier stations.

This involves regular and periodic cleaning of the plot Roadbed (excluding stations themselves) and tunnel wall cleaning East Line, Ring line and Amstelveen line.

This involves regular and periodic cleaning of the plot North / South line incl. Roadbed and tunnel wall cleaning and excl. Share existing CS.

Weed-killing services

Gemeente Amsterdam, Ingenieursbureau | Published January 7, 2017  -  Deadline February 15, 2017

Contract 2017 weed hardening South district.

The district South wants to keep weeds from the element hardening, hardening and half

obstacles a groomed image (= combination of quality A and B, according to the

Quality public space Catalogue 2013 Publication 323 CROW) for its residents and

realizing visitors.

The activities consist of:

· Weeds free from the element and semi-hardening associated with obstacles

A quality on the South Axis and four parks (Beatrixpark, Gijsbrecht Aemstelpark,

Amstel and Martin Luther King Park);

· The obstacles associated with weed free from the element and semi-hardening in

Other areas of the district;

· Year-round cleaning of four special objects (monuments of Anne Frank,

President JF Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi and the Jewish market).

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