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Cleaning and sanitation services

Brandweer Amsterdam-Amstelland | Published April 14, 2017  -  Deadline May 29, 2017

The scope of the contract includes maintenance cleaning using standard cleaning specifications for 10 locations. The contracting authority has decided to buy in the window cleaning of its premises through a separate tender.

9 locations.

School cleaning services

Stichting Ceder Groep | Published March 9, 2017  -  Deadline May 1, 2017

The contract scope includes cleaning services, window cleaning and optional sanitary means for all locations of Cedar Group. The contract is split into two lots. A plot for the schools which are located in Amsterdam, namely CSB, HLZ and HLW. Lot B concerns the schools which are located outside of Amsterdam, with HWC and VLC (Vinkeveen and Mijdrecht).

Cedar Group wants after award of the contract to conclude an agreement with one bidder for Lot A and one bidder for Lot B for a period of three (3) years with the option to extend for two (2) times for a period of one (1) year.

The size of plot A is 21 060 m² of cleaning and maintenance 11 230 sqm window cleaning.

The size of plot B is 24 436 m² of cleaning and maintenance 9693 sqm glasbewassing.

Office, school and office equipment cleaning services

Stichting VierTaal | Published March 21, 2017  -  Deadline April 25, 2017

The tender concerns the cleaning maintenance for seven locations Four Language Foundation in Amsterdam and surroundings.

The total area covers approximately 12 000 sqm.

7 locations with a total of approximately 12 000 m².

Washing and dry-cleaning services

VU medisch centrum | Published March 21, 2017  -  Deadline April 26, 2017

The conclusion of a framework agreement textile care.


Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services

Stichting ZAAM, Interconfessioneel Voortgezet Onderwijs | Published April 22, 2017  -  Deadline June 19, 2017
90000000, 90500000, 90510000, 90512000, 90511400

The purpose of this tender is to come to an agreement with one bidder for waste (emptying, transport and processing and lease containers) for all locations of accommodating at a competitive price.

The framework agreement is concluded with one tenderer for a period of two (2) years, with an optional extension of a maximum 2 times 1 year (2 + 1 + 1).

Miscellaneous transport equipment and spare parts

GVB Exploitatie BV | Published March 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 22, 2017

Scope of the contract:

The Rail Services division within CFP responsible for carrying out daily maintenance and replacement projects in the metro and tram line. Rail Services does not perform any work themselves (for strategic reasons) and can (from an operational point of view). The department Execution is faced with an erratic work package. Therefore it is necessary Rail Services is enabled to use the rental of the large and heavy transport (vehicles, equipment, accessories and drivers) - described below - for its work in and around the tram and metro track.

Contractor is able to make vehicles with driver for carrying out transport operations under the direction of CFP. These transport operations on paved and unpaved roads, for example:

-the loading, transport and unloading of the rail;

-the loading, transporting and unloading of various ground products, such as concrete;

-the loading, transport and unloading of soil, sand and other bulk shipments;

-the loading, transporting and unloading of green waste in maintenance and construction projects in the city of Amsterdam and surroundings;

smearing of litter, leaves and excess sand sweeping in downtown Amsterdam;

-cleaning litter, leaves and excess sand sucking in downtown Amsterdam as well (pump) wells / baking free vacuuming and cleaning in combination with high-pressure water jet;

-begeleiden convoy exceptional, safe and smooth over the public (quick) way.

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