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Composting services

SRR ATO 7 Ragusa | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 30, 2016
223 of 09/03/2016. 

223 of 09/03/2016.

The ordinary operations of the plant for the production of soil improver mixed composted (compost) summarily comprises the following underlying services:

the operating activities of the plant sections according to the best technical processistica;

the cleaning of the plant;

The scheduled maintenance work and to the sharing of facilities and machinery, vehicles and equipment therein;

periodic revisions on fixed installations, mechanical devices and equipment, provided by law and maintenance manuals (available in the system);

the replacement of pieces and parts of fixed and mobile systems (equipment and mechanical means) due to failure and / or breakdown or wear;

the identification of all the works related and necessary to the management and maintenance of the structures according to what is required by applicable laws and for good and efficient management of the facility;

the completion of each processing necessary for the perfect operation of the various sections of the plant;

environmental monitoring and process;

the supply of materials such as structuring, water, reagents, needed for perfect conduction of the sections of the plant;

disposal of process waste solids and / or liquids and rain coming from the plant;

recovery and marketing dell'ammendante mixed composted product;

the burden on consumption such as electricity, fuel, lubricants, water, reagents, Pest control, due to the exercise of electrical plant, water and health related to the composting;

The agronomic management of the perimeter green belt around the implant;

maintenance of road signs within the area;


81/08 "sector regulation in the prevention of accidents at work" and seq .;

surveillance system and housing;

as explicitly referred to in the following articles.

Before the ordinary management of the system you will have to proceed with the execution of the restoration work, completed and adjusted, as described in the Special Tender Specifications and in the documents to it flooded.

The above list is not exhaustive, since it is required to undertake all the activities, administration and general and specific costs necessary for the functioning of this system, as well as all planned maintenance and reparative of each part of the same including machinery, mechanical tools and equipment supplied or that the contractor deems necessary to have to acquire or use as a supplement in order to ensure maximum operating efficiency and better conservation in compliance with national and regional regulations regarding public works and waste management systems.

The Contractor will carry out the routine system management service composting of "Cava Modicani" in Ragusa, as indicated in the Notice, in the tender documents and in which form the CSA of the Contract documents.

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