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Information regarding the outcome of the procedure - supply of cleaning tasks in the field of EMI's premises and Szentendre Industrial Park, Fire Laboratory in Budapest

ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. | Published January 15, 2016
UNISZOL-Létesítménygazdálkodási Zrt.;UNISZOL-Létesítménygazdálkodási Zrt.

The subject of the public procurement: supply of cleaning tasks in the field of EMI Office premises and Szentendre Industrial Park, Fire Laboratory in Budapest.. Part 1: supply of cleaning tasks EMI's premises in Budapest (1113, Diószegi út 37.) Part 2: supply of cleaning tasks Szentendre Industrial Park, Fire Laboratory in the field (2000 Szentendre, Dózsa György út. 26) performance of the cleaning tasks when the contractor is obliged to contracting work schedule, adapt to security requirements. Daily cleaning tasks: Daily cleaning periods: weekdays 5:00 p.m. to 21:00 hours, an individual needs to change. Offices: • Trash emptying, storage transport, bag replacement, • Cabinets, furniture dusting • Wall pictures Dusting and • Table lamps Dusting • Windows made of dust, wiping • Machines, devices, phones Dusting just cleaning on request • Table surface • Seating vacuuming , dusting, skirting the treatment • Radiators, pipes fejmagaságig of dust as required • Door frames, door panels Cleaning • When necessary, Office vegetation Dusting and irrigation • Surface vacuuming, carpet vacuuming • Hard Cover the floor space dust, washing of the gangway, rest areas: • Trash emptied, Delivery of storage, bag replacement • rails, light switches and dust other fixtures • Entrance doors glass cleaning, polishing, as needed • Plants dust • Floor Matting, carpet vacuuming and spot cleaning as needed • Stone and other surfaces Dusting, washing of restrooms, showers, locker rooms: • Trash • pans emptied, transportation, washing, delete a dry, replacement bags for washing • Tile surfaces according • Light covers need washing, disinfection and dry memorandum storage location as required Wash Basin, toilet bowls chemical cleaning, disinfecting • taps and mirrors cleaning • Doors Wash handle around • Full wash as necessary, but at least once a week • Toilet paper, soap, pissoár tablets, tea towels and air fresheners placement • Thresholds • Cleaning of premises spotless floor of dust and washing of fertőtlenítéses • Air Updates

Additional works on the renovation of Galyatetői Workshop

Magyar Alkotóművészeti Közhasznú Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság | Published January 6, 2016
ASTON CONSTRUCTION Építőipari és Szolgáltató Kft.

Additional works of the Galyatetői Workshop renovation of Drain Pipe Camera Inspection, removing blockages womázással 145 m canal sections exploration, restoration, earthwork 120 m sewer manhole cleaning, repairing four klt apart Frozen exchange for altalajcsap surnames earthwork 45 m Basement exploration, because of sinking suspicion surrounding storm water and sewer connection 4 Strengthening pieces Foundation rainwater drainage and sewer next to sidewalk around 1 klt building reinforcement, visszabetonozása the excavation site of pavement around 15 m² building insulation, rainwater drainage channel build 115.3 m² Leak testing one klt Grassing, landscaping channel trace 145 m² parking resolution, térkövezés restore 23 m²

Construction Szentendre suburban railway underpass renewal and modernization results

Szentendre Város Önkormányzata | Published November 16, 2015
TÉR Kivitelező Kft

Szentendre suburban railway underpass renewal and modernization construction of Planning area: The planning area directly to the south side of the underpass and 2:55 m, 3:00 m north side bar. Applied Materials: Stairs, ramps: If the load carrying capability inadequate 15 cm thick new World Cup. stair structure is produced. The stairs and ramps get busy ramp surface white anti-slip coating - on the basis of advice from the manufacturer Mapei Parking System HE coating. Floor surface: The surface must be divided into visual layout of the plans. After Cost-effectiveness should be considered in terms of the current cleaning and surface preparation advice from the manufacturer on the basis of the entire surface using Mapecoat Mapei TNS Urban white. Surface sidewalk: Non-slip surface broom secure, highly wear-resistant concrete, equal to the underpass white coating of surface and color. Handrails, railings, information boards: The surfaces are fitted with anti-graffiti coating. Walls, wall coverings: The surfaces are fitted with anti-graffiti coating. On the basis of advice from Mapei company because of cracks in the surface MAPEI Elastocolor Rasante SF proposed deal with Elastocolor Net Elastocolor Pitturával and colored. Ceiling: The existing structure 100x100x3 mm hollow sections in galvanized steel electrical conduit and fixture and protective cover assembly is made. Based on preliminary discussions of the products used for side wall can be used here as well. Mapi Wallgard Anti Graffiti Barrier. Lighting: The electrical wires beneath the hollow sections, are protected from those leading. It is important to note that the original concept is that every new structure - floors, ceilings, stairs, railing ... - was the same color fehérbetonból designed two types of textures: the walking surfaces broom secure surface, non-slip, high abrasion resistance fehérbetonnal, on a vertical surface mirror-smooth surface. In order to achieve the appropriate homogeneous overall picture and color quality for all surface and surface samples must be presented to and approved by the designer during construction.

Information on the outcome of the procedure - Zagyvizsgálat external and specific chemical tests

ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. | Published December 14, 2015
FNT Projekt Ipari Fővállalkozás Kft.
71610000, 73100000, 90000000

NAMES related to "DMSO-containing industrial waste recycling evaporation", supported by the Norwegian HU09-0090 project, A1-2013 identification number "Zagyvizsgálat specific chemical and external investigation". Duties to be performed: the identification and removal of work to be performed, as well as external specific chemical test research work during the four subtests content of the slurry. Each sub-parameters examined 12 studies detailed below measurements, tests and course evaluations, which should be carried out four times. Zagyvizsgálat: Determination Process wastewater components of the Water Analyses dry matter content Chance phase elemental analysis where the verification of the identification of volatile and non-volatile organic pollutants technological waste water salinity and non-volatile organic contaminants in precipitation tendency can be filtered COD, determination of BOD values ​​I pH and II. Based on analysis of the effect of temperature Tests carried out by the removal of liquid waste organic and inorganic contaminants proposal, technology and device design documentation, as well as proposals for the development of the technology External specific chemical tests: Completion of evaporation tests second step cleaning process water Water evaporation process water DMSO content oils and üstalj Examination of Water Determination (DMSO purity) Analysis of dry matter content Chance phase elemental analysis, if the definition can be filtered COD, BOD values ​​after examining the identification of volatile and non-volatile organic pollutants F. Üstalj proposing to store and manage EWC is üstalj code by defining the expected sample size of 40 pieces. The results of the four subtests 4 Summary evaluation expertise, the AF tasks that include test reports as well. The four subtests connected on HU09-0090-A1-2013 identification number "DMSO-containing industrial waste recycling evaporation" project following four sub-tasks to be carried out in part by task analysis section 1-1. WP 2.2 Definition of the further investigation of the characteristics of industrial wastewater WP 2.4 Üstalj further analysis of WP 2.6 WP 2.8 Technology Development Üstalj content

Gardening garden renovation

Magyar Alkotóművészeti Közhasznú Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság | Published October 7, 2015
Boróka Kertépítő Bt.;Boróka Kertépítő Bt.;Boróka Kertépítő Bt.

Landscaping, Garden Renovation Part 1: Galyatetői Creative House Fence and gate construction work • Pedestrian Gate construction 60x40x3, 40x20x3, 20x20x2 iron material, 2 hinges, door handle, lock, 2 100x100x4 column csúcsdísszel 1 • Car crawlers construction of 2x2 pieces of 160 U beam, 60x40x3, 20x40x3, 20x20x2 iron material, six adjustable hinges, door stop, sliding lock, handle, lock, csúcsdísszel 1 • Fence poles construction of 100 straight, 16 double támaszos, four corner pieces, 40x40x3 ferrous material, welded nuts huzalfeszítőnek • Paint primer rust black zomácfestékkel • Fence poles welding, transport, based on tree cutting, grinding, felling • Limbing alpine technology, felling • Raking and cleaning • Twigs grinding, removal of fences demolition of demolition, construction works (new fence into the street boundary public areas bordering) • Existing fence 145, 0 m • Machine excavation to build a fence tracks, rocks, stumps picking • Hand excavation to build a fence trace 145.0 fm • Curbing tipping (100x25x8 cm natural elements) fence route of setting concrete, concrete support on 145.0 fm • Precast columns in concrete , staining of enamel paint • 8 x 150 cm plastic plated wire braid of roads feszítődróttal 145.0 fm • Escaping rubble removal of about 6.0 m3 House sidewalk, gutter, sidewalk around the stair cutting wet cutter • House • Pavement 76.0 fm foundation, concrete 5 cm thick in iron netting 92.0 m2 • 92.0 m • Pavement formwork concrete drainage ditch full of concrete construction demolition improve curb 92.0 m • Pavement kertkaputól 23.0 m2 • Footsteps • Drain concreting 6 4 Pavement, parking, barbecue • Edge works building parking and barbecue around, putting in concrete 145.0 fm • "...
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