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Contract award notice - Hevesi Swallow Homes Renovation

Heves Város Önkormányzata | Published November 23, 2015
Török-Net Kft.
45000000, 45320000, 45321000, 45310000, 45260000

Within this framework: - The roof flames and mushroom exemption. - The facade thermal insulation of 8 cm polystyrene foam board and re-coloring. - Plinth insulation closed cell polystyrene board insulation justified, coloring. - Complete replacement of defective rainwater drainage system (channel). As well as walkable terraces form of drain cleaning, removing blockages also winning bidder task. - Damaged insulation corridors and housing of view, justified the total façade repair and re-insulation 5mm bituminous membrane, accordion training. - The corridors World Cup. Vizor plate of the training is inadequate, this design is also required. - The need to improve border corridors of resin kitöredezett World Cup. improving two-part special material - the building's interior plaster mold of the places necessary, after the defeat of the pre-existing plaster. Proposed water-dispersion paint. - Replacing the necessary new wooden entrance doors, insulated doors due to the building's thermal upgrading. Replacement of facade windows are not necessary, but improved and silicone sealing profiles yes -. The other interior door repair, replacement fittings and finishes can be improved. As well as equalization socket. Other places appropriate to re-grouting. Replacing the pipes or the water pressure or the sewer replacement is not justified. Replacing the power lines are also necessary, since a large part of the building unearthed the network. Thus, the current standard is not met. - Electrical Installation or replacement. Replacement is also justified as described above.
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