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Motor vehicles

Δήμος Καλλιθέας | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline January 30, 2017

Supply of three (3) new vehicles (one (1) garbage press, one (1) VAN type truck and one (1) small pickup truck with reversal) for the needs of the Municipality cleaning Kallithea to be used in the collection, waste bulky Objects, boxes, debris, etc.

Garbage car (which consists of a frame and superstructure) have a compression system of the press type garbage capacity of sixteen (16) cubic meters and a bucket elevator system to be used for waste collection in the Municipality of Kallithea. Be suitable for loading waste with high water content and high volume waste, and meet all the existing provisions to permit the circulation in Greece legally authorized. For this reason it must be absolutely new, unused, recent construction, recognized type and manufacturer with good reputation in Greece and abroad.

All requirements of the technical specifications are essential and inviolable, the existence of any deviation would mean rejection of the bid. At the rear of the car must be no specific steps and handles to stand, be supported and held in the collection of garbage two workers, certainly.

The useable exploitable specific load of the car scrap compressed in accordance with its potential and existing regulations must be greater than or equal to 425 kg per cubic meter of useful volume of the superstructure (ie 16 m3 x 425 kg / m3 = 6800kg, beneficial to waste). The refuse collection vehicle comprises drive frame suitable for construction of a refuse collection (collection and transport of waste). The vehicle identification type is 4x2. The total gross load will be less than 19 tonnes.

As a total payload vehicle load is considered the balance to the same weight of the frame and blank ...

Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation

Δήμος Καλλιθέας | Published January 12, 2017  -  Deadline February 10, 2017

Supply of two new machines "one (1) Bucket (crane) and one (1) Wheel excavator-loader" for the needs of the Municipality of Kallithea services (cleaning, green, lighting).

The supply to aerial vehicle should be at least new 17,5m working height and 8 meters horizontal working. It consists of car and superstructure frame with lifting mechanism and is sturdily built. It is a recognized type, known and good reputation factory, will bring

CE marked in accordance with EU directives and Greek legislation and should be built based on the Directive 2006 / 42cm and be consistent with EN 280: 2013. The weights per axle and other components must comply with the applicable provisions to enable the vehicle to travel safely and legally in the Greek roads, for minimum working load basket 220 kg. Charging the axles with full load dependency must not exceed the maximum permissible limits by the manufacturer. Under construction of the mechanism the arms in the car will be based will be placed the necessary markings and other distinguishing marks to be determined by the Municipality. The factory should have sufficient expertise for specific procurement, for this reason copies of sales invoices must be submitted, and corresponding certificates proving that the factory has supplied to at least three (3) Greek market elevators the last three years . There will be a full electric lighting installation according to current traffic regulations They will be equipped with the necessary lighting and sound systems.

With the delivery of the machine - the vehicle will lodge:

A) Certificate AA lifting capacity from certified body renewed every two years (GG 1186/2003).

B) of the CE manufacturer declaration of conformity.

C) maintenance book and manuals.

D) Type approval.

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