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Building-cleaning services

Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Θεσσαλονίκης Ιπποκράτειο | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016
building-cleaning services

Building-cleaning services

Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Θεσσαλονίκης Ιπποκράτειο | Published December 6, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017
building-cleaning services

Building-cleaning services

ΤΕΙ Ιονίων Νήσων | Published December 9, 2016
building-cleaning services

Building-cleaning services

ΤΕΙ Ιονίων Νήσων | Published October 29, 2016  -  Deadline December 15, 2016

Emergence contractor for cleaning the premises of TEI Ionian Islands Argostoli, Lixouri, Zakynthos, Lefkada and its Executive Committee Offices in Athens.

Cleaning services

Ελληνική Αεροπορική Βιομηχανία Α.Ε. | Published November 12, 2016  -  Deadline December 15, 2016

cleaning and other household buildings and HAI surroundings Services sto Schimatari and offices HAI the Athens Tower for two (2) years.

Office cleaning services

Εθνική Επιτροπή Τηλεπικοινωνιών και Ταχυδρομείων | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 21, 2016

Purpose of the competition is to provide cleaning services EETT offices who are in on the road Kifissias Av. 60 Building (Marousi), total area 4 076 m² The Contractor is obliged to provide for the execution of works of nine (9) at least specialized people, of which seven (7) people will be employed from 6:00 to 9:00, one (1) person from 6:00 to 13:00 and one (1) person from 8:00 15:00 unless by exceptional EETT work or due to unforeseen circumstances require exceeding the time limit. The service is expected to offer the Contractor detailed in the tender documents.

Purpose of this competition is to provide cleaning services EETT offices who are in on the road Kifissias Av. 60 Building (Marousi), total area 4 076 m² Details such spaces are distributed in this building as follows: on the 5th floor 1 238 m², on the 6th floor 1 106 m² and the 7th and 8th floor (shared entrance) 1 732 m²

Building-cleaning services

Πάντειο Πανεπιστήμιο Κοινωνικών και Πολιτικών Επιστημών | Published November 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 12, 2016

Electronic Public International Open Competition, in euro, with sealed bids, award criterion the most economically advantageous tender for the selection of a contractor and the contract supply of buildings cleaning services and premises of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, surface 33 575 25 sq.m. about, including ambient, for a period from 01.01.2017 until 31.12.2018.

Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products

Δήμος Αθηναίων | Published December 2, 2016  -  Deadline January 4, 2017

International Open Public suppliers emergence Convention - dispensers, using electronic means, upper limits, with the award criterion the most economically advantageous offer, solely on price, in an article on the total quantities of each type correspond to the Agencies for supply "Other consumables Grocery (Cleaning Materials)", to cover the City of Athens' needs and supervised legal persons, for the period from the suspension of the Agreement on KIMDIS until 12.31.2017.

Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services

Υπουργείο Υγείας | Published November 8, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016
Aristotelous 17, 10 100 m²

Repair and maintenance services of ships

Γενικό Επιτελείο Ναυτικού — Κέντρο Εφοδιασμού Ναυτικού | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 21, 2016

Execution Works Sandblast, water blasting, cleaning, scraping and Coloring P.Ploion, tanks and vessels of the Navy in NS-Amfiali (wider) and NK.

Repair and maintenance services of motor vehicles and associated equipment

Δήμος Πυλαίας-Χορτιάτη | Published December 7, 2016  -  Deadline January 9, 2017

It is open to the "Maintenance and repair of vehicles of the Municipality of Pylaia-Chortiatis for the years 2017-2018-2019," according to No. 80/2016 Study of Cleaning Department, Environmental and Recycling of Pylaia-Chortiatis Municipality.

The work is divided into groups. Submitted bids for either the entire work and that for two (2) groups or for all the work of one (1) only one of two groups. In any case, under penalty of exclusion, the tender must necessarily cover all the work and the vehicles included per work group.

Group A - Maintenance and repair of Waste - Trucks - Bucket - Kadoplyntirion - Pickups (system ESIDIS Number 29003).

Group B - Maintenance and repair Bus - Excavators - Backhoe Tractor-sweepers -Epivatikon - Tricycles - Two (System Number ESIDIS 29004).

Snow-clearing services

Περιφέρεια Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας — ΠΕ Πέλλας | Published November 15, 2016  -  Deadline December 16, 2016

11.4 Purpose of the service contract is the application of snow clearing program: National and Provincial roads IP Pella competence network.

The program includes snow clearing snow clearing operations, salt spreader, evacuation vehicles and others deemed necessary to better address the problems that arise in the above road sections due to snowfall (CPV: 90620000-9 Snow-clearing services 90630000-2: Cleaning services of the ice) .

The execution of the work will be done in accordance with the Plan snow removal, the commands from the Management Service, and the conditions stated in contract documents.

The contract is for the supply of snow clearing services in National and provincial road network IP Pella.

The Region of Central Macedonia - EE Pella, planning in view of the winter season 2016 - 2017 to take on lease ten (10) Blower (polyergaton) 4x4 after their operators, for frost snow clearing and addressing needs in the National and Provincial Road Directorate competence Network Construction Regional Pella Unity for the winter period 2016 - 2017 under the sub-project "machinery leasing snow removal for the National and Provincial Roads EE PELLA for the year 2016 "Budget 130.500,00 EUR with VAT project 'snow removal national and provincial road network of RCM (Continuing work 2013EP00800026)" Ref. Project 2014EP50800012 of SAEP 508.

The snow clearing work on purification of the National and Provincial Roads competence EE Pella and include snow removal, cleaning and salt spreading. The snow removal and the treatment of frost in the National and Provincial Road Network competence EE Pella during the winter period imposed for the safe movement of passing drivers (difficult access to roads, etc.) and vehicles.

The measures taken during the winter in order to maintain ...

Additional support services for Cedefop's restaurant

Cedefop | Published December 8, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017

Cedefop agter at indgå en kontrakt med en tjenesteyder (fysisk person) med henblik på ekstra støtte i sin restaurant.

De ønskede tjenesteydelser omfatter bl.a:

— opvask og vask af køkkengrej

— retablering af lager af glas og køkkengrej

— servering af vand, kaffe mv. i forbindelse med møder

— hjælp til restaurantens personale i forbindelse med madlavning og tilberedning

— delvis afløsning af personale ved fravær

— rengøring af køkken

— modtagelse af varer og ansvar for korrekt opbevaring.

Das Cedefop beabsichtigt, mit einem Dienstleister (natürliche Person) einen Vertrag über zusätzliche Unterstützung in seinem Restaurant zu schließen.

Die geforderten Dienstleistungen umfassen u. a. folgende Aufgaben:

— Reinigung von Geschirr und Küchenutensilien,

— Resettlement von Glaswaren und Küchenutensilien,

— Versorgung mit Wasser, Kaffee usw. bei Sitzungen,

— Unterstützung der Restaurantmitarbeiter beim Kochen und bei der Vorbereitung,

— teilweise Vertretung nicht anwesender Mitarbeiter,

— Reinigung der Küche,

— Annahme der Lieferungen und ordnungsgemäße Lagerung.

Cedefop intends to conclude a contract with a provider (natural person) of services as additional support in its restaurant.

The required services include tasks such as:

— dishwashing and washing of kitchen utensils,

— re-settlement of glassware and kitchen utensils,

— supply meetings with water, coffee etc.,

— support restaurant staff in cooking tasks and preparations,

— partly replace staff in absence,

cleaning up kitchen,

— receiving of supplies and storage properly.

El Cedefop desea celebrar un contrato con un prestador (persona física) de servicios como apoyo adicional en su restaurante.

Los servicios requeridos incluyen tareas como:

— lavado de vajilla y de utensilios de cocina,

— colocación de la cristalería y los utensilios de cocina,

— suministro de agua, café, etc. en las reuniones,

— apoyo al personal del restaurante en las tareas de cocina y de elaboración,

— sustituciones parciales de personal en caso de ausencia,

— limpieza de la cocina,

— recepción de suministros y correcto almacenamiento.

Cedefop aikoo tehdä palveluntarjoajan (luonnollinen henkilö) kanssa sopimuksen lisätukipalveluista ravintolaansa varten.

Vaadittuihin palveluihin kuuluvat muun muassa seuraavat tehtävät:

— astioiden ja keittiövälineiden peseminen,

— lasitavaroiden ja keittiövälineiden paikalleen asettaminen,

— veden ja kahvin jne. toimittaminen kokouksia varten,

— ravintolan henkilöstön avustaminen ruoanlaittoon liittyvissä tehtävissä ja valmisteluissa,

— poissaolevan henkilöstön osittainen sijaistaminen,

— keittiön siivoaminen,

— toimitusten vastaanottaminen ja asianmukainen varastointi.

Le Cedefop envisage de conclure un contrat avec un prestataire (personne physique) de services de soutien supplémentaire dans son restaurant.

Les services requis incluent notamment les tâches suivantes:

— lavage de la vaisselle et des ustensiles de cuisine,

— rangement de la verrerie et des ustensiles de cuisine,

— approvisionnement en café, eau, etc., lors des réunions,

— aide au personnel du restaurant dans les tâches de cuisine et de préparation,

— remplacement partiel du personnel absent,

— nettoyage des cuisines,

— réception de fournitures et stockage approprié.

Το Cedefop προτίθεται να συνάψει σύμβαση με έναν πάροχο (φυσικό πρόσωπο) υπηρεσιών ως πρόσθετη υποστήριξη για το εστιατόριό του.

Οι ζητούμενες υπηρεσίες περιλαμβάνουν καθήκοντα όπως:

— πλύσιμο πιάτων και πλύσιμο μαγειρικών σκευών,

— επανατοποθέτηση («re-settlement») γυάλινων ειδών και μαγειρικών σκευών,

— παροχή νερού, καφέ κ.λπ. σε συνεδριάσεις,

— υποστήριξη του προσωπικού του εστιατορίου σε καθήκοντα σχετικά με τη μαγειρική και στην προετοιμασία,

— μερική αντικατάσταση απουσιάζοντος προσωπικού,

— καθαρισμό της κουζίνας,

— παραλαβή προμηθειών και κατάλληλη αποθήκευσή τους.

Il Cedefop intende concludere un contratto con un prestatore (persona fisica) di servizi di supporto supplementare nel suo ristorante.

I servizi richiesti comprendono incarichi quali:

— lavaggio delle stoviglie e degli utensili da cucina,

— risistemazione della vetreria e degli utensili da cucina,

— fornitura di acqua, caffè ecc. durante le riunioni,

— supporto al personale del ristorante nella preparazione e negli incarichi di cucina,

— sostituire parzialmente il personale in caso di assenze,

— pulizia della cucina,

— ricevere le forniture e immagazzinarle correttamente.

Cedefop is van plan een overeenkomst te sluiten met een dienstverlener (natuurlijk persoon) voor bijkomende ondersteuningsdiensten voor het restaurant.

De vereiste diensten omvatten taken zoals:

— het afwassen en wassen van keukengerei,

— het terugplaatsen van glaswerk en keukengerei,

— het ter beschikking stellen van water, koffie enz. op vergaderingen,

— het ondersteunen van het personeel van het restaurant bij het koken en de voorbereiding,

— het gedeeltelijk vervangen van afwezig personeel,

— het schoonmaken van de keuken,

— het ontvangen van leveringen en de behoorlijke opslag ervan.

O Cedefop pretende celebrar um contrato com um prestador de serviços (pessoa singular) para apoio adicional no seu restaurante.

Os serviços requeridos incluem tarefas, como:

— lavagem de louça e de utensílios de cozinha,

— reposição de utensílios em vidro e de cozinha,

— fornecimento de água, café, etc., em reuniões,

— apoio ao pessoal do restaurante em tarefas de preparação de alimentos e na sua confeção,

— substituição parcial do pessoal aquando da sua ausência,

— limpeza da cozinha,

— receção de mercadorias e armazenamento adequado.

Cedefop avser att sluta ett kontrakt med en leverantör (fysisk person) för ytterligare stödtjänster i dess restaurang.

De erfordrade tjänsterna omfattar uppgifter såsom följande:

— Diskning och rengöring av köksredskap.

— Bortplockning av glasartiklar och köksredskap (”re-settlement”).

— Tillhandahållande av vatten, kaffe etc. till möten.

— Stöd till restaurangpersonalen avseende matlagning och förberedelser.

— Delvis ersättning av frånvarande personal.

— Städning av kök.

— Mottagande av varor och lämplig lagring av dessa.

Cedefop hodlá uzavřít smlouvu s poskytovatelem služeb (fyzickou osobou) o dodatečné podpoře v jeho restauraci.

Mezi požadované služby patří takové úkoly, jakými jsou například:

— mytí nádobí a kuchyňských potřeb,

— ukládání skla a kuchyňských potřeb zpátky na místo,

— podávání vody, kávy apod. na jednáních,

— podpora zaměstnanců restaurace při vaření a přípravě,

— částečně zastupování zaměstnanců při jejich absencích,

— úklid kuchyně,

— příjem zásobování a řádné skladování zásob.

Cedefop kavatseb sõlmida lepingu Cedefopi restoranis täiendavate tugiteenuste osutajaga (füüsiline isik).

Nõutud teenused hõlmavad selliseid ülesandeid nagu

— nõudepesu ja köögitarvikute pesu;

— klaasnõude ja köögitarvikute ümberpaigutamine;

— koosolekute varustamine veega, kohviga jms;

— restorani töötajate abistamine toiduvalmistamisel ja ettevalmistamisel;

— töötajate puudumisel nende osaline abistamine;

— köögi koristamine;

— kauba korrakohane vastuvõtt ja ladustamine.

A Cedefop szerződést kíván kötni egy olyan szolgáltatóval (természetes személy), aki kiegészítő támogatást biztosít az éttermében.

Az igényelt szolgáltatások olyan feladatokat foglalnak magukban, mint pl.:

— mosogatás és konyhai eszközök elmosása,

— az üvegedények és a konyhai eszközök visszarakása a helyükre („resettlement”),

— víz, kávé stb. biztosítása az ülések során,

— az étterem személyzetének támogatása a főzési feladatokban és az előkészítés terén,

— munkatársak részleges helyettesítése távollétük esetén,

— konyhatakarítás,

— készletek fogadása és megfelelő tárolása.

Cedefop ketina sudaryti sutartį su paslaugų teikėju (fiziniu asmeniu), kuris teiktų papildomą paramą jo restorane.

Reikalingos paslaugos apims šiuos darbus:

— indų ir virtuvės reikmenų plovimas,

— stiklinių indų ir virtuvės reikmenų perkėlimas (re-settlement),

— aprūpinimas vandeniu, kava ir pan. posėdžių metu,

— parama restorano personalui gaminant ir ruošiant maistą,

— neatvykusio į darbą personalo pakeitimas iš dalies,

— virtuvės valymas,

— prekių priėmimas ir tinkamas laikymas.

Eiropas Profesionālās izglītības attīstības centrs (Cedefop) plāno noslēgt līgumu ar pakalpojumu sniedzēju (fizisku personu), kas būs papildu atbalsts tā restorānā.

Nepieciešamie pakalpojumi ietver šādus uzdevumus:

— trauku un virtuves piederumu mazgāšana,

— stikla trauku un virtuves piederumu kārtošana ("re-settlement"),

— ūdens, kafijas u. c. nodrošināšana sanāksmēm,

— atbalsts restorāna darbiniekiem ēdiena gatavošanas uzdevumos un priekšdarbos,

— daļēja darbinieku aizvietošana prombūtnes laikā,

— virtuves uzkopšana,

— piegāžu saņemšana un pienācīga uzglabāšana.

Is-Cedefop għandha l-intenzjoni li tikkonkludi kuntratt ma' fornitur (persuna naturali) ta' servizzi kif ukoll appoġġ addizzjonali fir-restorant tagħha.

Is-servizzi meħtieġa jinkludu xogħlijiet bħal:

— il-ħasil tal-platti u l-ħasil tal-għodda tal-kċina,

— l-issetiljar mill-ġdid ta' oġġetti tal-ħġieġ u għodda tal-kċina,

— laqgħat dwar provvisti bl-ilma, il-kafe' eċċ.,

— persunal ta' appoġġ għar-restorant f'xogħlijiet ta' tisjir u tħejjijiet,

— xi drabi jieħu post l-impjegati li ma jirrappurtawx għax-xogħol,

— it-tindif tal-kċina,

— jieħu ħsieb il-provvisti li jaslu u l-post fejn jinħażnu kif xieraq.

Cedefop zamierza zawrzeć umowę z usługodawcą (osobą fizyczną), który będzie stanowił dodatkowe wsparcie na potrzeby restauracji w siedzibie Cedefopu.

Wymagane usługi obejmą zadania takie jak:

— zmywanie naczyń oraz mycie akcesoriów kuchennych,

— układanie (resettlement) wyrobów ze szkła i akcesoriów kuchennych,

— zapewnianie wody, kawy itd. podczas spotkań,

— wspieranie pracowników restauracji w pracach kuchennych i przygotowywaniu potraw,

— częściowe zastępowanie nieobecnych pracowników,

— sprzątanie kuchni,

— odbieranie dostaw i ich odpowiednie magazynowanie.

Cedefop plánuje uzatvoriť zmluvu s poskytovateľom služieb (fyzickou osobou) na poskytovanie dodatočných podporných služieb v jeho reštaurácii.

Požadované služby zahŕňajú napríklad nasledujúce úlohy:

— umývanie riadu a kuchynských potrieb,

— re-settlement (ukladanie) skleneného riadu a kuchynských potrieb,

— zabezpečovanie vody, kávy atď. na stretnutiach,

— pomoc pracovníkom reštaurácie pri varení a príprave,

— čiastočne zastupovanie pracovníkov počas ich neprítomnosti,

— upratovanie kuchyne,

— preberanie zásob a ich náležité skladovanie.

Cedefop namerava skleniti pogodbo s ponudnikom (fizično osebo) storitev dodatne podpore za svojo restavracijo.

Zahtevane storitve vključujejo naloge, kot so:

— pomivanje posode in kuhinjskih pripomočkov,

— ponovno nameščanje steklovine in kuhinjskih pripomočkov,

— oskrba sestankov z vodo, kavo itd.,

— podpora osebju restavracije pri kuhanju in pripravi,

— delno nadomeščanje odsotnega osebja,

— čiščenje kuhinje,

— prevzem blaga in ustrezno shranjevanje blaga.

Tá sé beartaithe ag Cedefop conradh a shocrú le soláthraí (duine nádúrtha) seirbhísí mar thacaíocht bhreise sa bhialann dá chuid.

Cuimsíonn na seirbhísí riachtanacha tascanna ar nós an méid seo a leanas:

— níochán mias agus níochán uirlisí cistine,

— earraí gloine agus uirlisí cistine a athlonnú,

— uisce, caife, srl, a sholáthar le haghaidh cruinnithe,

— tacú le foireann na bialainne maidir le tascanna cócaireachta agus maidir le hullmhú,

— an fhoireann as láthair a ionadú i bpáirt,

— an chistin a ghlanadh,

— soláthairtí a fháil agus stóráil a dhéanamh go cuí.

Cedefop възнамерява да сключи договор с доставчик на услуги (физическо лице) като допълнителна подкрепа в своя ресторант.

Необходимите услуги включват задачи, като:

— миене на съдове и почистване на кухненска посуда,

— пренареждане на стъклени съдове и кухненска посуда,

— осигуряване на вода, кафе и т.н. за заседания,

— помощ за персонала на ресторанта при поръчки за готвене и при подготовка,

— частично заместване на персонала при отсъствие,

— почистване на кухнята,

— получаване на доставки и правилно съхраняване.

Cedefop intenționează să încheie un contract cu un prestator (persoană fizică) de servicii, ca susținere suplimentară în restaurantul său.

Serviciile solicitate includ sarcini precum:

— spălarea veselei și spălarea ustensilelor de bucătărie;

— rearanjarea articolelor din sticlă și a ustensilelor de bucătărie;

— furnizarea de apă, cafea etc. pentru reuniuni;

— susținerea personalului restaurantului în ceea ce privește sarcinile legate de gătit și de pregătire;

— înlocuirea temporară a membrilor personalului care absentează;

— curățarea bucătăriei;

— recepția produselor și depozitarea corespunzătoare.

Cedefop namjerava sklopiti ugovor s pružateljem usluga (fizička osoba) kao dodatnu podršku u svojem restoranu.

Zahtijevane usluge uključuju zadatke kao što su:

— pranje suđa i pranje kuhinjskog pribora,

— pospremanje pribora od stakla i kuhinjskog pribora,

— opskrba na sastancima vodom, kavom i sl.,

— pružanje podrške osoblju restorana u kuhanju i pripremama,

— djelomična zamjena odsutnog osoblja,

— čišćenje kuhinje,

— primanje robe i njezino propisno skladištenje.

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