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Building installation work

SPL Midi-Pyrénées Construction | Published February 3, 2017  -  Deadline March 3, 2017
45300000, 45421000, 45410000, 45421141, 45421100, 45430000, 45442100, 45431000, 45432111, 45313100, 45331000, 45332400, 45330000, 45310000, 45311100, 45311200, 45312200

The work involves building inside the BART 2, the work of the external fittings (awarded during a previous consultation launched by the procedure of open tender) are currently underway.

BART BART 1 and 2 are buildings for research and innovation, with a floor area of ​​about 3000 square meters each and are composed of a tertiary sector (2 000 square meters of offices and functions media) and a platform for technological research (1000 square meters). They are located on the site of Labège-Innopole.

Dubbing, partitions, smoke ducts, false ceilings, decorative exterior wood ceiling cleaning.

coated removable partitions, glass partitions.

Supply and installation of block doors, baseboards, inspection covers, mirrors, home banking, and key organizational, cleaning.

Screeds, leveling compounds, tiles, faience, parquet, PVC floor cleaning.

Painting ceilings, walls, floors, timber and wood works, metal works and PVC, signage, site cleaning.

Establishment of a lift.

refresh heating, cooling water, ventilation, plumbing, compressed air production, other special gases, natural gas, smoke, GTB.

Equipotential bonding, reactive power compensation, low voltage distribution, corrugated network, generator replacement, lighting, computer pre-wiring, SSI, intrusion, access control, GTC.

Repair and maintenance services

Tisséo | Published February 14, 2017
50000000, 50220000, 50700000, 77310000

This periodic indicative notice does not constitute a contract notice. It informs market participants that Tisséo considering launching consultations in 2017 to cover its particular needs in terms of maintenance and repair equipment related to technical installations buildings, infrastructure and equipment.

The projects are: maintenance subway technical systems: mechanical, electrical and fire detection (Q1); infrastructure maintenance of heritage Tisséo Structural work, waterproofing, repair bridges, roads and utilities, secondary trades (partitions, suspended ceilings, paints, wall coverings, flooring, joinery) (Q3); Repairs electrical strong currents equipment (Q4); cleaning streetcar tracks (Q1); maintenance of green spaces of the tram (4th quarter).

Construction work

Toulouse Métropole Habitat | Published February 24, 2017  -  Deadline March 30, 2017
45000000, 45223220, 45261220, 45261420, 45261100, 45410000, 45320000, 45421000, 45311200, 45330000, 39000000, 45432100, 44316500, 45442100, 45313100, 45421148, 45112710, 45233120, 45432111

Construction of 92 housing units, 91 and 93 chemin des Tuileries.

Earthworks - structural work.

Exterior coatings - facade coatings.

waterproofing work.

carpentry work.


Insulation work.

metal exterior woodwork.

Joinery and PVC exterior shutters - glazing.

interior joinery - wood joinery.


Low voltage.

Plumbing - Health - VMC.

Kitchenettes - appliances - Bathroom furniture.

Coatings of hard floors - tiles.


Painting - Tapestry - cleaning.

Installation work of elevators.

Vehicle Portal.

Mowing - Fencing - Automatic watering.

Highways - various networks.

laminated flooring.

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