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Construction work for buildings relating to health

CHU Saint-Étienne | Published September 26, 2017  -  Deadline October 23, 2017
45215100, 71000000, 50700000

The geriatric operation includes - asbestos removal and cleaning (areas impacted by the works) -rehabilitation pavilion 2-4 (2,000 m 2 , consultation activities and medical offices) -rehabilitation pavilion 6 (4,700 m 2 , 3 accommodation units with 26 beds) -construction extension pavilion 6 (800 m 2 ) and a gallery connecting pavilions 4 and 6 (200 m 2 ) -rehabilitation system thermal regulation pavilions 13 and 15 -rehabilitation of pavilion 13 (2,000 m 2 , a 21-bed lodging unit and a day hospital) -rehabilitation 15 pavilion (500 m 2 , a day hospital) - rehabilitation radiology service (500 m 2 ) the psychiatric operation includes - removal of asbestos and cleaning (areas impacted by the works) - rehabilitation of pavilion 26 (4,000 m 2 , outpatient consultations, adult psychiatry: CMP, CATTP, day hospitals) - refurbishment - pavilion 50: (2,600 m 2 , outpatient consultations, child psychiatry: CMP, CATTP, Day Hospital).

The characteristics of the works and services will be specified in the program.

Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work

Société du Grand Paris | Published December 22, 2015  -  Deadline January 22, 2016
45110000, 45262660, 45111000

Deconstruction works contract and the cleaning operations and asbestos removal of structures on rights of way required to carry the line Noisy Champs / Saint-Denis Pleyel Grand Paris Express.

Street-cleaning services

CA Var Estérel Méditerranée | Published April 18, 2015  -  Deadline June 1, 2015
90611000, 32400000

Orders to market for external works.

Construction work for swimming pool

Communauté de communes Caux-Estuaire | Published September 29, 2017
45212212, 45223220, 45331000, 45242000, 45212230, 45311200

Construction of an aquatic equipment consisting of:

- a swimming pool 25 m long by 5 water lines and 1.30 m to 2.00 m deep,

- a swimming pool / recreation / entertainment of 125 m 2 and from 0.75 m to 1.35 m in depth,

- a lagoon of games of 125 m 2 on water slide,

- a northern (and therefore external) basin of 200 m 2 and 1.25 m deep.

Chapter 1: HHT - fences - green spaces.

Chapter 2: Structural Work.

Chapter 3: Framing.

Chapter 4: Sealing.

Chapter 5: Facade coatings.

Chapter 6: exterior joinery.

Chapter 7: Metalworking.

Chapter 8: Interior joinery - dubbing - false ceilings.

Chapter 9: tiling.

Chapter 10: painting - cleaning - soft floors.

Chapter 1: Water treatment.

Chapter 2: Climate Engineering.

Chapter 3: Plumbing.

Polymerized stainless steel tank.

Thermal cover.

Cabins / lockers.

Swimming pool furniture.


Street-cleaning and sweeping services

Ville de Saint-Cloud | Published November 9, 2017

The purpose of this framework agreement concerns the urban cleanliness of public spaces and their outbuildings (green spaces along sidewalks, central roads, lawns, etc.), squares, spaces encumbered with public crossing easements , private roads open to public traffic and paved, and squares of the city of Saint-Cloud.

Construction work for dams, canals, irrigation channels and aqueducts

Saint-Étienne Métropole | Published May 12, 2017
Groupement Maia Sonnier

Preliminary work for draining and monitoring water quality;

Rip-rap clay against the downstream facing of the pre-cleaned dam;

Excavation work: ~ 15 000 m 3 Cuttings and ~ 75 000 m 3 riprap;

Cleaning and repairing masonry upstream facing ~ 2500 m 2 (60% total area);

Sail injection upstream foot and foundation of the dam ~ 1200 ml injected;

In Ba at the foot downstream of the dam ~ 2500 m 3;

Drainage at the masonry-foundation interface (~ 1500 ml boreholes) and in the masonry (~ 300 ml boreholes);

Creation in the dam and new spillway in Ba ~ 3000 m 3 concrete;

Aménagt existing evacuator;

Rénov. And development of vanity;

Rehab. And reinforcement device auscultation (piezo and charge cells);

Power supply And supervision equipment barrage (co.).

Preliminary work for draining and monitoring water quality;

Rip-rap clay against the downstream facing of the pre-cleaned dam;

Travx earthworks excavations / embankments: ~ 15 000 m3 excavated and ~ 75 000 m 3 riprap;

Cleaning and repointing masonry upstream facing ~ 2500 m2 (60% total area);

Sail injection upstream foot and foundation of the dam ~ 1200 ml injected;

In Ba at the foot downstream of the dam ~ 2500 m 3 ;

Sink drainage at the masonry-foundation interface (~ 1500 ml boreholes) and in the masonry (~ 300 ml boreholes);

Creation in the dam and new spillway in Ba ~ 3000 m 3 concrete;

Aménagt existing evacuator;

And arrange vanity;

And strengthening auscultation device (piezo and charge cells);

And supervision equipment barrage (co.).

Cleaning services

Mindef/EMA/SCA/PFAF — IDF | Published December 14, 2016  -  Deadline January 24, 2017

Cleaning of rooms, windows and plunges in favor of Lille GSBdD and its associated sites.

Cleaning of rooms, windows and plunged the benefit of Lille military sites

= annual minimum annual fee (scheduled services)

= maximum annual 800,000 euro (s) (HT).

Cleaning of rooms, windows and plunges in favor of military sites of Douai, Denain, Valenciennes and Arras

= annual minimum annual fee (scheduled services)

annual maximum = 300 000 euro (s) (HT).

Cleaning of windows to military sites in Dunkerque

= annual minimum annual fee (scheduled services)

maximum annual amount = 25,000 euro (s) (HT).

Cleaning of windows to military sites in Boulogne-Sur-Mer and Le Touquet

= annual minimum annual fee (scheduled services)

maximum annual amount = 30,000 euro (s) (HT).

Cleaning of windows for the benefit of USID and Lille CIRFA (lot reserved)

= annual minimum annual fee (scheduled services)

maximum annual amount = 70,000 euro (s) (HT).

Street-cleaning services

Commune de Saintes | Published January 7, 2017
90611000, 32400000

from development of roads in the territory of the Holy Community of agglomeration.

The amounts below are estimated for the total duration of the framework agreement.

Cleaning services

Mindef/EMA/SCA/PFAF-IDF | Published November 25, 2017

The framework agreement is concluded for an initial period beginning on the date of notification and ending on 30 June of year N + 1. Excluding possible renewal (s). The duration of the Framework Agreement runs from the date of notification.

Periodic cleaning of the premises of the Brétigny-sur-Orge Defense Island.

Site-development work

Commune de Saint-Pierre | Published November 2, 2017
Réunion Réalisation
45111291, 45332200, 45316110, 45112700, 37410000, 34928400, 45210000, 45332400

The works to be carried out concern earthworks, roads, surface treatment, sewage treatment, rainwater drainage, drinking water network, civil engineering works, telephone civil engineering, public lighting, low voltage electricity, development of public spaces, landscaping.

Creation of car parks; pedestrian trail creation and ATV trail; creating a left turn on the old RN 1; completion of a section for the sanitation of rainwater and construction of rafts at the thalweg; construction of a new sewage treatment network; construction of a new drinking water system and connections; underground telephone network; connection to existing networks.

Supply and open trenching of cables for low voltage and street lighting and all accessories; supply and installation of public lighting with energy saving system; tests and commissioning preceded by certificates of conformity.

Preliminary works, earthworks, delivery of plants, planting works for the plants of the cultivation contract, guarantee of recovery of the plants for one year, maintenance of the landscaping until the reception, maintenance of the landscaping for 1 year.

Additional earthworks if necessary; piping on sapphire water pipe and AEP pipe; supply and installation of a backflow preventer and complies with the regulations; hydraulic network of HDPE and buried LDPE; drip irrigation distribution network, sprinklers and valve valves; implementation of electronic programming and automation by programmer and decoders; setting up a filtration station; tests, tests and certificates of conformity (Consuel).

Cleaning and earthworks necessary for setting up platforms; supply and installation of fitness equipment; supply of tools and fasteners for maintenance

Building construction work

Commune de Saint-Germain-en-Laye | Published November 18, 2016
Les Peintures Parisiennes
45210000, 45262311, 45261420, 45421000, 45311000, 45313100, 45421141, 44316500, 45432100, 45442100, 45112500

Place of works and delivery: 73 bd Hector Berlioz - 78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

This procedure tender is restricted. It relates Lots 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 of the work operation.

Lot 2 "wood siding and metal outer -Isolation" and Lot 5 "heating ventilation plumbing" is subject to a separate procedure of public procurement passed in the form of a restricted procedure adapted in accordance with the provisions of Article 27-III-2 of the CMP.

The operation includes the construction of a kindergarten in 6 classes and common dining areas; the restructuring of the elementary school in 12 classes.

Cleaning asbestos removal machinery - pious - go -charpente wood - hard floors.


wood and aluminum exterior joinery - glass - wood curtain wall - roof windows replacement occultations - sunscreens.

high and low voltage electricity.

Lift - lift.

Plastering walls dubbing false ceilings.

wood interior carpentry.

Metalwork locksmithing fencing.


Safety painting.

Highways various green spaces networks.

Cleaning services

Manche Habitat | Published December 20, 2016

Maintenance of the common parts of buildings (PC), garbage works (OM) and other cleaning services in the department of Manche of 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2020.

Lot 1: Northern sector (about 4845 units).

Lot 2: Centre area (about 1989 units).

Lot 3: South area (about 2331 units).

Lot 4: ZUS sector of Val Saint-Jean in Saint-Lô (about 1035 units).

Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork

Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhône | Published August 17, 2016
Groupement Socafl SAS/Champale SAS

Requalification rest areas - VRD work and cleaning / lots 5-6 and 7.

Street-cleaning services

CA Var Estérel Méditerranée | Published November 20, 2015
Raphaeloise Bâtiment et Travaux Publics SA Centre
90611000, 32400000

Orders to market to work VRD. Single market orders with minimum and maximum and an economic operator.

Non-hazardous refuse and waste treatment and disposal services

APRR | Published November 21, 2017
90513000, 90511200, 44613700, 90500000, 90511100

Collection and treatment of non-hazardous waste collected on the APRR and AREA network (2nd French motorway group - 2264 km of motorways in service) according to an organization in 6 geographical lots (5 lots on the APRR network, 1 lot on the AREA network) and for the following services:

- Collection of waste collected on the toll areas and toll stations of the operated motorway network, (types of waste: all coming, empty packaging, glass)

- Provision of skips or containers in mini-waste centers of different units (district, maintenance center ...) (types of waste: all-round waste, paper / cardboard, tire splinters, ferrous and non-ferrous waste, green waste, tickets toll etc.)

- Transport of collected waste to the appropriate treatment center,

- Sorting (where appropriate) and waste treatment in a suitable treatment center,

- The weighing of the waste,

- Cleaning and disinfection of containers rented or belonging to the APRR group.

Refer to the detailed definition in section II.1.4.

As an indication, for lot 1:

District of Central France: about 97 km of motorway - 9 areas and stations - about 32 semi-buried containers of all-purpose waste (household waste) with conventional emptying (indicative tonnage collected in 2015: 30 tons) - about 15 columns of packaging waste and 15 columns of glass waste (indicative tonnage collected in 2015: about 1 ton per type of waste) - 2 mini-waste disposal facilities (nature of the main waste to collect: all coming - paper / cardboard - toll tickets tire chips - waste ferrous and nonferrous - green waste)

District of Auvergne: about 126 km of motorway - 14 areas and stations - about 85 semi-buried containers of all-purpose waste (household waste) with conventional emptying (indicative tonnage collected in 2015: 215 tons) - about 15 waste columns packaging and 15 glass waste columns (indicative tonnage collected in 2015: ...

Street-sweeping services

Commune de Saint-Chamas | Published October 18, 2017
Societe Nicollin SAS
90612000, 90611000

Cleaning of roads and public places.

Building construction work

Conseil régional de la Réunion | Published April 29, 2017  -  Deadline May 26, 2017
45210000, 45223220, 45112710, 45261420, 45111000, 45421141, 44111400, 45421000, 45330000, 45232460, 45331210, 09310000, 39100000, 45000000

The purpose of this consultation is to rehabilitate and extend the Lycée Stella in Piton Saint-Leu, in the commune of Saint-Leu.

Lot 1 includes the following works: existing diverse networks and demolitions; Preparatory work; General and sliced ​​earthworks; Various networks; Soil treatments and coatings; General earthworks; Trenching; Drinking water systems; Sanitation stormwater and sewage; The displacement of any existing networks; The repair of the yard; The resumption of green spaces at the right of the extensions for the restoration of the land; The construction of infrastructure works (earthworks for foundations and miscellaneous, insulated and shingled insoles, underground walls, paving, etc.); The construction of superstructural structures of the post-beam type with concrete filling (Structural posts and beams, reinforced concrete sails, chip walls, reinforced concrete floors, etc.); The realization of coatings and patching.

Supply and installation of rigid panels on self-supporting visible profiles in rockwool coated with a colored glass veil on the exposed face and reinforced by a natural glass veil on the other side, the painting works of all the facades The supply and use of a colorless anti-graffiti paint, of a matt paint to acrylic copolymers which can be washed in aqueous dispersion.

The works mainly comprise: studies and drawings of details of the works; The supply and installation of PVC and aluminum joinery and all their hardware; Provision and installation of glazing; Cushions, pre-sealing of structures; The provision in good time of the sockets or fasteners to be incorporated in the undertaking of Gros-Oeuvre, reservations for sealing with their implantation; Protection and treatment of metal parts; Cleaning and maintenance until receipt of ...

Beach cleaning services

Commune de Sainte-Maxime | Published October 12, 2017
Propolys SASU

The purpose of this contract is to clean up the coastline and to maintain public sanitation facilities attached to the coast in the municipality of Sainte-Maxime.

Building-cleaning services

Ville de Saint-Michel-sur-Orge | Published April 1, 2016  -  Deadline May 10, 2016

cleaning services in municipal buildings (sports, school, community and administrative).

Accommodation, building and window cleaning services

MINDEF/EMA/SCA/PFAF-IDF | Published August 15, 2015
Audacieuse SA SCOP

Cleaning local organizations of Montlhéry base and logistics support center serving the species of hosts (CSLSEA) of Varenne-sur-Seine.
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