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Oulun kaupunki | Published January 13, 2017  -  Deadline March 17, 2017

A State Enterprise operates in Oulu Oulu Serviisi Health Ltd's services purity hankintayksikkönä.Osakeyhtiö started business 01.01.2017.

The contract will be signed Oulu Health CEO of a limited liability company.

maintenance and basic cleaning of all group objects must be produced under this invitation to tender and its annexes.

A State Enterprise operates in Oulu Oulu Serviisi Health Ltd's services purity of the contracting entity.

Owned enterprise Oulu Serviisi ask for a quotation (services) Occupational Health Oulu Oy, to obtain purity of services under this invitation to tender and its annexes.

The contract is valid until 04.30.2019.

Conclusion of an agreement with a consortium of companies belonging to the conglomerate requires a joint and several commitment to determining obligations and responsibilities of the contract.

Health specification of the functions of Oulu Oy and purity among producer services:

The producer meets the targets saniteettitarvikeannostelijat and takes care of their cleanliness.

Producers have the opportunity to use the applications of space cleaning cleaning materials, equipment, supplies and machines säilyttämiseen.Oulun Health Ltd to provide producers who are employed cleaning workers to be used in accordance with the conditions of social spaces that may be located in.

Approved and signed form is the basis for bill payment.

the use and cost of the necessary Perussiivouksissa access platforms and scaffolding must be agreed upon with the contact person in advance separately.

Producer is responsible for cleaning the items to lock and turning on alarm systems, as well as, where appropriate, for its part, will ensure that non-members to move the cleaning employee involved in the premises of objects or enter the premises during cleaning.

Producer is aware of the existing risk for the emergence for secretion and prepares it sees fit on this matter.

services Eco-labeled or under produced presumed to satisfy the environmental criteria required.

Occupational Health Oulu Oy and the producer jointly agreed by the possible use of an outside expert.

pricing changes that became during the contract period agreed upon in accordance with the changed situation separately.

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