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The MTVA owned vehicles are cleaned, the interior and exterior cleaning and extra water technology (informative outcome of the procedure)

Médiaszolgáltatás - támogató és Vagyonkezelő Alap | Published March 21, 2016
Duna Autó Zrt.

The MTVA owned vehicles are cleaned, the interior and exterior cleaning and extra water technology (informative outcome of the procedure)

Building-cleaning services

Semmelweis Egyetem | Published December 17, 2016
Minerva FMH Létesítmény Higiéniai Kft.
90911200, 90919200, 90911300

Enterprise framework contract Semmelweis University Central Patient Supply building or II. s. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology complete cleaning.

Semmelweis University Central Patient Supply building or II. s. complete cleaning of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic in the procurement documents detailed in quality, the allocations are exhausted (which entity will be described in the opening session), but not more than 36 months. A full range of cleaning involves according to their classification in the individual rooms hygiene categories performed daily, weekly, and the cleaning of the area has not yet been put into use conserving cleaning of the front doors and interior and exterior cleaning, floor coverings, mechanical impregnation, carpets, upholstery chemical cleaning, lobby, corridors, lobbies disinfectant cleaning of washable wall surfaces, and if a specific order after the events cleaning and cleaning of blinds and hidegködös területfertőtlenítést.

The size cleaned Area: 22 918.75 m².

TE - "maintenance and repair of air conditioners in the Catholic University Faculty of five premises. Enterprise Framework Agreement "

Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem | Published July 3, 2015
Illésy Tamás egyéni vállalkozó

Enterprise framework contract. I lot: maintenance according to the technical specifications with the Catholic University faculties located in the premises of air conditioners maintenance plan. Maintenance of equipment according to the technical specifications of the Catholic University faculties located in the premises of air conditioners maintenance plan. Air conditioners in buildings are as follows: 28-30. Chillers, Cooling unit 1 Mariani Mariani R407C 17,6kW 3,8kg 1 x 1 x 2.7kg 8,0kW R407C R407C Rhoss 13,4kW 3,6kg 1 Bluebox R410A R407C 8,0kW 40kW 7,0kg 2,8kg Air handling 2 GF pc speakers VTS., I-II-III A 4 Airset Computer room, cafeteria, auditorium, social fan-coil block 10 10 Ceiling Cassette Comfort split, mobile air 7,5kW 1 x 1 x Midea carpenters R407C R407C 5,0kW 1 1 Midea Midea R407C R410A 3,5kW 2,6kW 2 x 2 x 2.6kW Coolstar R410A LG Trio R407C R407C 2 Krone 1 x 15kW 2,9kg Airwell 2.R410A 2,6kW 5,0kW Technical R407C 1 x 17kW split Delchi R407C R407C 5kW Midea 3,8kg 1 8 Extractor Fans smoke-free air staircase replacement fan 1 50 / A. 65 pieces of equipment Gea fan coil Air handling units 5 Termica auditoriums (40-120-210fő) restaurant, gym Extractor fans 22 pieces Split air conditioners, Daikin R410A 10kW 3,6kg 1 2 3 Fujitsu Fujitsu 3,5kW R410A R410A 14kW 3.5kg 3,9kg 1 x 2 x 17kW Fisher R407C LG 5,0kW R410A R407C York Chillers 2 200kW weighing 27,3kg 1 1 Lennox Chiller R407C 232kW Splitklíma 30kg 2 x 1 x 14kW R410A LG VRV indoor unit 8,2kg 7 pc 1 LG 24 pieces 22,9kg 56kW R410A VRV indoor unit 1 50kW R410A LG VRV indoor unit 17,5kg 14 3 3 LG 3,5kW R410A R407C 5kW 1 Daikin Haier R410A Aermec R22 7,5kW 1 2 * Window air-conditioning 2,5kW 2,5kW Fancoil Whirlpool 1 10 12 York City 2-pipe 4-pipe air handling units Aermec Theatre Hall 4, stage 24. Chiller R410A Aermec 22,3kW 2 x 4.7 kg 1 x 14kW Remko R407C Air handling 6 piece Panola High auditorium, small speakers, meeting rooms Fancoil 10 York 4 Aermec split Comfort 10kW 6 1 1 Stiebel Fisher R407C 5,0kW 5,0kW AHU 4 (type unknown), gym, banquet hall extractor fan 5 Maintenance The main elements of activity: chillers in buildings, refrigeration units, air handling units, split air conditioners, exhaust fans and fan coil equipment to carry out maintenance schedule. The 517/2014 / EU F-Gas II. completion of facilities under Regulation shall be binding leak investigation. Air handling units, fans, in the case of fan coil devices • Check bearings, lubricated • Seals as necessary control, tightening • External cleaning control • Warming • Engines pulleys, after checking belt replacement cleaning verification pulling • filters as needed • Registers chemical disinfection • thermostats, valves, check actuators operation • Control and protection automatics check for Split air conditioners - Clean Indoor units - Registers chemical disinfection - Cleaning Outdoor units capacitors - Checking Operating parameters (gas pressures, current consumption) for Refrigerators and chiller systems • Operating pressures verifying, correcting as necessary • Check Protections elements of automation control checking and setting signals indicating • leaks leak detection, troubleshooting • Exterior cleaning Control system components Electrical cabinet components after examination of air-cooled electrical and mechanical point of view condenser and liquid chiller condenser cleaning, washing Electric automation components as necessary adjustment control, lock and security check the functioning of the control elements • Electrical connections Connections • Tensions, power control recordings • Operating and diagnostics check all equipment operating experience in evaluating proposals for a more economical operation. Lot 2: Repair services: Job-border air conditioner maintenance plan as provided for in item I listed the event of failure of correction. The contractor undertakes to maintain a year-round 24-hour hotline and a technical fault reporting splitnél the event - the date of the notification of the error - in 3 hours, while for other equipment - the date of the notification of the error - will start within 12 hours
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