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Rapla Cultural cleaning service

Rapla Vallavalitsus - Kristiina Valgi-Kopti | Published October 18, 2016  -  Deadline November 3, 2016
Rapla Cultural indoor (Tallinna mnt 17, Rapla) cleaning and building complex field crop (Tallinna mnt 17 and Tallinna mnt 17, Rapla) according to the tender document, Annex 1 to the specifications.

Snow-clearing services

Rapla Vallavalitsus | Published October 4, 2016  -  Deadline November 9, 2016

The tenderer must carry out construction of roads, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots of foot and snow cleaning works (if necessary slipperiness control works) Rapla field of nine (9) in the region (I - IX) in the period from 15.11.2016. A to 03/31/2018. a. Winter maintenance of roads and streets in the exercise to be guided by the Economic and taristuministri 07/14/2015 Regulation No. 92 "Make the state requirements" in Chapter 4 of the "Winter Maintenance", the tender document, conditions of contract, and the contract and the contracting of additional clarification and explanations.

Detailed description of the work and a list by region are shown in Annex 6 - Specifications.

Supplier must ensure the execution of the work on road safety and the use of compliant materials for snow and slipperiness control.

The bidder shall have the right to bid against one or more of the area, filling each region established by the tender conditions. The contracting authority requires that the winter maintenance is carried out in all regions simultaneously. Blowing snow event must be carried out in accordance with the appropriate amount of control that ensures the road / street permeability. Few places can kinnituisanud region need this extra stretch of road works or ristisahkamist. When snow is predicted to be a strong and long-term, you must select the works to start such a time that ensures the roads and do not exclude, where applicable, snow cleaning works in the snow.

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