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Building construction work

Boligforeningen Kristiansdal, afd. 34 | Published November 12, 2016  -  Deadline December 13, 2016

Renovation of a total of 248 residences in Section 34, Diana Vænget.

There must install new windows and exterior doors in the building.

After renovation would thus be 228 homes in the department.

The following contracts are taken by delydelsesreglen in Contract Act § 8, in order to implement invited tenders for these contracts:

Construction contract

ventilation contract

Elevator Enter price

Inventory contract.

Building contract:

Demolition Work:

- Heavy facades

- Light facades with windows

- Balconies, decks and easy wall

- Windows, doors and parties

- Interior walls and decks and elevators incl. intersections of concrete walls and decks

- Bathrooms

- Interior walls and floors in surface mounted attics

- Cutting of wood flooring at facade (coarse)

- Kitchens

- Interimslukning facades

- Covering of floors

- Removal of environmentally harmful substances (asbestos, PCBs and heavy metals).

Closure Works:

- New facades with windows

- Facade gables

- New entrances

- New module balconies

- Balcony Times

- Roofing Coverage incl. tagbrønde and flashings

Masonry and concrete works incl. sewer:

- Sewage and drainage

- Foundations, elevator pits and -skakte

- Exterior stairs

- Exterior basement stairs

- Wall and floor slabs

- New walls and floors in bathrooms

- Wall and floor tiles

- Closing the gaps in walls and floors.

Carpentry and joinery contracted:

- Cutting the wood floors

- Installation of new wooden floors

- Ceilings in damp

- Skeletal walls and other ceilings in steel / plaster

- Interior doors, architraves and skirtings

- Insulation.

Painter contract:

- Washing the walls and ceilings

- Filling plaster walls and ceilings

- Rutex / glass filter and painting of walls, ceilings and interior woodwork

- Glass Felt and painting in wet areas

- Final cleaning.

Plumbing contract:

Demolition Work:

- Heating systems, radiators facades elsewhere classified installation

- Water systems in wet areas, sanitation and equipment

- Water installation, Other installation

- Drainage systems in wet areas

- Drainage systems, downpipes and other installations.

New installation work:

- Heating systems in wet areas

- Heating systems, main pipes, risers and other installations

- Water systems in wet areas

- Plumbing systems, main pipes, risers and other installations

- Drainage systems in wet areas

- Drainage systems, downpipes and other installations

- Sanitary and bathroom equipment

- Pipe insulation.

El contract:

- Degradation of installations

- Light and power installations in wet rooms

- Light and power installations, other installations

- boards

- Fixed lighting in wet areas

- Fixed lightings, other

- Shared Installations

- Exterior lighting of buildings and terrain.

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