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Graffiti removal services

Københavns Kommune, Teknik- Miljøforvaltningen TMF Stab | Published December 3, 2016  -  Deadline January 16, 2017

Graffiti Society at Copenhagen Municipality building structures and street furniture in the city and in Nørrebro.

The contract is a service contract with elements of a framework agreement.

The total contract value incl. options is estimated to be approximately 12 million DKK.

By this contract want Contracting Authority to obtain quotes on graffiti cleanliness of the City of Copenhagen's buildings and street furniture in the inner city and Nørrebro.

The service comprises:

Graffiti Society on building structures

Graffiti Society on street furniture

Graffiti Society on el-leading street furniture

Graffiti Society as commissioned works (options).

It is expected that any anti-graffiti treatments restored after cleaning and that graffiti on painted wooden shacks and the like painted.

The grant covers:

Removal of graffiti on protected as well as unprotected surfaces.

Re-establishment of the sacrificial layer, wherein the surfaces are protected therewith.

The performance also includes options in the form of cleaning above and below 3 m in height and anti-graffiti treatment (coating).

The subscription covers graffiti up to 3 meters above the natural terrain.

Operating Agreement covers graffiti cleaning on:

Specified property facades and farm equipment

specified monuments

specified toilets

Specified hotspot (street furniture not falling in the remaining categories)

Specified P-houses

Unspecified sites (bridges, tunnels, quays)

specified playgrounds

All municipal waste baskets in the district

All communal benches and tables in the district

All municipal signs in the district

All municipal dog bag racks in the district

All municipal needle boxes in the district

All municipal glass containers in the district

All municipal shelters in the district.

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