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Aabenraa Statsskole | Published January 20, 2017  -  Deadline February 22, 2017

The above range of cleaning carried out by Service mediator A / S on behalf of Aabenraa State School.

11 500 m² - on Forstallé 14 Aabenraa.

The task is not offered in lots.


Labour Clauses:

The Supplier therefore undertakes to ensure that the employees of the supplier concerned with a view to performance of the contract, the pay and conditions that are no less favorable than the wage and employment conditions, as under the collective agreement, laws or regulations apply for work of the same kind in the trade or industry in the district where the work to be performed.

For staff, where the information transmitted to other countries' tax authorities should be provided similar information within 10 working days after written request.

Independent quality assessment:

3. man acting on behalf of the originator and the supplier must comply with any requirements that the third man had to submit on behalf of the Contracting Authority.

The rates are as follows:

· Number 3 = 15% of the monthly salary

· Number 2 = 20% of the monthly salary

· 1 value = 25% of the monthly salary.

If, in two consecutive quality checks a grade of 3 or less triggered the consequence that the supplier must credit the Contracting Entity double booth the last submission character.


Response from the Contracting Authority can be found under the tab 'Communication' / 'Additional Info' after the Contracting Authority has published answers.

All documents in the application to the customer shall be uploaded and sent through Mercell Sourcing Service before the deadline and is free for suppliers

3 days before the application deadline, you will receive a reminder on your email.

Questions about the functionality of the system is sent to "> or call 63 13 37 00th

Applications received in other ways than through Mercell Sourcing Service is considered to be conformity with contract conditions and will not be included in the assessment.

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