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Building-cleaning services

Bürgerhospital und Clementine Kinderhospital gGmbH | Published January 28, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

New construction to accommodate a surgical department, a maternity ward and nursing areas for the Department of Neonatology and the Women's Hospital. Creation of parking spaces and additional secondary areas (changing rooms, archives and storage areas). Restructuring the station N4 to a neonatal intermediate care unit. Relocation of the maintenance area of ​​the Department of Neugeborene-, pediatric surgery and -urologie. Reorganization and structuring of food supply and the entire logistics concept in the Civil Hospital.

Lot: 359 - initial wax resilient flooring.

Rolling stock

DB Regio AG (Bukr 12) | Published February 7, 2017  -  Deadline February 28, 2017

Car Wash in Allgäu on behalf DB Regio AG incl. Planning and control.

Vehicle cleaning.

Maintenance cleaning

Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) AdöR | Published January 26, 2017  -  Deadline March 29, 2017

Maintenance and glass cleaning Mensa BTU Sachsendorf, Lipetsk Str. 47, Cottbus

Maintenance and glass cleaning

Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) AdöR | Published February 21, 2017  -  Deadline April 12, 2017

Maintenance cleaning Mensa Senftenberg

Mechanical cleaning sand on municipal playgrounds of the city of Frankfurt (Oder)

Stadt Frankfurt (Oder), Dezernat II, Abteilung Vergabe und Haushalt, Auftrags- u. Vergabewesen | Published February 20, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

Mechanical cleaning sand on municipal playgrounds of the city of Frankfurt (Oder) total 6,860 m² machine play sand cleaning 24 municipal playgrounds


Hessen Mobil Darmstadt | Published February 22, 2017  -  Deadline March 14, 2017

Cleaning Gallery building Seckbach

Accommodation management services

Magistrat der Stadt Hanau, Stabsstelle Asyl | Published February 1, 2017
98341100, 98341130, 98341140, 90911000, 90911100, 90919200

The city of Hanau requires an object support with concierge service and the performance of cleaning services for the initial reception of refugees in the grounds of the Sports Field Housing in Hanau Wolfgang.

The footprint of the whole area is a total of about 75 000m 2 ,

The located thereon 13 former US barracks buildings are used for housing applicants. This is a municipal reception center for the supply of foreign refugees with shelter with transitional housing until adequate decentralized supply within the urban area of ​​Hanau.

Commissioned to the property management (lot 1) and cleaning of the common areas and special use units (Lot 2) of expected 11 to max. 13 buildings in the period from August 2017 to expected end of July of 2019.

Common tasks of site supervision (essentially control activities), external cleaning, winter maintenance, lawn and garden care, home automation and heating system, emergency / Ready sheep service.

Interior cleaning of common areas (stairs, corridors), cleaning of the offices (3 units), cleaning the daycare (currently 2 units), cleaning clothes container.

Track construction works

DB Netz AG (Bukr 16) | Published February 10, 2017  -  Deadline March 9, 2017

Track renewal using assembly line techniques: 1 530 m;

Track renewal conventional: 4975 m;

track-bound ballast cleaning: 1 498 m;

complete ballast renewal: 5007 m;

Formation rehabilitation: 200 m;

Renewal of 4 points;

Rail replacement (SE 2): 2091 m (track length);

all incl. backup and bauaffine services.

Renewal CHP treatment plant Frankfurt (Oder)

FWA Frankfurter Wasser- Abwassergesellschaft mbH | Published February 20, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017

Lot 1: Technological equipment - dismantling services - supply and installation a cogeneration unit (350 kW el and 410 kW thermal.) - Delivery and installation gas cleaning - delivery and assembly ventilation system - Delivery and installation gas control system - supply and installation space heating and cooling circuits - Delivery and mounting exhaust system - supply and installation condensate treatment - commissioning and documentation - site adaptations (repainting approximately 240 m2, industrial floor coating about 105 m2) - maintenance contract over 5 years lot 2: EI technical equipment - dismantling services - adjustment / change low voltage distribution - adjustment / modification medium voltage switchgear 20 kV, power protection, network security management - delivery, assembly, installation cable - and pipeline systems - delivery, assembly, installation Instrumentation and Control technology - supply, installation, installation of building services - producing fireproof bulkheads - commissioning and documentation
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