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Services related to laundry service for the Hospital and Polyclinic in Semilech

Nemocnice s poliklinikou v Semilech | Published December 4, 2015

VZ is the subject of implementation services associated with washing clothes and cleaning, laundry, ironing, mangling, removal of dirty laundry and import of clean laundry on delivery instead of the client according to the binding timetable for cartage of 36 months for the Polyclinic Hospital in Semily. Contractor services must meet the requirements of the Act no. 258/2000 Coll., On public health protection, as amended, and its implementing regulation, ie. Decree no. 306/2012 Coll., On conditions for prevention and spread of infectious diseases and hygiene requirements operation of medical facilities and social care institutions (hereinafter the "Decree no. 306/2012 Coll."). Service supplier in discharging public contracts to meet the standards TZU no. 594-80-2002 PNJ "Textiles, quality assessment laundering"; Standard TZU no. 579-80-99 PNJ "Linen for health care," the CSN P ENV 14237, "Textiles in the health sector".

Modernization of operating theaters Hospital v Semilech - supply of medical equipment

Nemocnice s poliklinikou v Semilech | Published December 26, 2014

The subject of the tender is the supply of medical equipment to streamlined operating theaters Hospital in Semily, namely the supply of surgical lamps, C arm, sterilizers, washers, 3 pcs transport beds and 3 pcs monitors. Within the supply of new surgical lamps will be moved to the current operating lamp to another operating room. Subject of procurement for all parts of the public contract includes both the delivery of goods in the parameters required by this specification, installation, configuration, commissioning, demonstration and briefing service functionality under Act no. 123/2000 Coll. on medical devices. The course includes performance is also providing free warranty service throughout the warranty period. Modernization of operating theaters Hospital v Semilech - supply of medical equipment - Sterilizer The subject of Part 4 of the public contract is the supply pressure washers for cleaning medical instruments and laboratory glass containing min. 150 l. The subject of Section 5 of the Public Order delivery is 3 pcs transport beds with height adjustable patient area by a hydraulic motor.
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