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Fakultní nemocnice Hradec Králové | Published September 16, 2016  -  Deadline October 31, 2016

The subject of the public contract is the provision of an irregular cleaning in the period from contract to 31/12/2020 in FN HK. Cleaning work is required to perform in line with hygiene standards in accordance with Decree no. 306/20012 Coll., On conditions for the prevention and spread of infectious diseases, and hygienic requirements for the operation of medical facilities and social care institutions, as amended, operating rules, individual clinics and workplaces FN HK, where the works are performed and related internal directives FN HK.

Mušlov III. at km 5.900 to 9.900

Lesy České republiky, s. p. | Published August 18, 2015  -  Deadline August 31, 2017
Within the framework of this contract will be reconstructed fortifications watercourse in the section r. Km 5.900 to 9.900. Solved section is located in a continuous built-up area of ​​the village. Construction includes six buildings, of which the objects SO 03 to SO 06 are investment character and the others then the nature of the repair / maintenance: SO 01 - longitudinal walls - 100% cleaning of existing structures SO 02 - longitudinal walls - repair wall of the LV MC SO 03 - longitudinal walls - předbetonovaná foot concrete SO 04 - longitudinal walls - retaining wall made of concrete with a facing brickwork of LK SO 05 - longitudinal walls - retaining wall made of concrete with a facing brickwork of kamenobetonových elements SO 06 - transverse objects directional flow ratio will be changed. Those measures will also avert the risk of destruction of adjacent roads.
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