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Cleaning-Services London....

Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom | Published November 3, 2016  -  Deadline October 3, 2016

Cleaning-Services London....

Cleaning-Services London....

Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom | Published August 11, 2016  -  Deadline October 3, 2016

This Embassy of Switzerland is a Diplomatic representation with one Building (Office spaces and Residence with representative facilities).
We are seeking an excellent cleaning company with a strong history and good references. The quality of the work should represent the strong values of the Embassy.
We value 2 staff that are discreet and conscious, flexible and adaptable.

Fourpronet_B1 - Cleaning Equipment

Centrale municipale d'achat et d'impression | Published October 7, 2014  -  Deadline November 17, 2014

This procedure involves the acquisition of cleaning equipment or industrial use. Cleaning products, machines (scrubber, sweeper, blower, etc.) are not affected. The contract value is approximately £ 380,000 excluding VAT of 48 months (initial term of the contract).

Cleaning and cleaning of road looks at the Palais des Nations - 2015-2017

United Nations Secretariat | Published November 12, 2014  -  Deadline November 25, 2014

UNOG soon issue a tender for the renewal of the concession of the cleaning and flushing of the eyes and the road inspection and cleaning clogged pipes on the site of the Palais des Nations sis 8 -14 Avenue de la Paix in Geneva for the period from 2015 to 2017. The work on the road bags are on the whole site of the United Nations in Geneva (roads and parking) whose surface is around 47 hectares . Cleaning work at the parks will be performed outside of working hours either before 7:00 or after 18:00. The successful bidder of this lot will work closely with the Group's employees buildings UNOG. The main benefits are: Tax relief included. Length of the two elements 50 and 34 ml. Timely interventions at the request of the Client, or cleaning of clogged pipes and camera inspection with paper and computer media report. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. Only suppliers deemed qualified by UNOG to provide the required services or goods will be invited to participate. Planning intentional issuance of tender documents: end of November 2014, Planning intentional to receive bids: mid-January 2015, Planning intentional contract award: February 2015. Please see VENDOR RESPONSE FORM INSTRUCTIONS here and EOI

Chiclayo Limpio: Waste Collection, Transport and Street Cleaning Vehicles and associated Equipment

Unidad de Gestión de Proyecto Chiclayo Limpio | Published May 11, 2015  -  Deadline June 22, 2015

Within the framework of its co-operation between Switzerland and the Republic of Peru, the Swiss Government represented by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), provides financial assistance on a grant basis for the improvement of the municipal solid waste management of the Municipality of Chiclayo. The present call for tender includes the follwowing items (details see tender documents): (1) 6 (+2) Camión Compactador de 15 M3 (2) 2 Camión Compactador de 19 M3 (3) 2 Camión Baranda de 4 Toneladas (4) 2 Camión Ampliroll de 5 Toneladas (5) 1 Máquina Barredora Vial Aspirante (6) 13 Contenedor de 9 M3

Repair and cleaning of the roadway, sidewalk, the pipes and street lighting network

Municipalité de la Commune de Corseaux | Published September 14, 2016  -  Deadline July 25, 2016

Repair and cleaning of the roadway, sidewalk, the pipes and street lighting network

Supply and delivery of small arms weapons training equipment for UNOG Security Services Section

United Nations Secretariat | Published April 14, 2016

The United Nations Offices at Geneva (UNOG) is seeking for competent, experienced and interested companies to supply and deliver small arms weapons training equipment for UNOG security services Section. The items to be supplied include among others : a)Training Pistols b) Magazines c) adapter -blank firing d) Triggers e) Triggers f) Gunsight h) cleaning systems i) firearm and rearsights j) safe for weapons k) training ammunition UNOG intends to enter into a 3-year systems contract with the winning vendor with an option to extend the contract for two additional one year periods (3+1+1). The eleigble vendors will be provided complete bidding documents that will include terms of reference, evaluation criteria and pricing matrix.

Supply, delivery and maintenance of the various flags for the United Nations Member States

United Nations Secretariat | Published January 18, 2016  -  Deadline January 25, 2016

The United Nations Offices at Geneva (UNOG) is seeking for competent, experienced and interested companies to enter into a 5-year systems contract for the supply, delivery and maintenance (cleaning, washing and repair (if required) of the various flags for the United Nations Member States. The required flags are to be hoisteed on external (outside) flagposts and the specific features for the required flags are: a) Dimensions: 183 x 275 cm b) Fabric: synthetic (160gr / m2), hem on 3 sides, reverse mirror image - the fabric must be resistant to weather. c) Clothing: left side with rope and stainless lugs d) The country name must be printed on PVC up the back of the strap. e) Annual Wash all flags encrusted hoist outside e) Repair of damaged and frayed flags The flags will vary in colour and will carry emblems of the various countries that form the United Nations member States and will be delivered to DAP Geneva, Switzerland (Incoterms 2010) Eligible companies will be issued with solicitation documents detailing all the terms of reference, pricing matrix including the detailed evaluation criteria


International Telecommunication Union | Published November 19, 2015  -  Deadline December 15, 2015

The International Telecommunication Union is launching a request for tender to contract a company to drain works and cleaning of pipes ITU for the period 2016 and 2017, and cordially invites you to submit a proposal to that effect

Turfing of the court of honor at the Palais des Nations

United Nations Office at Geneva | Published March 19, 2015  -  Deadline March 24, 2015

UNOG soon issue a tender for the grassing areas of Parks and Gardens of the United Nations Office at Geneva, and its annexes. Implementation framework sectors concerned in the work areas of concern Ariana Park. The successful contractor will be a company specializing in the maintenance of large parks and will work under the supervision of UNOG. The benefits are: cleaning turfed areas; Topsoil intake; Sodding with Sport-type seedlings Arido technically or similar; Identification of spray nozzles and flagpoles bases; Mowing and maintenance of grassed areas to the third mowing. For all areas to maintain, it will not make use of pesticides, except in cases of extreme need to be validated by the head of Parks and Gardens of UNOG. In the context of sustainable development, this offer must meet the current standards for environmental incorporating the following notions: Preservation of the landscape quality of the site, Biodiversity Conservation, Preservation of groundwater management and recycling of waste . The grassing work will take place at the end of April 2015. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. Only suppliers considered qualified by UNOG to provide the required services or goods will be invited to participate. Planning intentional emission of tender documents: end of March 2015, intentional Planning for receiving submissions: first fortnight in April 2015, Planning intentional contract award: second fortnight in April 2015, Beginning of work: late April 2015 .

Consultancy to support of the Global HIV Drug Resistance (HIVDR) Surveillance and Monitoring Strategy (2016/HTM/HIV/017)

World Health Organization | Published September 12, 2016

Resistance to HIV medications has the potential to threaten the tremendous preventive and treatment successes of ART.  HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) emerges when HIV replicates in the presence of antiretroviral drugs.  If HIVDR becomes widespread, drugs currently used to treat HIV infection may become ineffective.  The consequences of HIVDR include treatment failure, the need to start costlier second- and third- line treatments, increased health costs associated with these, the spread of drug resistant HIV, and the need to develop new anti-HIV drugs. To date, levels of HIVDR in countries scaling up ART remain manageable, but they are slowly increasing.  For example, in East Africa, resistance rates above 10% to non-nucleoside drugs (such as nevirapine and efavirenz) were recently reported.


WHO is the lead global normative agency with responsibility to guide countries about measures to prevent, monitor, and contain HIVDR.  WHO and its partner organizations and experts of the HIVResNet group developed a global strategy for the surveillance and monitoring of HIVDR in 2004, that was further updated in 2012. The strategy generates data on the emergence and transmission of HIVDR and equips countries with information to select first and second line antiretroviral therapy regimens. 

Through concept notes and guidance, WHO has provided technical support to countries on how to conduct surveillance activities.  WHO regularly reports on the prevalence of resistance (see

The HIVDR team is developing the WHO HIVDR Surveillance Report, which will be published at the end of 2016. This report requires the collection of up to date HIVDR and EWI survey data from countries with substantial follow up for the purposes of data cleaning and analysis.

Within the HIV Department, the contractor will work with the Treatment and Care Unit (TAC) Unit.


Main Tasks:

Under the direction of the Medical Officer of HIV Drug Resistance in the TAC Unit, HIV Department, the consultant will do the following tasks:


1.      Provide inputs and guidance to further develop the database on Drug Resistance in collaboration with the IT and data management consultants.

2.      To assure quality of the sequence from HIVDR country surveys in fasta file format, produce quality assurance reports and upload those to WHO HIVDR database or SharePoint

3.      To support WHO in the preparation of a meeting on use of programmatic data to inform HIVDR surveillance.

4.      To provide remote technical expertise to up to 15 countries requiring support for implementation of WHO HIVDR surveys.

5.      To support WHO in the preparation of the HIVDR Global Report

6.      Review and provide comments and inputs to the draft Global Action Plan (GAP).

7.      Assist WHO in the preparation of the expert meeting on “response to high level of pre-treatment HIVDR”.


Key requirements for this consultancy:


Essential Education:

Master Degree in Epidemiology, Virology and/or Medical Degree



Degree in Public Health


Essential Work experience:

At least 10 years working experience in the field of HIV virology and at least five years in HIV drug resistance surveillance



Documented experience in writing drug surveillance reports and/or with DR databases.


The initial contract duration under this RFP is for 12 months but could be extended to another 12 months depending on the performance and funding availability.


Submission of proposals:

No later than 21 September 2016, 17:00 (CET), the bidder shall complete and return by either email or hard copy to WHO (only when this step is completed the bidder is regarded as a prospective bidder):


  1. “2016HTMHIV017_3_RFP Confidentiality Undertaking (TAC DR)” form completed/signed.
  2. “2016HTMHIV017_4_RFP Acknowledgement Form (TAC DR)” form completed/signed as confirmation of the bidder's intention to submit a bona fide proposal and designate its representative to whom communications may be directed, including any addenda.


No later than 28 September 2016, 17:00 (CET), the bidder shall complete and return by either email or hard copy to WHO (only when this step is completed the bidder is regarded as a prospective bidder):


  1. Covering letter signed by the bidder or the respective authority when the bidder is not an individual.
  2. Proposal (including, but not restricted to, technical and financial documents).
  3. “2016HTMHIV017_5_ RFP Acceptance Form (TAC DR)” form completed/signed.
  4. “2016HTMHIV017_6_RFP Completeness Form (TAC DR)” form completed/signed.

A prospective bidder requiring any clarification on technical, contractual or commercial matters may notify WHO via email at the following address no later than 21 September 2016, 17:00 CET.


  • Email for submissions of forms and/or proposal: (use subject: Bid Ref 2016HTMHIV017)
  • Mailing address for submission of proposal:

World Health Organization

­­­­Mr. Jerome Peron


Bid Ref: 2016HTMHIV017

20, Avenue Appia

CH-1211 Geneva 27        


Refer to attached documents for additional information.


Maintenance of the main boiler burners

United Nations Office at Geneva | Published July 22, 2015  -  Deadline August 19, 2015

Because the official language of the solicitation will be French, this request for expressions of interest is published solely in French In view of the fact que la langue officielle used for the ITB Will Be French, this request and all related correspondence further Top Will Be done to it in French only TOR UNOG soon issue a tender to appoint a specialized external company, maintenance of dual fuel burners (oil and gas) Oertli brand of the main boilers at the Palais des Nations Geneva for the years 2016 to 2020. A comprehensive annual review of each burner is required, including the following services: Cleaning and inspection burner parts; Functional check of control devices and security features; Control oil transfer pump and the gas line of the burner; Control of gaseous emissions and burner settings to ensure the best possible for the two combustion fuels; replacement of defective parts; Writing a detailed response report. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. Only suppliers considered qualified by UNOG to provide the required services or goods will be invited to participate. Planning intentional emission of tender documents: mid-September 2015, intentional planning to receive submissions: mid-October 2015, intentional planning of contract award: mid-November 2015. Refer to this topic to instructions on the website, register, registration process, register. Procurement Section and the United Nations in Geneva Transport invites all the companies that are able to offer these services to express their interest to UNOG / SAT by fax to + 41 22 917 00 13 or email @ tenders The information to include in your EOI are detailed below. A review of the information, the UNOG will review your application. Global marketplace for the UN Please confirm the registration number with the UNGM. United Nations Office at Geneva Please confirm the UNOG Vendor Registration number. Full address and contact information Please provide your full address and contact information with your name, fax number and email address.
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