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Extraordinary maintenance of various local roads

Commune d'Aiseau-Presles | Published November 16, 2015  -  Deadline December 23, 2015

Works include: - Sawing hydrocarbon coatings - Selective demolition by milling, hydrocarbon coatings evacuation - Cleaning milled roads, - The removal (removal rests and installation of new elements) nets of water, existing borders, - The fragmentation of existing foundations with reprofiling and compaction of the foundation, intake of new material before forming coatings according indicatiosn CCS - The redesign coatings, curbs and streams of water on roads to improve so as to obtain a uniform connection between the elements and posed new and old coatings, - Upgrading of road accessories (existing trappillons, looks, key-mouth grille, ...) - Provision , by the contractor, new materials to be used in the enterprise, unless the SCC so states otherwise - Repair the ground or any damaged installation work (coated or not), - Maintenance mouths and fire hydrants visible, accessible and operational as well as their signaling, - Maintaining access to homes, garages, driveways, ... - The execution chests and coverings of roads following the signs - Execution cuttings, embankments, demolition of existing coatings and their possible foundation - The disposal of excess materials outside the chaniter in a place constituted by an approved landfill or a recycling center.
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