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PHE_H&WB_Mang. of UK Focal Point Early Warning System-New Psychoactive Substance

Public Health England | Published March 30, 2017

Please note: if PHE does not get interest in the project, then PHE will not issue a tender but will do a direct award to a supplier. Express interest at: Provision of specific reports to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) when new substances appear in the UK. The Early Warning System (EWS) on New Psychoactive Substances was established through a European Council Decision and is required to be implemented through National Focal Points. In the UK, the network is currently co-ordinated by a chemist and an academic working in the field of drugs. Specific Tasks are:  Provision of support to the EWS expert and network, by organising and minuting meetings, assisting in the production and submission of reports on the operation of the EWS to the EMCDDA  Act as a central point for co-ordinating chemical analytical activities amongst laboratory-based network members;  Maintain and co-ordinate a network of specialists in forensic science, toxicology and others across the United Kingdom, and regularly contact them to obtain information required for the EWS. This regular liaison is carried out mostly by e-mail. Network members are encouraged to discuss, at national level, information on new substances and new developments at an early stage even if substantive evidence is limited;  6-monthly reports to the EMCDDA detailing occurrences of substances covered by the EWS as notified by organisations participating in the network; carry out background research to identify basic information (chemistry, availability, pharmacology and toxicology) where feasible. Obtain analytical data on the new substance from the network sources;  Be the national (UK) contact for the EMCDDA, receiving information from it and disseminating this within the UK as appropriate. Be available to deal with telephone and e-mail enquiries from EMCDDA on a wide range of issues.  detailed responses to specific requests from the EMCDDA for more information on new psychoactive substances, for example, prior to risk-assessment;  participation in expert meetings within the UK and organised by the EMCDDA;  Providing replies to ad hoc requests from the EMCDDA and Department of Health (When information requested is not readily available, the Focal Point is expected - within the limits of its available resources - to make reasonable efforts to obtain this information;  Keep the Head of Focal Point informed of any developments concerning the EWS, which may have an impact on the operation of the Focal Point. In addition, the contractor will from time to time be required to coordinate and/or contribute, and often under the guidance of the Head of the Focal Point, to other ad-hoc requests relevant to the EWS such as: • Deal with specific requests from Home Office/Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) on EWS matters etc
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