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Gas chromatographs

Ústav ekológie Lesa SAV | Published October 14, 2015
Hermes LabSystems, s.r.o.
38432210, 38513100

Object of the contract consists of the following items: 1) gas chromatography with mass detector and elektroantenografickým (1 file); 2) an inverted microscope equipped with a micromanipulator for elektroantenografiu (one file). Gas Chromatography-Mass elektroantenografickým a detector is designed for viewing, recording and analysis of electrophysiological signals from the antenna of insects in response to a chemical, which is monitored at the same time recorded and analyzed. This process helps inverted microscope for micromanipulation elektroantenografiu, designed for monitoring (monitoring) of the biological samples and the micromanipulation follow the navigation device to the hydraulic motor and the treatment unit, allowing the implementation of specific actions on the micro-environments within the biological sample.

Nurseries services.

Technická univerzita vo Zvolene - Rektorát | Published January 21, 2015  -  Deadline February 9, 2015

- Highlighting the seedlings from the beds by hand in the estimated amount of 156 000 pieces - highlighting podoraných plants in the estimated amount of 147 000 units - preparing the beds by hand in the estimated range 3700 m - sowing the seeds by hand in an alleyway in the estimated range 2000 m - škôlkovanie seedlings by hand in the estimated an amount of 120,000 units - weeding and loosening the beds by hand in the estimated amount of 10 000 m - other work in forest nurseries performed manually (fertilization, shading, production of compost, chemical spraying ...) at the estimated time range 800 hours. - Collecting acorns from oak litter in the estimated amount of 1 000 kg - fertilizing peat substrates in the estimated amount of 400 m - other work in forest nurseries carried mechanized (JMP, brush cutter) at the estimated time span of 100 hours.
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