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Washing and dry-cleaning services

16 Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy w Drawsku Pomorskim | Published December 5, 2015  -  Deadline January 12, 2016
98310000, 98390000

The contract is: services related to water washing, chemical cleaning items uniformed repair underwear, uniforms and footwear disinfection for 16 of the Military Department of Economic Drawsko After-Maritime: Miroslawiec (JW 3299 Miroslawiec Miroslawiec 78 -650); a) the magazine in uniform and interchangeable; b) kitchen soldier; c) Air Reconnaissance Squadron. Nadarzyce - 21 Central Air Proving Nadarzyce; Home 1, 78-513 Oleszno); a) the magazine in uniform and interchangeable; b) Child soldier; c infirmary; Oleszno. Oleszno. f) Internat Oleszno Oleszno Oleszno Oleszno j) area CSWLąd Drawsko training ground (place of stationing within the polygon - exercising troops) Kościuszki 24, 78-600 Wałcz): a) magazine in uniform and interchangeable; b) Child soldier. Czwartaków 4, 78-524 Złocieniec); a) the magazine in uniform and interchangeable; b) kitchen soldier. Implementation of the contract include: 1) wash water from the finish, ie: starching, ironing and pressing of uniform items, folding assortment, packing in foil prevents soiling of objects; 2) wash water without finishing uniformed items; 3) Cleaning items uniforms; 4) sewing services - perform minor repairs such as sewing. Sew buttons, sewing tears, edging jagged edges of the repair of uniformed subjects; 5) disinfecting footwear. The estimated size of the contract is determined - Appendix 1 hereto. The detailed scope of services: 1) making the initial selection after washing uniforms for eligible items for further use and intended for scrap and pac-Wani them separately; 2) packing items uniforms after washing or dry-cleaning, asortymentowo in the manner specified in Annex 3 to this Agreement; 3) transport items to and from warehouses uniformed Employer located in the towns listed in Annex 1 to this agreement and the places stationing of troops during training polygon within a polygon CSWLąd Drawsko; 4) the loading and unloading of items of supply uniform. Objects seemed to wash through the infirmary and Service food (including with Kitchen Soldiers), subject to the relevant procedures in the field of sanitary-epidemiological. The Contractor agrees to: 1) use technologies that provide aesthetic finishing without damaging the fabric fibers, as defined by the Polish Norms and apply the measures used for laundry and dry cleaning items the supply of uniforms having actual opinion of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) or other equivalent documents which confirm compliance with applicable regulations product quality; 2) at the request of the Employer, specify the name of the detergent used in the washing process, the manufacturer and the standards applied quantitative per 1 kg of laundry; 3) give up adopted for washing items uniformed washing liquid to prevent electrostatic influencing the softness and improving comfort. 4) laundered linen will be finished by the adopted rules, ie. Starched, wymaglowana, ironed, folded and wrapped in foil in the manner specified in Annex 3 to the Agreement. 5) The Contractor will be required before transporting packaged in foil underwear and bedding after washing, and uniforms in bags, containers or sheets in order to protect against dirt and mechanical damage. 9: 00-12: 00 and, if necessary, the Employer after telephone notification, within 24 hours at no extra cost or to cancel the service. Weight laundered items given to the invoice by the Contractor will be based on the table of average weight conversion rates in accordance with Annex 2 to the ToR. The Contracting Authority may order the execution of the service water washing or chemical pre-litter supply of uniforms not otherwise specified in Appendix 2 hereto in this case for accounting purposes will apply the actual weight of the items. The Contractor agrees not to carry dirty and clean things together. Loading and unloading will be done by the Contractor at his own expense. The Contractor agrees not to carry dirty and clean things together.
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