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Pharmaceutical products

Samodzielny Publiczny Szpital Kliniczny Nr 7 Śląskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego, Górnośląskie Centrum Medyczne im. Leszka Gieca | Published September 27, 2017  -  Deadline October 16, 2017
33600000, 33680000

The subject of the order is:

Delivery of medicines

1 - Metronidazole

2 - Pancuronium inj.

3 - Mannitol

4 - Midazolam inj.

5 - Narcotic drugs

6 - Bags for parenteral nutrition

7 - Parenteral and other nutrition

8 - Medicines

9 - tissue adhesive and haemostatic powder

Zad.10 - Amoxycin + Acidum clavuionicum inj.

Zad.11 - Dobutaminum inj.

Zad.12 - Cefotaxime inj.

Zad.13 - Cetuximab inj. - Drug program

Zad.14 - Uromitexan inj.- Drug Program

Zad.15 - Ondansetron inj. - Medication Program

Zad.16 - Peginterferon inj. - Medicines

Zad.17 - Glatiramer inj. - Drug program

Zad.18 - Mitoxantrone inj. - Drug program

Zad.19 - Tocilizumabum inj. - Medication Program

Zad.20 - Olaparib inj. - Drug Program

A detailed description of the subject of the contract is contained in Annex 2b.

Ordering Party's requirements concerning the subject of the order:

1) the medical device offered must have certificates, and be registered in accordance with the laws requiring the attestation, certificates and registration,

2) the medical device offered must be placed on the market and used in compliance


(3) the medical device offered must comply with the standards or technical specifications applicable to that device;

The Contractor is obliged to perform such activities within the time limits resulting from the applicable regulations and to provide the Ordering Party with relevant documents confirming the performance of such activities.

The Purchaser allows the possibility of using equivalent products, ie parameters

chemical, physical and qualitative not worse than specified in SIWZ - only in

for products whose origin has been determined by the Ordering Party by

indication of trademarks, patents or origin.

Pharmaceutical equivalence determines the situation in which the comparable medicines contain the same amount of drug in the same form of medicine corresponding to the same comparable standards and which are intended to be administered by the same route; Pharmaceutical equivalence does not imply therapeutic equivalence, as differences

In the area of ​​complementary substances and the production process can cause differences

Therapeutic equivalence - two agents are therapeutically equivalent if

They are pharmaceutically equivalent and, if administered at the same dose, their efficacy and safety effects are as expected on the basis of appropriate studies.

The Ordering Party's requirements concerning the subject of the order are set out in Attachment 2b to SIWZ.

If the Contractor seeking the award of the contract offers, by indicating

In the Price Form, the subject of an order equivalent to that specified in SIWZ is

he obliged - to confirm that the offered deliveries meet the requirements of the Ordering Party specified in SIWZ - make in the price form a description of each

with equivalent solutions (trade name, international, quantity in the packaging of the offered product).

The Purchaser agrees to change the form of oral forms ie valuation:

- instead of tablets - film-coated tablets, ampoules - vials;

- instead of film-coated tablets, capsules or dragees

- instead of capsules - film-coated tablets, tablets, or dragees

Instead of tablets, film-coated tablets or slow release tablets-tablets, film-coated tablets or capsules, and modified release and vice versa.

Equivalent solution means the solution enabling to achieve the result set by the Orderer and specified in SIWZ by other solutions.

A contractor who offers solutions equivalent to that described by the Employer is obliged to specify and describe equivalent solutions by filling in the Price Form, which is annexed to the SIWZ, respectively.


CRITERIA PRICE weight: 60%