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Medical consumables

Szpital Uniwersytecki nr 2 im. dr Jana Biziela w Bydgoszczy | Published November 22, 2016  -  Deadline December 29, 2016

The contract is for the sale and delivery of small and disposable medical equipment, equipment for endoscopic and spinal implants.

Dippers stomach.

Catheter Tiemann.

Foley Catheter.

Catheter Nelaton.

Suction catheter.

Oropharyngeal tube.

Endotracheal tube without cuff.

Needle for lumbar puncture.

Apparatus for the infusion of fluid infusion.

Plugs into the intravenous cannula.


Aprons foil.

Glasses drugs.

Ribbons to identify, clamp.


Catheters feeding.

Filter p / bacterial electricity.

Set for epidural anesthesia.

Injection into the blood central.

Lime for anesthesia apparatus.

Extension to infusion pumps.

Two-way device to administer oxygen.

Cannula to the collection and injection drugs.

Three-way stopcock white.

Plates for serological testing.

Disposable products of cellulose pulp.

Medical equipment for endoscopic procedures.

Systems percutaneous transpedicular stabilization.

Positioners, easily slides.

ECG Electrode for adults to study Holter.

Cartridges for sterilizer Steri Vac.

Chemical and biological tests.

Sterile bag to protect newborns.

Filters neonatal.

Nebulizer inhaler electrical Concept.

Neonatal sensor to measure oxygen saturation.

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