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Procurement 42/2016 — Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Team, Klosterenga Park

Oslo kommune, Vann og Avløpsetaten (VAV) (Oslo municipality, The Agency for Water and Sewage Works) | Published November 3, 2016  -  Deadline December 9, 2016

Oslo municipality, the Agency for Water and Sewerage Works, has promoted a proposal on the redevelopment of Klosterenga Park. VAV shall, in cooperation with the Agency for Urban Development, the Agency for Culture and Gamle Oslo District, manage the project ‘Opening of Hovinbekken in Klosterenga Park’. The re-opening shall contribute to handling local surface water and to achieving the targets in the Water Regulations on good ecological and chemical water quality. The design of the stream with stone elements and the placement of pieces of art in accordance with the artist Bård Breivik's plans is an important part of the project. The artistic idea for the park is that the sculptural stone elements are connected by the use of water from the opening of the stream. The re-opening shall also fulfil Bård Breivik's property rights by designing the continued stream with new art and stone elements. The supply of water in and on the art elements is decisive for achieving a good, uniform completed concept.

It is an important political aim that Oslo's ever growing population is ensured good access to areas that give good possibilities for outdoor activities, recreation, sports and physical activities.

This project shall promote and strengthen Klosterenga Park's role and function as a central urban area and recreation area in Oslo.

The project shall develop nature qualities connected to the re-opened stream and the general footpath network through the park. The project shall see to existing landscape qualities and at the same time develop the park's role both as a transport corridor for pedestrians and as an outdoor area and social meeting place that promotes well-being.

In order to carry out the project ‘Opening Hovinbekken in Klosterenga Park’ in accordance with the adopted development plan, VAV shall, as the builder, together with the Agency for Urban Development (BYM), the Agency for Culture (KUL) and Gamle Oslo District (BGO), prepare a preliminary project. VAV requires resources and technical competence for the preparation of the preliminary project. Provided that the decision is made to implement the project, there will also be a need for assistance with detailed engineering design services and follow-up in the construction period. There will be a need for a multi-disciplinary consultancy team for the engineering design services.

The aim of the procurement is to cover the need for the services that the multi-disciplinary consultancy team shall assist the builder and the mentioned actors in this work with. The procurement covers the preliminary project with an option for the detailed project and follow-up in the construction period. The consultancy team shall cover all the elements in the project; Opening the stream, park development and facilitating the placement of art and stone elements. The work connected with the art deliveries will mostly be carried out in separate contracts that KUL has entered into. The consultant team shall have close cooperation and a clear interface with this delivery in cooperation with KUL's contracts/deliveries.

The multi-disciplinary consultancy team shall cover the following disciplines: Water and sewage, technical stream competence and LARK. With support of RIB, RIE, VEI and GEO.

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