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electronic chemical database

Nord universitet | Published February 27, 2017

PROCUREMENT OF electronic chemical database
Purpose of the contract
Substance library's primary mission is to safeguard the North university's need for access to updated safety sheets, so that information about drugs may be used for the safe handling and storage of chemicals. In addition to this the electronic chemical database used as an aid for complying with legislative requirements associated with dangerous substances.

Environmental monitoring other than for construction

Miljødirektoratet | Published February 10, 2017  -  Deadline March 10, 2017
90711500, 73000000, 90710000

Physical disturbance, pollution from agriculture, settlement or industry may affect water quality in our rivers. Management in Norway aims to have a good water environment. Environmental monitoring is required to monitor the water quality and on obtaining information on measures necessary to achieve the goal of good water quality.

The acquisition includes sampling, chemical and biological analyses in Norwegian rivers.


Universitetet i Agder | Published February 24, 2017  -  Deadline March 31, 2017
38510000, 38511000

The Technology and Science Faculty shall procure a general analytical low-vacuum field emission scanning electron microscope with independent EDS and EBSD systems. The instrument shall be used for teaching purposes at Master and PhD level and as a main instrument for research work. Both structural and functional materials will be analysed by the instrument. Typical uses for structural materials will be chemical composition, particles, structure and fractography. The main interests within functional materials are solar cells, thermo-electrical materials and materials for fuel cells.

Environmental monitoring other than for construction

Miljødirektoratet | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 31, 2017
90711500, 73000000, 90710000

Monitoring environmental toxins in fresh water is a part of the Norwegian authorities' basic monitoring of the environmental condition of water. The intention of the programme is to document the occurrence, levels and accumulation of environmental toxins in Norwegian lakes, as well as to contribute to classifying lakes in accordance with the Water Directive.

The assignment involves sample taking, chemical analyses and reporting.

The intention of the programme is to get information on the occurrence and fate of environmental toxins in the Norwegian fresh water eco-system. The programme involves sample taking and the analysis of samples from different levels in the food chain (abiotic samples, plankton and fish) in a chosen large lake. Environmental toxin levels will also be measured in top predators in a reference lake for comparison. The data acquisition shall provide the basis for assessing the danger to health and the environment and for identifying the requirements for regulating chemicals nationally and/or internationally.

The intention of the sub-programme is to provide information on the occurrence and level of the EU's prioritised environmental toxins in fresh water fish, for classifying the chemical state in accordance with the water regulations. The programme includes the analysis of samples that have been obtained for other activities on behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Environmental monitoring other than for construction

Miljødirektoratet | Published February 8, 2017  -  Deadline March 20, 2017
90711500, 73000000, 90710000

Compared with other European countries, Norway has a broad and versatile range of relatively intact hydrometric areas. The extent of the activities that influences the hydrometric areas has however increased. Physical interventions, pollution from agriculture, built-up areas or industry are examples of such activities. The climatic changes are also influencing the Norwegian rivers. The Administrative Authority in Norway aims at having a good aquatic environment. This must be documented by surveillance. The Environmental Protection Authorities also requires comprehensive knowledge about processes related to nutritive substances and environmental poisons in Norwegian rivers, in order to assess how the rivers influence the Norwegian coastal areas, and if measures must be implemented for achieving the goal for a healthy aquatic environment.

The procurement is for sample taking, chemical and biological analyses in Norwegian rivers.

Environmental services

Sjøfartsdirektoratet (Haugesund) | Published February 24, 2017  -  Deadline April 10, 2017
90700000, 90711000, 90712000, 90713000

The Norwegian Maritime Authority would like to enter into framework agreements for environmental projects. There can be consultancy assignments within the following areas in the framework agreement period:

1. Literature searches, information retrieval — this can include retrieval and summary of reports on the same topic or problem. There can also be questionnaires and/or interviews on various topics.

2. Reviews/analyses connected to:

— -a. marine biology and/or chemistry — this can include sample taking and analysis related to marine biological, micro-biological and/or chemical problems connected to shipping activity.

— -b. Emissions to the air and sea; emission factors and models, this can include measurements, calculations and analyses connected to emissions of NOx, SOx, CO2, soot, oil etc. fro ships.

— -c. Other environmental problems — this can, for example, be related to environmental questions for the development of new rules, international or national.

The award of contracts under the framework agreement can vary from year to year, depending on grants and to what extent the Norwegian Maritime Authority will also coordinate other departments' project resources within the field. The Norwegian Maritime Authority cannot, therefore, give any guarantees for the turnover in the contract period for the framework agreement.

A contract will be signed with one supplier. The framework agreement will be valid for 2 years from when the contract is signed, with an option for the Norwegian Maritime Authority for an extension of 1 + 1 year.

A detailed description of the delivery is given in Appendix 1 of the framework agreement.

2017/16 - substance information to More og Romsdal county

Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune | Published January 28, 2017

More og Romsdal County Council invites competition to conclude an agreement on the delivery of web-based electronic substance information.
The system will contribute to the Buyer complies with statutory requirements for chemical database and handling of chemicals and to strengthen our systematic HSE work.

Monitoring of contaminants in freshwater

Miljødirektoratet | Published July 2, 2017

Monitoring of pollutants in fresh water is part of the Norwegian authorities' surveillance monitoring of environmental state in water. The purpose of the program is to document the occurrence, levels and accumulation of pollutants in Norwegian lakes, as well as help to classify lakes in line with the Water Framework Directive.
The assignment involves sampling, chemical analysis and reporting.

Washer-disinfector, endoscopy

Sykehusinnkjøp HF | Published June 2, 2017

The client wants to enter into a purchase agreement for 1 pc washer-disinfectors employing chemical disinfection for thermolabile flexible endoscopes and related equipment depending consumables for ENT outpatient clinic Haukeland University Hospital.
Today's operation by ENT outpatient clinic requires cleaning and disinfection of around 100 flexible endoscopes week, 80/20 without / with working channel. The plan is to increase operations in the future, and it requires a higher options to get decontaminated and completed equipment. In existing washer-disinfector can department currently decontaminate 4 scopes without working channel at 27 min and 2 with working channel 56 min. Process time is an important factor in relation to the operation, and it is important that the department does not have to increase the time for decontamination of the same number of endoscopes. If possible, you want to reduce the time.

Competition for environmental projects for NMD

Sjøfartsdirektoratet (Haugesund) | Published February 23, 2017

NMD would like to conclude framework agreements on environmental projects. It can in general agreement period be necessary consultancy services in the following areas:
1. Literature search, information retrieval, - this may include the collection and compilation of reports that include the same subject or topic. It may also involve questionnaires and / or interviews related to different topics.
2. Reports / analyzes related to:
--a. marine biology and / or chemistry - this may include sampling and analysis related to marine biology, microbiological and / or chemical issues related to ship activity.
--B. Emissions to air and sea; emission factors and models, this may include measurement, calculation and analyzes relating to emissions of NOx, SOx, CO2, soot, oil and the like from ships.
--c. Other environmental issues, - this may for example be linked to environmental issues associated with the development of new legislation, international or national
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