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Purchase of X-ray films and chemicals Results Information

Markhot Ferenc Oktatókórház és Rendelőintézet | Published June 10, 2015
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Purchase of X-ray films and chemicals Product Group I - X-ray Film II 11 098 m2. Product Group - Mammography film in total: 1,686 m2 III.Termékcsoport - Laser Film position: 94 m2 IV.Termékcsoport - total Panoramic X-ray film 77 m2 V Range - a total of Roll Film: 557 m2 to changes in actual demand view of tender documents from those 30% down may differ from the contracting authority, the detailed specifications and quantity of the tender documentation.

TEE - delivery framework contract is the supply of "mobile part of the" CITY SERVICE EGER "Industrial, Trade and Service Limited Liability Company GOP-2.1.1-11 / B-2012-0143 of SEQ ID NO project chipper

"VÁROSGONDOZÁS EGER" Ipari-, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségü Társaság | Published November 6, 2015

Within the framework of the contract of carriage "mobile" CITY SERVICE EGER "Industrial, Trade and Service Limited Liability Company in the framework GOP-2.1.1-11 / B-2012-0143 of SEQ ID NO chipper project sourcing" - 1 DIN EN 12100-1; Mobile shredding 12200-2 EG according to the present procurement procedure constitutes a new chemical status of the device, which is not part of any repaired defect and damage-free. Contracting Offeror informs that the tender procurement support is realized, the estimated value includes the transport of goods scene as well. The machine litigation, encumbrances or claims to be. The shipping fee should include all the activities related to transport, entailing costs, the conditions including: - the production of goods and / or acquisition costs; - All taxes, duties and other public levies and transportation costs related to the goods; - Handling, packing, loading, routing, delivery, unpacking, checking, insurance and other administrative costs associated with the transported goods; - The on-site assembly that may arise in the performance and supervision of the goods delivered and put into service; - The tender price shall include the costs associated with the installation of the device itself. - The transfer put into state work safety signs are done with. Professional service is guaranteed. - Training: 2 as the plane had a staff training 8 hours of normal use - Other conditions: - the documentation provided by the supplier - Hungarian management, maintenance guide - Parts Catalogue (main body, munkaszerelékek) in electronic format
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