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Üldkoristus-, Washing, swimming pool and sauna, and a sulfuric acid to obtain chemical Aura

OÜ Tartu Veekeskus - KAIRIT MATTO | Published October 10, 2016  -  Deadline October 24, 2016
Üldkoristus-, Washing, swimming pool and sauna chemical sourcing Aura

Chemical water treatment room filter halls repair (single part Г-K lines, axes 3-4) Eesti power plant

Enefit Energiatootmine AS - Dina Kovriga | Published October 13, 2016  -  Deadline October 27, 2016
Chemical water treatment room filter halls repair (single part Г-K lines, axes 3-4) Eesti power plant. See Part II of the technical specification p.10.

Eesti power plant chemical water treatment degasser ventilaatorišahtide Design and Manufacturing

Enefit Energiatootmine AS - Natalja Beljajeva | Published October 17, 2016
1. Object characteristics: 1.1. ventilaatorišaht a cylindrical steel casing that is welded For metal; 1.2. the shaft of the cylindrical body of an inside diameter of 710 mm; 1.3. total height of the shaft with welded flanges is 500 mm; 1.4. the flanges of the outer diameter of the shaft is 810 mm; 1.5. the flanges of the eliminator and bolted for cover is made locally, the shaft during installation and is not included in the contract amount. 2. Korrosioonimõjurite characteristics: 2.1. Ventilaatorišahti the inner surface of the continuous influences of carbonic acid vapors corrosive effect of the temperature range from - 25 to +40 оС. 2.2. Ventilaatorišahti acts on the outer surface of the corrosive effect, which corresponds to the ambient corrosive activity, category 4 "high," and intense ultraviolet radiation on ISO 12944-2. 3. There is a need to: 3.1. design and produce two ventilaatorišahti plastic casing that can withstand the corrosive effect of the continuous carbonic acid vapor, temperature range up to + -25оС 40оС and intense ultraviolet radiation. 4. Work organization conditions: 4.1. Implementation of a project and the plastic housing made ventilaatorišahti made Contractor forces and materials; 4.2. after the execution of a project with the client, the contractor must draft a final version of the selected material and ventilaatorišahti housing; 4.3. Contractor shall provide the Client ventilaatorišahti housing materials used for the certificates and permits for the use of these materials in the territory of Estonia. 4.4. Shafts made to supply the customer warehouse at Enefit Energy Production AS, Estonian Power Auvere village in Vaivara Parish, Ida-Viru, 40107th 5. Warranty Liabilities: ventilaatorišahti required for the use of the warranty period - 2 years. 6. The deadline for execution of works: until 30.12.2016.a.
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