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Accord-cadre pour Réparations the béton sur le réseau du métro

Gewestelijke Overheidsdienst Brussel - Brussel Mobiliteit - BUV - Directie Infrastructuur van het Openbaar Vervoer | Published September 14, 2016  -  Deadline October 26, 2016

By the present special specifications regular job is a framework agreement and includes all supplies, services and works mentioned in the present special specifications in their principles and as described further put in the descriptive measurement state, as in all other contract documents.

This framework agreement is concluded with a single contractor.

They include:

- The truncation of concrete as well as the removal of the concrete remains outside the public domain;

- The protection of the reinforcements;

- The concrete repairs including anti-carbonation and salt bond;

- The furthest promptings of the reinforcements through carbon or aramid fibers, including the study;

- The waterproofing and chemical protection of concrete by forming crystals in concrete;

- Reinforcement of reinforcement of concrete building elements by means of fibers composed of composites;

- Etc.


ARP - Service Technique | Published October 21, 2016  -  Deadline November 28, 2016

The contract is for the phased provision of small equipment for the truck garage Agency.

The market will have a period of two years from the date of its issuance, which can be renewed for an additional year.

The market comprises 4 lots may be awarded separately. The discounts offered by the bidders if awarded several lots are prohibited.

• LOT 1 Materials and electrical accessories

• LOT 2: Chemical-technical products

• Lot 3: miscellaneous consumables

• LOT 4 bolts

The market will also cover all items of the tenderer product catalog (to be imperatively included with its offer) all brands.

Only the notification of an order dated and signed gives the purchaser the right and the obligation to provide the goods indicated therein instead attached thereto.

The Agency will carry out orders as and its needs, without being required to control all the amounts presented for illustrative purposes in this special specifications. The notification to the tenderer approval of its offer do not bind the agency to order it for a minimum lump sum.

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