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School catering services

Comune di Caltanissetta — Direzione Scuola | Published November 14, 2015  -  Deadline December 28, 2015

The contract has as its object the award to the School years 2015 / 2016-2016 / 2017-2017 / 2018 (unless renewed as required by the tender dossier) the schools meals service State of Childhood, Primary and Secondary level I to full-time and / or prolonged. Specifically, the company awarded the contract (hereinafter IA) shall prepare the following services: a) Preparation, conveyance and distribution of meals for pupils and school staff, cleaning and tidying the dining halls, furniture and tableware n. 4 schools, lack in kitchens, of which no. 1 with classes childhood, primary and secondary first degree; b) The preparation of the meals will be conveyed in one or more local / the put / ia available to the successful undertaking adequately furnished / s, or second decision and organization of IA within one or more centers of meals with adequate kitchens, equipped / i and armed / s of all necessary approvals, according to law by the aforementioned IA; c) Supply food, preparation, cooking, serving meals in favor of the students and school staff, the cleanliness and the reorganization of the dining halls and annexes in n. 18 centers of school meals, of which: n. 2 with classes of childhood, primary and secondary first degree, n. 2 with childhood and primary classes; d) Standard equipment, furniture, dishes and anything which is not supplied by the Town Council, which would be necessary for the smooth running of the service; e) Service (HACCP). The City Council (hereinafter identified as AC), for the needs arisen, are subject to change during the work the organization of the service and the types above.
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