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Construction work

Budapest Főváros III. kerület Óbuda-Békásmegyer Önkormányzat | Published April 22, 2017  -  Deadline May 25, 2017

in respect of construction works contracts' implementation of the Békásmegyeri market and community space, as well as the renewal of Heltai Jenő space "the subject procurement procedure.

The construction carried out in two phases Békásmegyeri market and community facility space typical German work:

rate of 1: 188-seat underground garage, 3300 sq m building market hall. Substructure: 40-80 cm watertight reinforced concrete slab foundation, reinforced concrete structure ascending significant amount of 3100 m² visual quality concrete finish. Slabs: monolithic reinforced concrete slabs, the top priority sections of steel trusses trapezoidal fields. 800 m² green roof, covering 1800 m² of sheet metal. Portals: aluminum curtain wall with thermal break.

Stage 2: The demolition of the existing market: Estimated amount of material 6 000 m3. New indoor farmers' market, open, pavilion-type retail, service and catering function, parts of buildings, 2220 m² indoor-delimited open arcaded squares wrapped multifunctional urban space. Supporting structure: reinforced concrete structure. Slabs: monolithic reinforced concrete ceiling. Portals: aluminum curtain wall with thermal break. Heltai Jenő space reconstruction of major amounts of outdoor paving and paving 6600 m² 1200 m² colored asphalt.

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