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Magyar Honvédség Egészségügyi Központ | Published November 18, 2016  -  Deadline December 6, 2016

Planned amount of food services:

1 rk:

- The patient's nutrition 399 116 Food Day / Year,

- Claimants food supply 8649 day / year

- Employee benefits 52 065 doses of lunch menus / year

- Employee ala carte lunch ration supplies 79 800 / year;

2 rk:

- The patient's nutrition 125 394 Food Day / Year,

- The need for food are entitled to benefits 141 days / year,

- Employee benefits 30 800 doses of lunch menus / year.

Contractor (NYA) to be under the framework contract business has a valid, at least 50 million HUF / year and at least 25 million HUF / damage liability insurance for limithatárú catering operations, ISO 22000; 14001; 9001, OHSAS 18001, with contract plan dies. software.

Nya building of the HACCP system will perform within 30 days of signing the contract and maintain during the entire period.

1 rk: Nya authors have meghat backup plan kitchen.

A detailed description for both rk from -karakterszám - contains additional procurement documents.

Construction work

Vasas Sport Club | Published November 26, 2016  -  Deadline January 12, 2017

within the framework of the design and construction contract for work Illovszky stadium.

within the framework of the design and construction work on the new contract for Rudolf Illovszky stadium.

The job preparation and execution of the associated service facilities, open space with storage, parking lots and road users HFF is a B (UFEA III) class football stadium construction plan documentation.

Part of the challenge:

a) on the basis of a valid building permit and tender design documentation preparation of detailed design documentation, eg two on paper, electronically eg 2 PDF / A format is .dwg, and;

b) under the construction plans complete, turn-key construction of the facility;

c) the installation is not final occupancy permits and acquisition of HFF B-end authentication protocol in collaboration with Customer.

Typical structures:


The building prefabricated World Cup support structure and steel roof structure is made.

The bracing walls, stairways monolithic reinforced. structure are made.

The cantilevered steel roof trusses, steel trapezoidal coverage.

Secondary steel supporting structure is made of steel mesh facade supporting structure, lighting and scoreboard supporting structure.

Bounding structures:

The facade walls and perimeter walls of brick masonry infill made of thin plaster surface.

Quantitative characteristics of the design:

20 000 m³.

Stand with total capacity of at least 5000 seats.

Western grandstand and the main building:

1500-seat grandstand and the social and catering premises belonging,

7270 m².

Eastern grandstand:

2000-seat grandstand, associated social and catering premises,

3030 m².

North bleachers:

200-seat grandstand to be developed within the private investment spare courts, associated social and catering premises,

- Area: 925 m².

South grandstand:

750-seat grandstand, associated social and catering premises, separate from the visiting supporters,

- Area: 905 m².

Center Court:

- 105 x 68 m élőfüves play area and football fields relevant vocational federal regulations in areas runway,

- Rainwater drainage system

- Automatic irrigation system,

- Track heating system.


- At least 130 car parking spaces, 2 and 1 team bus-sized tractor trolley placement of the possibility of mediation.

For more information on the technical specification.

In such a case "or equivalent" should be understood that demonstrate the equivalence of the contractor will.

(Of works, supplies or services that nature and quantity, to determine the needs and requirements as well).

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