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School catering services

Isaszeg Város Önkormányzata | Published February 18, 2017  -  Deadline March 27, 2017
55524000, 55510000, 55520000

Isaszeg administrative area of ​​the city in accordance with the rules for ensuring cafes and other applicable laws, the following institutions:

Nursery hamlets.

2117 Isaszeg, Moricz Zsigmond street to 14th

Isaszegi Bóbita Kindergarten.

2117 Isaszeg, Hunter Street 2nd

Isaszegi Seven Color Flower Nursery.

2117 Isaszeg, Madách Imre utca 11th

Isaszegi Human Service Center.


Social catering for the elderly.

Klapka Elementary School and AMI.


Klapka Elementary School and AMI.


Damjanich János Primary School.


Isaszeg administrative area of ​​the city in accordance with the rules for ensuring cafes and other applicable laws, the following institutions:

to be performed institutions / annual dose (pcs):

Each institution (day nurseries, kindergartens, schools, Human Service Center) and its location in relation to the responsibility of the Contractor adagkiosztás, serving, washing dishes.

Nursery hamlets

2117 Isaszeg, Moricz Zsigmond street to 14th

The site serving kitchen on site.

- Breakfast: 2350 Amount.

- Snacks: 2350 Amount.

- Lunch: 2350 Amount.

- Lunch: 2350 doses.

Isaszegi crest kindergarten.

2117 Isaszeg, Hunter Street 2nd

The site kitchen cooking site.

- Snacks: Portion 16 535.

- Lunch: 16 535 doses.

- Lunch: 16 535 doses.

- Vacation Boarding: 1 654th

- Adult Meals: 454th

- Children's camp: 80 (árazandó not only for information has been specified).

Isaszegi Seven Color Flower Nursery.

2117 Isaszeg, Madách Imre utca 11th

The site serving kitchen on site.

- Snacks: Portion 27 124.

- Lunch: 27 124 doses.

- Lunch: 27 124 doses.

Isaszegi Human Service Center.


The site serving kitchen on site.

- Lunch: 4060 doses.

Klapka Elementary School and AMI.


The site kitchen cooking site.

- Snacks: 10 302 doses.

- Lunch: 17 612 doses.

- Lunch: 10 302 doses.

- Adult Meals: Portions 5553.

- Vacation meal: 1839 doses.

Klapka Elementary School and AMI.


The site serving kitchen on site.

- Snacks: Portion 17 377.

- Lunch: 23 914 doses.

- Lunch: 17 377 doses.

Damjanich János Primary School.


11-13. (443 u.).

- Snacks: Portion 30 218.

- Lunch: 41 368 doses.

- Lunch: 30 218 doses.

The expected daily from the amounts specified above + 20% tolerance.

The contractor shall: General cafes, that gluten sensitivity, milk protein allergy, lactose sensitive, respectively. other special meals must be provided where appropriate.

The institutions should be outside the prevailing academic performance period, a lower capacity (eg. occupations break period, shall be compulsory to provide holiday meals) secured!

all locations contractor responsible for serving and tableware, szállítóedényzet washing cycles.

Contractor will pay a total of 500 000 HUF + VAT / month rent for monthly billing frequency, which is described in the draft lease agreement.

Winning bidders are responsible for implementing projects specified in Annex 4 of the rent contract (supplies, works) of the gross value of 25 million HUF, which regulates the accounting of the rent contract.

In addition to funds by the contracting authority to provide additional tools to execute contractor responsible for the fact that they remain the property of the contractor, not including investments specified in Annex 4 of the rent contract.

The contractor shall continue to have during the period of the object of purchase in accordance with (cafes), at least 30 million EUR / year, and 10 million € / magnitude of damage liability insurance, proof of which contract conditions.

Catering services for other enterprises or other institutions

Budapest Főváros XIII. Kerületi Önkormányzat Prevenciós Központ | Published February 11, 2017  -  Deadline February 23, 2017

Ensuring Catering food preparation and delivery of a fixed-term contract, it supplied 11 site.

concluded on the basis of this procurement procedure, the contract is concluded for a fixed period of 12 + 24 months from the date the contract is signed. 90 days before to 12 months after the contract has expired, the parties may agree on a further 24-month extension of the contract, if the contract complied with the Treaty and the relevant provisions of law.

Ensuring Catering food preparation and delivery of a fixed-term contract, it supplied 11 site.

4 times a day meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack), for a total of 1057 people.


- 1-3 years old children: 98%

- 4-6-year-old disabled child: 2%

- Infant under 1 year: 3-4 people.

The above special dietary dose for 47 persons (these distribution in the documentation).

The dose is the actual number of orders due to changes in staffing - 30% will vary.

Zsana contract for catering and Local Government Institutions to perform tasks - withdrawal

Zsana Önkormányzata | Published February 20, 2017

Zsana contract for catering and Local Government Institutions to perform tasks - withdrawal

providing public catering services Kiskoros city's administrative area - Amendment

Kiskőrös Város Önkormányzata | Published January 30, 2017

providing public catering services Kiskoros city's administrative area - Amendment

Parking lot construction work

Millenáris Széllkapu Beruházó, Fejlesztő és Üzemeltető Nonprofit Kft. | Published February 14, 2017  -  Deadline March 17, 2017
45223300, 45221200, 45112700, 45223210

Works contract.

The area below the current ground level is still potentially

existing structures / construction remains demolition, construction of 500 two-storey underground garage

car seats, recreational city park, catering establishments, their

Creating infrastructure and associated service facilities, as well as street lighting, property

Moving and lowering phase of borders, as follows:

Garage: Complete design-based design documentation useful (net) floor area: 17 755

m2; Level: 2; Purpose: parking, hand car wash, electric car charger, supporting office;

the building is made of reinforced concrete frame structure, overall dimensions of 110 x 100 m, foundation

watertight concrete slab tiles and waterproofing of the diaphragm wall construction work includes the building

HVAC, building electricity, safety, parking systems technology

building, provision of utilities, parking, electric car charging stations, as well as

car wash establishment.

Buildings Area Map above:

Task: Complete implementation plan based on the documentation

- All the useful (net) floor area: 2030.56 m2; Purpose: catering (2 coffee)

server, corridor; The one and two-storey structures supporting structure made partly on site

monolithic, reinforced concrete or steel frame, which are partly borne by the private underground garage födémére

without foundation, partly linked talpgerendákkal, reinforced bars pontalapokra.A

interior design selected after the tenant is responsible.

Park: to provide complete engineering design documentation alapján- utilities, rough

landscaping and land filling, landscaping, design of paved areas around the park

Not part of the vegetation,

playground equipment, transportation and installation of the irrigation system.

- The total area of ​​the park: 33 184 m2; the park is biologically active, net floor area: 25 000 m2;

paved surfaces, buildings or surfaces covered with a net floor area of ​​14 100 m2; Fountain

net area of ​​174 m2;

Mammut shopping center in the border facing a mix of steel / concrete structures

Exercise: The building structure, floor surfaces, complete construction limitations

Based on design documentation. -hasznos (net) floor area: 2063.7 m2; -szintszám: Level 4; -

Purpose: Transport, Lookout; -the building HEA, HEB and IPE profiles consisting of steel frame

construction (340 tons of steel), Dimensions 228.5 * 6.5 m, a maximum height of

Works of art:

Street Light Work of art:

- 100.61 m (75.61 m closed, open 25.0 m) reinforced concrete road underpass work of art

Instead of the existing pavement width 6.00 m 7.00 m

The roadway of the Light House Street No. 16, and the road between Kisrókus

The street light perpendicular to the surface

After the pedestrian crossing szintsüllyesztés is ~ 31 m long stretch.

Margaret krt. exit of objects: - construction of monolithic concrete garage exits; Length: 68.05 m;

net volume of reinforced concrete structures: 465 m3;

Working area limitation, drainage systems:

The working area limitation is watertight to 60 cm thick, extensive 2775m2 of slurry wall garázskontúrnál

In addition to the water lap closing contour, deep seepage from the outside based on the flow

The underground drainage works

paplanszivárgóval integrated network and drainage should be provided under the base plate.

Hotel construction work

Nyíregyháza Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

in implementing the program implemented as part of the Modern Cities Hotel Salt Lake Resort & Spa is a four star hotel construction project management contract.

The hotel is the exclusive property development in Nyíregyháza County City on 15094/3. u. u 10 950.96 m² measure for property takes place, and the nature of a 122 key is a resident, HSU four-star rated, 10 746.85 m² gross floor area, adjacent Bath closed, including indoor, led to heated elevated levels pedestrians also connected hotel.

The project, the nature, size, location and quality will be unique in terms of Nyíregyháza and its surroundings.

The hotel can be implemented in the public elements of traffic:

- Hotel Rooms;

- Catering facilities;

- Conference facilities;

- Adventure Island: children's world, fitness, mini spa;

- Basement garage;

- Covered, enclosed, heated led to an increased level of pedestrian road between the hotel and the spa.

Installation, design of basic data:

Land area: 10951 sqm.

Zoning: VK-711 757 (mixed central zone).

7 - other architectural character.

1 - not established category.

1 - colonies like free-standing installation method.

2500 m² plot size.

5 - <= 40% integration into.

7 - allowed building height: 12.5 to 16.0 m.


Planned building installation parameters:

Method of installation: Freestanding.

Built-: 22.2% (2434.44 nm).

Green Space: 46.78% (5123.39 nm).

Building height: 14.46 m.

A) Hotel Room.

Based on market studies and a similar profile hotels concept overview in a room mix is ​​created, containing 122 key units, including the established standard guestrooms, superior guest rooms, junior suites, and suites and a wheelchair for two rooms.

The hotel's interior design, the guest rooms and public spaces, the furniture and the equipment meets the standards expected of international four-star hotel and can be assigned later may be selected international hotel brand (brand) standards.

B) Hospitality facilities:

- A 145-seat oriented, flexible converted into a restaurant, walkway toward the 50-seat terrace,

- Oriented with a 30-seat lobby bar and lounge on the boardwalk and the Swiss towards Lak, a 15-seat terrace and relatives,

- 4th floors in the hotel's fitness spectacularly placed bar.

C) Meeting Facilities.

The planned hotel will be designed to include a suitable spaces for MICE clientele as well.

D) Adventure Island (World children's playground, fitness, mini spa)

The hotel supply in terms of the elements of wellness-health relationship especially in the low season, from October to March will contribute to the increase in demand, and in addition creates great synergies for higher quality and unique services for guests seeking leisure and corporate / business segment as well.

A detailed and itemized amounts and the detailed technical parameters, as well as details of the tasks to be performed by the contractor, the detailed characteristics of the detailed technical requirements contained in the tender documents.

Regulation (hereinafter 30.).. Cr) of § 46 (3) contained regard to contracting entities may point out that if the object of the procurement is clear and understandable definition required the particular make and model, frequency, type of thing, process, activity, person , patent or trademark

References to the name just happened to a clear definition of the nature of the subject, and in addition to the term "or equivalent" is understood in all cases.

Contracting points out that, in case things megajánlása equivalent to the equivalence of the bidder must demonstrate its offer.

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