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School-meal services

Mairie de Gondecourt | Published March 9, 2016
Lys Restauration SA

Meals at the cold lead to the catering service of the town of Gondecourt.

School-meal services

Mairie de Gondecourt | Published November 12, 2015  -  Deadline January 4, 2016

Providing meals in cold lead for catering service of the municipality of Gondecourt.

School-meal services

Mairie de Gondecourt | Published November 28, 2017  -  Deadline December 29, 2017

Collective catering of the commune of Gondecourt - supply and delivery of meals in cold connection for the catering service of the commune of Gondecourt.

Provision of meals for school and recreation centers and adults.

In cold connection, delivery to the school restaurant Gondecourt, Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays in school and Wednesday and during small and large holidays.

Estimated annual quantities:

- children's nursery meals: mini 22 000 maxi 24 000,

- meals for primary children: mini 33 000 max 40 000,

- adult reps: mini 2,000 maxi 2,800.

Provision of breakfasts and snacks for school and leisure centers breakfast for children attending leisure and school.

Snacks: mini 21 600 maxi 29 000.

Breakfasts: 1,300 max. 2,000.

Provision of meals for seniors

Quantity or scope: one Wednesday per month except the months of July, August and December.

Mini 400 - max 800

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