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SIOP-3.4.1 / A-11 / 1-2013-0002 identification number "Merkel Nursing-Home Care Project Férőhelykiváltási" c. Ököritófülpösön- information on the award of the framework application service house construction

Szociális és Gyermekvédelmi Főigazgatóság | Published March 6, 2015
Nyír-Komplett Építőipari, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

Service building construction Ököritófülpös Internal useful floor area: 890.66 m2 Functional Description: The building is actually due to the function - and following established defined functional designs - "House Building Service". Layouts: The building became a "U" shaped building, one side of the konyhaüzemmel and restaurant in the middle of the main entrance and the other side of the public spaces. The building is basically basically be divided into two parts: Server part: Linked to the building also has a storage area. The use of the service part of dining services on the one hand and the various rehabilitation programs designed to mobilize community areas directly related to the kitchen and serve. In fact, the proposed sanitary "power" is as defined in the program Plumbing's. Then a unit designed for staff - office and sanitary follows. Then he splits the corridor, and left the women's sanitary and 3 common areas have been earmarked for various functions, while starting right the first time even a water block (male), and also comes with three common areas. Swerving in traffic even after a community room to another office and an information center will be constructed. This is where a small rest room sanitary facilities, to ensure the hospital to be individuals "convalescence" period. They shall also have an exit formed part of the corridor. These spaces - that can be used by individuals - will be implemented in full accessibility. The foundation also sectional layout designed traditional sávalapozással. Handicap parking construction, landscaping, paving, fencing and planting to be delivered under the project. The detailed specifications of the tender documentation.
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