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Water heaters and heating for buildings; plumbing equipment

Rostocker Messe- und Stadthallengesellschaft mbH | Published February 9, 2017  -  Deadline March 7, 2017

The foyer of an event building is to be extended over 2 floors (about 14 000 m³ volume). In addition, in the main auditorium, the capacity is increased. In this context, a new food court is set up on each floor.

The sanitary measures to install a separate dirt (Gastro-areas) and rainwater system (roof area approximately 2000 m²), the partial renewal of the on-site water main loop, the supply of catering areas and several taps with drinking water, and installations are as hygiene flushing and measurement units for the TW-consumption.

underfloor heating (about 2000 m²) and various static radiator to be installed for the heating. Other measures include the supply of air curtains and 5 HVAC systems (approximately 86 000 m³ / h).

In addition, partial dismantling and reconstruction work added in the existing building.

Sh. Summary.

Roof-framing work

Eigenbetrieb „Kommunale Objektbewirtschaftung und -entwicklung“ der Hansestadt Rostock | Published January 27, 2017  -  Deadline February 20, 2017
45261100, 45260000, 45320000, 45332000, 45331000, 45315000

Construction of a new family competence center, House 1 - House 3, Los 08: roofing, Lot 11: Wärmedämmverbundsystem, Lot 23: plumbing, Lot 24: Heating Installation, Lot 25: Ventilation installation, Lot 27: power installations / telecommunications equipment.

Los 08: roofing essential scope:

Roof sealing and plumbing work for 3 houses and an outdoor storage with the following roof surfaces:

950m 2 (1 storeys, warm roof, interior drainage)

535m 2 (3 storeys, warm roof, interior drainage)

710m 2 (3 storeys, warm roof, interior drainage)

115 m 2 (1 storeys, pent roof, cold roof as green roof) Total among others approx .:

OSB / 3 D 30mm, consisting of: vapor barrier,

980 mm, 9 St Gutters Gully roof drain DN 100,

- 1240 m 2 Bitumen insulation on reinforced concrete floor, consisting of: vapor barrier, thermal insulation EPSHartschaum

035, D 140 mm, gap insulation EPS rigid foam 035, D 20-220 mm, Elastomerbitumen-

Gutters Gully roof drain DN 125,

- 44 m 2 WPC plastic decking flooring complete construction of balconies,

- 115 m 2 Green roof construction on 24cm wooden formwork consisting of elastomeric bitumen cold self-adhesive layer as the lower

Location D 3mm, elastomer bitumen membrane as a top layer D5,2 mm, protective layer of regenerated D 3mm, vegetation Medium Extensive monolayer D 1.5 cm, Extensive greening precultured Sedum

Vegetation mat, 31 m Roof Edge Profile multipart, aluminum, natural, 15 m roof drainage gutter semicircular, titanium zinc sheet, Size: 333 mm, 3.5 m downpipe metal circular Gr.100 Titanium zinc D 0.8mm.

The main scope of services:

EIFS work for 2 houses and exterior plaster for 1 house and an outdoor storage with the following gross cubic content (BRI):

4148 m 3 (1 storeys with plaster facade)

5970 m 3 (3 storeys with EIFS)

7517 m 3 (3 storeys with EIFS)

303 m 3 (1 storey, with small plaster) approx, total:

- 500 m 2 Plaster façade specifically for cellular concrete masonry (Light-flush as base plaster, fabric full area,

Silicate mineral lightweight plaster 1.5 mm, partly colored), silicone resin paint to color scheme) - 68 m 2 Plinth plaster, silicone resin paint to color scheme, moisture protection,

Board profiles

Plaster systems, aluminum, natural anodized - total 2,070 m 2 EIFS on sand-lime brick masonry, of which 490 m 2 with proven ball impact resistance 50

Joule downstairs (mineral wool insulating board WLZ 035, 160 mm thick, reinforced layer, 490 m 2 additional reinforcement for required ball impact strength, pasty decorative plaster 1.5 mm, partially colored, silicone resin paint to color scheme) - a total of 160 windowsills (of varying length) as driving rain tight window system

110 m 2 EIFS for socket (complete structure as above, but EPS insulation boards for

Plinth / ground, WLZ 035, 140 mm thick, moisture) - 125 m 2 Balcony plate coating 2K PU

- 99 m 2 Silicone resin façade paint, white on sand-lime facing brickwork

including everything. associated profiles.

The main scope of services:

House 1:

Pretext modules and accessories, 9 portable fire extinguisher and 1 fire blanket in the closet, decentralized water heating on small memory and Heater House 2:

Pretext modules and accessories, 13 portable fire extinguisher, central hot water over catering house 3:

Pretext modules and accessories, 18 portable fire extinguisher and 1 fire blanket in the closet, central hot water over catering.

The main scope of services:

House 1:

Insulation, heating surfaces 54 in different embodiments House 2:

Insulation, heating surfaces 92 in different embodiments House 3:

Insulation, heating surfaces 129 in different embodiments.

The main scope of services:

House 1:

2 Combined supply and exhaust units with heat recovery for lower ceiling installation (about each 2 000m 3 / H) - 1 tube fan with 300m 3 / H and accessories,

- 1 Roof fan with 250m 3 / H and accessories,

- 11 single room ventilators with accessories,

- 1 wall fan with grille and accessories,

- 100lfdm. galvanized spiral seam to DN 400,

- 85m 2 Galvanized steel channel to edge length 0.5m, 60m 2 Moldings,

- 12 diffusers, 11 poppet valves 30 ventilation grille for duct and pipe installation, weatherproof 1

Throttle and muffler,


- 80m 2

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