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Catering clothing

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Geschäftsbereich 3 Materialwirtschaft | Published February 1, 2017  -  Deadline March 10, 2017
18100000, 18130000, 19231000

The supply of clothing for the catering staff of the Clinic Service GmbH at Heidelberg University Hospital gem in the form of pants, polo shirts and short-sleeved blouses. Tender documents and in the period from 04/01/2017 to 03/31/2019, optionally extendable to 03/31/2020 or 31/03/2021.

School catering services

Stadt Heidelberg | Published October 16, 2015
apetito catering B. V. & Co. KG

Implementation and organization of food supply to the International Comprehensive School Heidelberg (ICJ) and other schools (Graf von Galen-school, elementary Bahnstadt and Geschwister Scholl School): The lunch is to be operated by a private third party as well as the kiosk mode the ICJ who also takes on the food supply of the above-mentioned three other schools. The service is expected to produce a high-quality mixed kitchen food in the kitchen of the ICJ for the ICJ itself and deliver the food freshly produced at the aforementioned schools. Here, the planning, procurement and preparation of meals and the food transport is to take over the other schools and to provide the requisite kitchen staff. There are two offer lunch dishes (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) which are subsidized. In addition, even more at the ICJ lunches, a kiosk offering drinks and should be kept. The rooms need to be left to management of the city. Standing under the auspices of the City of Heidelberg - - For the utilization of capacity of the kitchen up to 1 500 meals / day, a further connection is basically possible schools.

Canteen and catering services

Stadt Heidelberg | Published June 6, 2015
Apetito Catering B. V. & Co. KG

Food supply at 20 day care facilities in the city of Heidelberg.
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