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Extension primary school catering block and reconstruction of gyms in the village of Great Popovice

Obec Velké Popovice | Published April 20, 2015  -  Deadline August 31, 2016

Extension primary school catering block and reconstruction of gyms in the village of Great Popovice subject of a public contract extension is a primary school canteen block and a gym in the village of Great Popovice. The whole building comes from r. 1909 and its capacity so long since stopped responding to demographic development of the municipality. Already in the year. 1983 was the original object built another, but even after tne r. 2000 no longer will suffice so. In 2008 a municipality regulates the attic of the old school, which creates additional 2 classrooms and in r. 2012 village devices attached to the building from . 1983 roof extension, which creates additional 4 classrooms. Yet even these structural modifications of existing buildings already currently insufficient to meet demand and the future situation in this respect will be even worse. And because all possible alterations attic and roof extensions municipality has completely exhausted, the only build another building to cover the growing demand for places in primary schools. At the same time, however, it was necessary to solve the capacity limit of the catering block that has permission only to the current number of children attending primary school. I block is eating its limits. Following the extension of the new object to the village primary school and prepare project extensions catering block, because without it, a third of newly admitted children had school meals. The project includes a total renovation of the gym. Its building - technical condition is unsatisfactory. The gym does not meet current requirements and regulations, and because it is lined with azbestocementovými plates, today it is not for reasons of hygiene can be used for school gymnastics. According to the prepared project it at a total renovation will increase exercise areas and in the reconstruction of facilities at the gym and created space for school workshops, which in the existing building primary schools already left the place.

Extension of the primary school, catering block and reconstruction gyms in Velke Popovice

Obec Velké Popovice | Published July 13, 2015

The subject of the public contract is the extension and alterations elementary school. Extension and alterations include extensions of existing elementary schools • 4x classroom annex building brick and insulated loft area with a flat roof and part of the background, • extension of catering and culinary facilities for school canteen including modifications and retrofitting existing dining and kitchen space. • reconstruction and extension of the existing gym, including replacement of windows, cladding, insulation and floors are part of the subject of performance and exterior modifications (1) The applicant acknowledges that he and his subcontractors are required to participate and allow control of funds expended under the law no. 320/2001 Coll., on financial control in public administration and amending certain laws, as amended. (2) The future contractor is obliged to submit to the contracting authority before signing the insurance contract in terms of liability insurance for damage caused by a third party with a limit of at least CZK 30 mil.). Its failure will, among other things. Authority considered proper coordination failure to conclude the contract in accordance with § 82 para. 4) of the PPA. (3) Estimated start time is 09/2015 and is dependent on the completion of the tender procedure, the launch event will occur immediately upon receipt of a written notice to the fulfillment by the contracting entity sends to applicants with whom the contract was signed. (4) On 2 7th 2015 at 10:00 pm will be held the place of performance of this contract. Meeting participants place of performance is the address of the contracting authority.
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