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Photocopying and offset printing equipment

Δήμος Θεσσαλονίκης | Published February 21, 2015  -  Deadline April 7, 2015
30120000, 30000000, 30200000, 38650000, 32000000, 42991100, 48952000, 39162000, 39000000, 39100000, 33000000, 33196200, 37400000, 39710000, 16160000, 42641200, 31000000, 33155000, 33740000, 48190000, 37500000, 33123100, 48900000

The competition concerns the supply remaining equipment of special schools and primary Inclusive School and Secondary Education (Special Schools and Inclusion Departments) of Thessaloniki after the first award and includes the supply of ten 10 "packages" (A: Computers - Office machines / Audio Devices and image, D: Physiotherapy Equipment, E: fitness equipment, sports and psychomotor treatment F: Living Laboratory equipment, Z: Gardening Catering Equipment, H: Ceramics Laboratory equipment, Th: Mechanical & Electrical Equipment workshops, I: Laboratory equipment candle making, k: Special equipment for children with disabilities, Ir: Other equipment.).

Supply of equipment and parts special schools integration of primary and secondary schools of the Municipality of Katerini

Δήμος Κατερίνης | Published May 15, 2014
Γαβριήλ Β. Τεκτερίδης ΑΒΕΕ (CAMELino)Τ.Θ. 85Αραβησσός Γιαννιτσών 581 00 +30 2382099273 +30 2382099595
30000000, 30120000, 30200000, 32000000, 38650000, 42991100, 48952000, 39100000, 33196200, 37400000, 39710000, 16160000, 33000000, 33190000, 33155000, 33740000, 48190000, 37310000, 37500000, 33123100

The study concerns the supply of equipment Special Schools and Inclusion Departments Schools Primary and Secondary Education of the Municipality of Katerini. In particular, the supply of the equipment for the categories as they emerged from the list of "Coding - Costing equipment Disabled" appended to the call for proposals in the Operational Programme "Macedonia-Thrace," the priority code 75 - Infrastructure Education Act 7507-class equipment supply special schools. The categories are as follows: A. Computers - Office machines / devices audio and video, B. Interactive Tables, Furniture G., D. Physiotherapy Equipment, E. Gymnastic, sports and psychomotor therapy, F. Catering Equipment living, Z . Laboratory equipment gardening, H. Special equipment for children with disabilities, I. Special equipment for visually impaired children, J. equipment.

Equipment for special schools and integration classes Municipality of Volos

Δήμος Βόλου | Published August 6, 2013  -  Deadline September 23, 2013
30231000, 39710000

The project is funded by NSRF - Funding from the OP Thessaly - Mainland Greece - Epirus ERDF co-financed (Code Act ADA: 2011EP00680020) and the categories of the previous open public international competition (Ref. No. declaration 9141/TY 615/30- 1-2012) which became arid, award criteria the lowest price per workgroup. In the present transaction will equip special schools and rehabilitation classes with teaching materials and special equipment specifications for correct operation and is approved by the Department of Special Education, Ministry of Education D.V.M.TH. (Arithm.prot.65497/G6/8-6-20011 & 75408/G6/6-7-2011). The equipment referred to in a number of species used for equipment expert laboratories to meet training needs and equipment that will help in strengthening, physical and spiritual autonomy of each individual. It includes: - Computers - audio and video - physiotherapy equipment - Laboratory Equipment living - Catering Equipment Gardening - Equipment pottery workshops - Laboratory equipment engineering - electrical engineering
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