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Restaurant- provide certain concession contract catering service for a fixed period of 36 months. Information on the outcome of the proceedings.

Művészetek Palotája Kulturális Szolgáltató Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. | Published November 19, 2014
Jazz Event Kft.

Drawing, artist and audience buffets buffets traffic operation and service provision of food and catering services on fixed pre-determined period of 36 months service concession concession contract restaurant- and cafe services. The Palace of Arts hospitality affect three essential areas - the performances or during the day, arriving at the institution to serve - working in the Palace of Art building, staff and events for artists and technical staff to serve - catering service in connection with the events and protocol events. Accordingly, to appear in the following types of services: Catering services Palace of Arts partners after the service provided is vested in the Palace of Arts commission. Restaurant service (Bohemian restaurant) Co-off systems developed by the Palace of Arts (Palace of Arts Card). 12-22 hours, even days, dinner presentation should be given to the audience after the performance and opportunity. the contributors. Café (Coffee P'Art) Opening continuous throughout the year, 9-22 hours per day, respectively. demand extended after the performance ended. Traffic mobile audience The audience buffets buffets usually open 18 am to pause the lectures of the end of the case on the basis of individual disposition different start date. Breakfast one artist, the artist Artist 2 Breakfast buffets continuous opening hours of lectures adapting test schedule, usually 8-22 hours. Operating meals (canteens), will hold a day keep the canteen open all year round between 12-15 hours. Other rooms Kitchen, storage, dressing rooms, office
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