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EIA EOP IV Pre-solicitation Notice

Department of Energy, Federal Locations | Published May 20, 2014  -  Deadline December 31, 2069

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has a requirement for support services in six service areas as follows: (1) Program Management, (2) Survey Operations, (3) Energy Analysis and Modeling, (4) Information Technology Support, (5) Product/Service Development Production and Marketing, and (6) Organizational Support. Currently these services are being provided by IMG-Crown Energy Services JV, under award DE-EI0000515, Leidos, Inc., under award DE-EI0000564, and Z, Inc., under award DE-EI0000567. General Information Attached is a draft copy, for planning purposes, of the Performance Work Statement and Position Descriptions that DOE/EIA intends to issue under solicitation number DE-SOL-0006050. This RFP is hereafter referred to as the EIA Omnibus Procurement IV (EOP IV). The DOE/EIA intends to award one or more Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) master contracts. However, DOE reserves the right to make a single award. Awards will be made in accordance with FAR 15, FAR 16.5 and FAR 19.502. DOE/EIA Competitive Task Orders consisting of Fixed-Price, Time-and-Material, Cost-Plus-Award-Fee, and Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee may be issued against these IDIQ contracts. The primary North American Industry Classification (NAICS) code for this solicitation is 518210. The solicitation will be a full and open competition, with a Small Business Partial Set Aside component, in accordance with FAR 52.219-7, NOTICE OF PARTIAL SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE. Small business award(s), for the set-aside portion, will be made in accordance with FAR 52.219-7 (b) (4). The contractor(s) for the set-aside portion will be selected from the small business concerns that submit responsive offers on the non-set-aside portion. Negotiations will be conducted with the concern(s) that submit the lowest responsive offer on the non-set-aside portion. Offerors that anticipate proposing a Mentor Protg joint venture should have obtained, or be in the process of, obtaining a Small Business Administration (SBA)-approved Mentor Protg Agreement by the time the RFP is released. Additional information regarding the Mentor Protg Program can be found on SBA's website: DOE anticipates a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued in June 2014 for this requirement. Proposals will be due 45 days from the date of issuance of the RFP. The estimated start date for the period of performance is December 1, 2014. Registration All potential Offerors must register with Compusearch's FedConnect portal, which can be found at The RFP will be issued via FedConnect. Registration is required to download the RFP, submit questions, and submit a proposal. The attachments to this letter are available for download from FedConnect under DE-SOL-0006050. Questions and Communications DOE is not accepting questions concerning this pre-solicitation notice at this time. Communications with anyone other than the DOE Contracting Office are inappropriate and are not authorized during this procurement. THIS IS NOT A FORMAL REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS UNDER FAR PART 15 OR AN INVITATION FOR BIDS UNDER FAR PART 14. IF PARTIES CHOOSE TO RESPOND, ANY COST ASSOCIATED WITH THE PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION OF DATA OR ANY OTHER COSTS INCURRED IN RESPONSE TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RESPONDENT AND WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED BY THE GOVERNMENT. Sincerely, Kyle Krzywicki Contract Specialist Attachments: Performance Work Statement (draft) Position Descriptions (draft) EIA Organizational Description

Narcotics, Chemicals and Explosives Materials and Drugs Detector Kits

Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs | Published April 29, 2016  -  Deadline May 14, 2017

  GENERAL INFORMATION The Government intends to award a firm fixed price contract for ALL "Brand Name or Equal" specifications listed under this RFQ.    1.1 INFORMATION TO OFFERORS: Offerors  are reminded that information furnished under this Request for Quote (RFQ) may be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Therefore, all items that are confidential to business or that contain trade secrets or proprietary or personnel information must be clearly marked.  Marking of items will not necessarily preclude disclosure when Department of State (DoS) determines disclosure is warranted by FOIA.  However, if such items are not marked, all information contained within the submitted documents will be deemed releasable.   1.2 QUESTIONS CONCERNING THE REQUEST FOR QUOTE: Offerors are warned against contacting any INL personnel other than the Contracting Officer and Contract Specialist prior to award of the Contract resulting from this RFQ.  If such a contact occurs and found to be prejudicial to competing vendors, the vendor making such a contact may be excluded from award consideration.  Answers to inquiries/questions, if given, shall be provided in writing to all vendors being solicited.   No information concerning this RFQ shall be provided in response to telephone calls.  All such requests must be submitted in writing to the Contract Specialist by email.  Written questions relating to this RFQ shall be accepted through 2:00 P.M., EST on MAY 04/2016.  Any communications in reference to this RFQ shall cite the reference section title and page number, and directed to the following individual:   Name:              Kyle Lee Title:                Contracting  Specialist E-mail:             LeeKE3@state,gov   1.3 NOTICE OF RFQ CLOSING DATE AND TIME:   All offers shall be submitted to the designated Government Representative via e-mail or through Government Point of Entry FBO NLT 12:00 P.M., EST on MAY 14, 2016.      Name:              Kyle Lee Title:                Contracting Specialist   E-mail:             LeeKE3@state,gov   Name:              Yenny Guillory Title:                Contracting Officer E-mail:      This includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (as applicable and appropriate). PDF format shall be used only for scanned documents. The vendor shall submit pictures, datasheets and specifications contained in one document that shall include technical specifications NTE 20 pages all technical requirements, datasheets and pictures. The electronic copy, upon file opening and display on the computer monitor, shall appear exactly as the printed hard copy quote submission with the same font size restriction. Offerors should use a Read and Delivered Receipt to ensure timely submission as well as to ensure that the USG received the quote.   1.4 CONTRACTOR RELATIONSHIPS: The Department of State (DoS) encourages the use of subcontractors.  In addition, the Department requires that any potential Organization Conflict of Interest must be identified in the proposal to ensure proper firewalls are established prior to award.    1.5 MULTIPLE PROPOSALS/ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS: Offerors shall not submit, nor shall the Government accept or evaluate, multiple proposals offering alternative solutions.  Offerors shall not submit, nor shall the Government accept or evaluate, multiple solutions within one proposal.   1.6 PERIOD OF ACCEPTANCE OF QUOTES: Offerors shall agree, if the proposal is accepted within ninety (90) calendar days (unless a greater period is inserted by the contractor) from the date specified in the solicitation for receipt of proposals, to furnish any or all of the requirements upon which prices are proposed at the price set opposite each item, performed and/or delivered at the designated point(s) within the time specified.  1.7 TYPE OF CONTRACT: This requirement will result in a single award of a Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) Delivery Order for the requirements identified in this RFQ.  The FFP shall include all direct and indirect costs, profit, shipping/delivery charges (if any), and any and all insurances.  The price will not be subject to adjustment after award.   1.8 BASIS FOR AWARD: Award will be made based on the Lowest Priced-Technically Acceptable (LPTA) quote that is responsive to all of the requirements in the Request for Quote (RFQ).    1.9 ACQUISITION METHOD: This solicitation was issued as a set aside for Total Small Businesses IAW FAR part 19. This solicitation was completed under  FAR Part 12 Acquisition Commercial Items & FAR Part 13 Simplified Acquisition Methods, under Subpart 13.5 - Test Program for Certain Commercial Items.   1.10 SUPPLIES AND PRICES The Contractor shall provide to the U.S. Government the new products as described in the specifications for the stated firm fixed price.  Further, the Contractor shall properly perform the pre-delivery inspection on the products and deliver them to the location set forth under Place of Delivery, of this contract.  The firm fixed price shall include the products' pre-delivery inspection, certificates of origin, operator's manuals, warranty certificates and any other documentation mandated by the Government under NAICS 334519 Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing. 1.11 AWARD TYPE The Government intends to award a single firm-fixed-price Purchase Order for the requirements identified in this RFQ. The price shall include all direct and indirect costs, overhead, export license, general and administrative expense, profit, shipping/delivery charges, export requirements, insurance, assembly, etc. The price will not be subject to adjustment after award.
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