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Courier services

HM Revenue & Customs | Published January 6, 2017

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the UK's tax, payment and customs authority. We collect the money that pays for the UK's public services and help families and individuals with targeted financial support. To support HMRC's business operations, we have a requirement for a modern, safe and reliable Courier Service the core element of which is to move small goods with a value of up to 500 GBP and paper (much of which contains customer data) between HMRC offices. Security of data as it moves is of paramount importance but we are looking for great value for money too.

Currently HMRC operates out of circa 300 offices across the UK and Northern Ireland however, we anticipated the demand and the number of sites will reduce significantly during the proposed contract period.

HMRC will be holding a supplier engagement event in Lincoln on 25.1.2017 to provide an opportunity for potential suppliers to learn more about the requirement and procurement time-scales. The event also gives HMRC the opportunity to gather vital market information from suppliers which will help to shape and refine the service specification. The event will be structured to allow for a general presentation from HMRC business representatives including a Q&A session. We will then conduct 1-2-1 meetings providing an opportunity for both HMRC and suppliers to discuss the requirement in further detail. Due to venue limitations, we are restricting numbers to a maximum of 2 attendees per supplier. To attend the event, suppliers will need to register on the HMRC SAP Ariba eSourcing portal. Guidance on how to register can be found at:

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