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Dynamic Purchasing System - Business coaching/mentoring services for SME's

Cornwall College | Published August 6, 2016  -  Deadline August 2, 2020
Cornwall College Further Education Corporation are inviting suppliers to participate in a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the provision of the following business coaching services in a range business sectors:
• Mentoring Services.
• Workshop Delivery Services.
• Expert Speaker Service.

Typically the services shall be delivered to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) located in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, however the College may require suppliers to provide the services throughout the UK.

The DPS will be managed by the College’s e-tendering system In-Tend and shall remain open from 5th August 2016 for a maximum duration of four years.

In order to obtain additional detail about this DPS an interested supplier must register and express an interest in this requirement via In-Tend, thereafter Stage 1 - Request to Participate which includes full detail of the DPS tender process, an overview of the College's requirements and the Supplier Questionnaire shall be be released to the interested supplier.

Surveying Agency Services for Business Relocation (PAN 1109)

Leicester City Council | Published April 2, 2016  -  Deadline February 1, 2017
Leicester City Council (the Authority) invites relocation and surveying agencies with in-depth knowledge of Leicester’s industrial and warehouse market to register an interest and receive full details of our business relocation requirements.

As part of the Waterside Project Leicester City Council is attempting to relocate affected businesses. The Council is providing an opportunity to agents who bring forward off market opportunities which are sold or leased to businesses relocating from Waterside Phase 1.

For further details please contact:
Sian Stanhope on 0116 454 2903
Brendan Mcgarry on 0116 454 2139

Full details on how to register can be found on the attached documentation.


Cleansing & Routine Maintenance of Public Conveniences & other Council Buildings

Dover District Council | Published November 3, 2016  -  Deadline December 5, 2016

The Opportunity

Dover District Council is looking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced contractor for the Cleansing & Routine Maintenance of Public Conveniences and other Council Buildings.  The initial contract will be for 3 years with the option to extend for a further 2 years (in yearly increments). Completed tender responses must be submitted electronically via the Kent Business Portal by no later than 5th December 2016.

Expression of Interest and Process

Expressions of interest will only be accepted via the Kent Business Portal. In order to submit your interest in this opportunity please select the ‘Login and Express an Interest’ button located at the bottom of this page. Note that in order to successfully submit your interest you will first need to register for an account. After registration is complete and you've received your login details you should return to the advert for the opportunity and express your interest.

You will then receive an email giving you a link to the documentation provided and be able to access the tender documents. The tender documents are required to be completed and submitted electronically via the Kent Business Portal by no later than 17:00 on Monday 5th December 2016.

Questions and Communication

Please direct all questions and communication through the Kent Business Portal via the discussions facility.



Leeds City College - Industry Skills Associates

Leeds City College | Published April 8, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2016
*** Leeds City College has received a very high volume of applications to date and in order to give us time to review and process the responses, we are not currently considering any new applications. We are now undertaking a skills gap analysis and may re-open the opportunity for specific business sectors in due course where we identify gaps in our skills offer ***

Leeds City College is seeking industry partners who can deliver skills solutions within the following business sectors: Creative and Digital, Medical Technology, Low Carbon, Environmental Technologies and Construction, Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering and Manufacturing, Finance and Business, Transport and Logistics. Specifically we are looking to develop a number of bespoke programmes for leadership and management, creative and digital and financial services, which fit the requirements of specific markets including micro industries and smaller companies who are poised for growth.

We are looking to work with highly experienced individuals who are very strong in customer engagement and have a reputation for delivering corporate development programmes to the commercial and private sector across a range of blended learning models.
Working with Industry Skills Associates will enable the College to respond effectively to a number of initiatives within the Leeds City Region including the LEP Skills Service and the emerging opportunities from the new European Strategic Investment Fund.

Joint Venture For Energy and Sustainability

Eastbourne Borough Council | Published June 1, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2016
The commercial opportunities that would be available for each of the sustainability sectors listed below are based on what EBC and other participants want to achieve over the next 20-30 years. A list of potential starter projects have already been identified and can be found in the MOI. The JV arrangement may involve services, works or supplies being developed and delivered and commercial opportunities taken forward in a number of sectors, summarised below:
• Energy – efficiency, generation, supply, demand and distribution, R&D
• Transport – cleaner transport and vehicle usage
• Fresh food production - next generation commercial greenhouses linked with energy generation
• Fresh fish or protein production - sustainable fish or protein farms linked with energy generation
• Waste - collection and circular economy
• Water – supply and adaption
The final Joint Venture (JV) structure and commercial terms is something that EBC wishes to develop during the negotiation process. EBC’s preferred option is to implement an incremental partnership drawing on the approaches developed by joint venture models such as the Hub concept that was developed by the Scottish Futures Trust. However, unlike the Hub model, rather than form a company at the outset for the JV element of the arrangements, the initial proposal is to have a contractual JV which may, if the parties agree, be incorporated during the course of the arrangements. The intention is to put in place a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) which acts as the umbrella or top-level governance arrangement in terms of the relationship with the selected joint venture partner as well as setting out the process in relation to the delivery of projects, supplies, works and services. The SPA is therefore anticipated to set up multiple layers of involvement to cover these different elements.
EBC is willing to discuss the benefits of setting up a joint venture company at the outset with Potential Partners during the procurement process.
The primary purpose of the initial contractual Joint Venture would be to develop business cases and once a business case is developed it could be taken forwards through separate project agreements and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). The basis of the exact arrangements for each project would come out of the business plan process – these might be an extension of the JV in nature or might be more works/services/supplies based or involve concessions.
The JV will provide (or arrange for the provision of) “Partnering Services” in relation to the needs of the JV Areas primarily to provide and deliver (or manage the provision or delivery through its supply chain)of a mixture of energy and sustainability works, services and supplies (“Transformational Projects”) the beneficiaries of which may be the public participants named in this notice or the wider public and commercial organisations. It is anticipated that the Transformational Projects may be delivered through a range of contract and financial structures and may include special purpose vehicles established by the JV and participants in the JV arrangements.
The Partnering Services to be provided by the JV may also include but will not be limited to: Partnering and Collaborative Working; Estate Management; demonstration of Continuous Improvement in Value for Money; Property Development; Supply Chain Management; Funding; Regeneration and Community Involvement; Strategic Estate Planning and Service Planning.
Further details on the structure of the arrangements, the Hub model and scope of projects and Partnering Services can be found in the MOI obtainable from the address in section 1.3 of this notice (

Pseudo Framework for Spot Provision of Home Care Services for Zone 1 in Gateshead

Gateshead Council | Published May 3, 2016  -  Deadline October 1, 2018

This spot home care provision is to support the Council contract for Home Care services.  The opportunity for Providers to be appointed to the Pseudo Framework will remain open until 1st October 2018 or until the Council, in its absolute discretion, considers sufficient providers to have been appointed to meet its total need for Home Care provision.

Therefore, please submit your tender documents at your soonest convenience to enable you to be added to the Pseudo Framework and receive calls for competition. 

The Council will evaluate submissions strictly in the order received and will appoint to Pseudo Framework all providers submitting compliant bids in that order.  Packages will initially be allocated to fill providers existing capacity in the order in which providers are appointed to the Pseudo Framework. 

Thereafter, Providers will bid for provision as and when a package becomes available through this arrangement and packages will be awarded to the Provider submitting earliest compliant response to the Call for Further Competition.  There is no guarantee of any business under any contract awarded.   


Leeds City College - Delivery Partners for 2016-17

Leeds City College | Published April 8, 2016  -  Deadline December 31, 2016
*** Leeds City College has received a very high volume of applications to date and in order to give us time to review and process the responses, we are not currently considering any new applications. We are now undertaking a skills gap analysis and may re-open the opportunity for specific business sectors in due course where we identify gaps in our skills offer ***

Significant changes in the employment and skills landscape are expected to take place over the next 18 months. Situated in the heart of Leeds City Region, Leeds City College will continue to meet the fast changing economic and social environment in which it operates. The College is keen to work in partnership with leading specialists, stakeholders and partners to ensure we can provide a skills offer to that meets market demand within the region. Building on a successful legacy of UK and EU project delivery, the college is seeking partners to capitalise on a number of emerging opportunities including the 2014-20 European Strategic Investment Funds (ESIF) and other significant skills contracts to support local, regional and national growth.

DUD - Transfer of Childcare Provision in Family Centres - 2017

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council | Published November 17, 2016  -  Deadline December 14, 2016
Dudley Council is seeking one or more alternative Providers to operate childcare provision within the identified Family Centres at Brierley Hill, Kates Hill and Lye. For the purposes of this opportunity the definition of childcare is that which is specified in the Childcare Act 2006. "The provision of paid for childcare services by a private, voluntary or independent body or individual to a parent or carer for the daily care of their child from the ages of 6 weeks- 14 yrs or through funded government places for eligible children i.e. 2, 3 and 4 yr olds whilst they work or undertake training". 
The successful Provider(s) will also be required to enter into a legal agreement with the Council stipulating the terms of the transfer. The nature and content of this agreement will be informed by the business plan submitted by the successful Provider(s) and subsequent discussions between the Council and the Provider(s).

Financial Systems and Services

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust | Published February 6, 2016  -  Deadline April 1, 2017
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS) is a large NHS Trust that provides  services to some 1.9 million people living in Southampton and south Hampshire, plus specialist services such as neurosciences, cardiac services and children's intensive care to more than 3.7 million people in central southern England and the Channel Islands. The Trust employs 10,550 staff and processes 100,000 invoices per annum. 
UHS is looking for a supplier or suppliers to provide the entirety or elements of solutions to incorporate: 
 - Hosted Contract Management Software
 - Hosted Source to Contract Software
 - Hosted E-cataloguing Software
 - Hosted Supplier Management Software
 - Hosted Procurement Reporting Software 
 - Hosted Source to Payment System
 - Hosted Business Intelligence Reporting System
 - Hosted Planning and Budgeting System
 - Hosted ERP System with Multi Company and Group Reporting Capability for Accounting ((General/Payables/Receivables Ledger) 
 - Outsourced Accounts Payable Service
 - Outsourced Credit Control & Debt Recovery Service
 - Outsourced Cash Receipt & Collection Management Service
 - Outsourced VAT Return Service
 - Outsourced Payroll and Pensions Management Service

UHS is hosting a bidder information event at 14:30 on Tuesday 8th March 2016 at Southampton General Hospital. To register your interest in this event, please register your organisation on the UHS e-tendering portal ( and against the corresponding entitled PQQ. (Please note: although this registration event will be called a PQQ, it is not serving the purpose of a PQQ, it is purely to register against the event). Once you have registered against the PQQ, please send me a message via the e-tendering portal to confirm your interest in the event. Please note, depending on the interest in the event, we may need to limit attendees from each organisation. I will inform of any attendee limits nearer the time.

Digital Experience Transformation

Marketing and Communications | Published November 23, 2016  -  Deadline December 22, 2016
You are invited to express an interest in a tender process for the re-design and re-development of the University of Portsmouth website ( Suppliers must be able to deliver all three phases as part of one contract. The phases are as follows:

Discovery phase
The discovery phase will begin with detailed research into the core audiences that use the current website and any new audiences that should be targeted. This will also include a review of existing technologies in operation and architecture, strategies and plans and the capabilities and user needs of the digital and Information Services teams.

Development & Delivery phase
The approved proposal from the Discovery phase will inform the Development & Delivery phase.

Hosting & Support phase
There are two elements to this phase. The findings of the Discovery phase will inform the solution for both hosting the website and the support for the business to manage the CMS.

The supplier will be a digital delivery partner with a strong track record of delivering a number of recent successful digital projects to large competitive organisations with a diverse customer base. They will have demonstrable experience of undertaking major digital projects covering discovery and research, digital strategy and marketing, user experience, personalisation and prototyping, design, build and development.

They will possess a strong track record of providing fully supported, industry-leading cloud- hosted solutions. The delivered solution should be written using open standards rather than proprietary and will be scalable, dynamic and able to adapt to our future needs of engaging with students online and through social media.

Importantly, next year marks our 25th anniversary celebration of achieving University status and we require this project to be delivered by the end of September 2017 to coincide with this landmark.

Please also see a link to our vision document that may provide more information about the University

In addition to above, suppliers must be able to :
- To deliver a new fully responsive website that enables the new brand which is currently in development.
- To ensure that the website is designed, developed and structured to aid key user journeys, improve core functionality, usability and navigation. This will be built upon the detailed research that will be carried out as part of the discovery phase.
- To audit and migrate content from multiple microsites and sources through to a single site ensuring it fits within the new university structure.
- To ensure that the website is fully optimised to increase traffic from organic search and configured to provide detailed analytics and insight.
- To deliver a best in class technical build, with an improved site search capability and CMS, allowing us to manage, create new content but also deploy microsites.
- To provide a cloud hosted and website technical support service.
- To establish clear governance structures and processes and tools for continual optimisation and improvement.

To Express an Interest in this project please register on the University of Portsmouth In-Tend webpage and express an interest in this project. Please find the weblink for our webpage below:

Please note, once you have expressed an interest, you will automatically receive the PQQ stage document to be completed

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