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Mozambique Social Protection Support Programme: Establishment and Management of a Technical Assistan

Procurement | Published February 25, 2017

This is a Prior Information Notice (PIN) only: Publication and Call for Competition will be conducted once Scope of Work is Fully Defined and Approved. DFID Mozambique is currently implementing a programme of support to social protection (Social Protection Support, SPS) in Mozambique, which has recently been extended through a Business Case Amendment from September 2016 - March 2020. Within this extension period a Technical Assistance and Innovation Facility (TAIF) will be established to provide assistance, build capacity and drive forward innovations in social protection systems for the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Action (MGCAS) and the National Institute for Social Action (INAS). The TAIF is part of a wider programme of DFID support to social protection. This wider programme aims to deliver ‘A more comprehensive and sustainable basic social security system’. It will do so through three components. The TAIF covers components 2 and 3. Programme Component 1 - 1 UN Joint Programme, proposed Outputs: a) Core social protection systems, policy frameworks and processes updated and strengthened and b) Improved measurement and visibility of social protection results and impact. Programme Component 2 — Climate Sensitive Public Works Programme, proposed outputs: a) Improved GoM capacity to deliver climate sensitive public works through the PASP programme; b) Evidence based, costed expansion strategy developed for priority social protection programmes; c) Enhanced programme coordination capacity of INAS and MGCAS and d) Formative evaluation of Early Childhood Grant Project to inform scale up. Programme Component 3 — Vulnerability Response Fund, proposed outputs: a) Early Childhood Grant Project implemented and b) New payments mechanisms tested and evaluated. DFID Mozambique is seeking a service provider to establish, manage and deliver the TAIF to deliver components 2 and 3 of the DFID programme. Component 1 of the programme (not the subject of this Information Notice) involves systems strengthening work at national and sub-national level through a joint UN programme on social protection. For component 2 of the programme, the TAIF will support strengthening of GoM capacity, innovation in key areas, focusing on developing public works assets that contribute to climate resilience, within the framework of delivering the Government of Mozambique's second National Basic Social Security Strategy 2016-2024 (ENSSB2). Under this component, the TAIF will also manage a fund to cover the costs of delivering key innovations in programmes. The TAIF is expected to operate from September 2017 until March 2020. The TAIF will work closely with government counterparts and the DFID Social Development Advisor (SDA). The TAIF will also complement DFID's support to the 1 UN Joint Programme on Social Protection, delivered by 3 UN Agencies (UNICEF, WFP and ILO) and funded by 4 bilateral donors (UK, Sweden, Holland and Ireland) (Component 1). The TAIF will also work alongside other initiatives in this area such as a major World Bank programme of support to the GoM's public works programme (PASP) and Irish Aid's support to climate sensitive public works and the child grant. Estimated cost of works excluding VAT: 11 500 000Currency: GBP Divided into lots? No
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