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Business analysis consultancy services

NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit | Published November 30, 2016  -  Deadline December 28, 2016

South, Central and West CSU (SCW) has a combination of skills and expertise which mean that we are very well placed to support health and care organisations and systems to address quality improvement. SCW works alongside national and local organisations including new organisational forms such as Vanguards and the emerging Sustainability and Transformation Plan areas (STPs). We provide extensive business intelligence and data management services, and strong experience in financial, activity and performance measurement and analytics. In order to complement these capabilities and to enhance our capacity to provide support, SCW is seeking to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) of suitably qualified organisations that can provide a range of consultancy support and additional capacity, normally working as part of blended teams with SCW staff and associates, delivering services to our customers. Please see the Procurement Documentation for further detailed information.

SCW works with a wide range of NHS organisations, and is increasingly supporting new organisational forms, provider organisations, patient safety initiatives and clinical networks. Analytics work for them includes developing clinical dashboards and supporting measurement for improvement. This work can be part of a wider quality improvement programme, and so we are seeking organisations to work with us to enable us to deliver a broader set of customer requirements, not just the analytics elements. We are also seeking partners to support population and predictive analytics work, including clinical grouping and case-mix adjustment.

SCW supports a number of programmes which can benefit health economics expertise. These include evaluations of changes to services or organisation of care, for example new care pathways, changes to access to services, or work to integrate services across organisational boundaries. As well as undertaking ‘one-off’ evaluations of service changes, we also support benefits realisation as part of ongoing programmes and projects which span areas such as digital transformation and education programmes. We are working with a number of organisations to develop new contracting models, for which modelling costs and assessing outcomes are key.

Supply services of personnel including temporary staff

Ministry of Defence, Agencies/Misc, Other | Published November 25, 2016  -  Deadline December 23, 2016

The Commercial Resourcing Solution requirement is for a service to provide:

i) Commercial personnel/resource on a temporary basis;

ii) Process and business improvement expertise.

This opportunity is expressly not limited to those with defence sector experience as experience and knowledge in other market sectors may well have value to offer to us.

Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) requires a Commercial Resource Solution (CRS) contract for the provision of a service for (a) resourcing vacancies within the Commercial Function on a temporary basis; and (b) seeking out, identifying and delivering business improvement opportunities that will allow the DE&S Commercial Function operate in a more efficient way. The requirement is expressed as:

Part A — A non-exclusive contract for the provision of a service for commercial personnel/resource.

There is a need for temporary, suitably qualified and experienced personnel across the DE&S Commercial Function at a range of levels. The DE&S Commercial Function is currently operating with a vacancy rate of approximately 200 posts. It is anticipated that this, and any future, gap in personnel/resource will be met through the CRS contract.

Part B — Opportunities for innovation.

There is a need to scope, identify and deliver innovation opportunities; as directed by DE&S or as generated by the CRS contractor. The aim of innovation is to improve procurement processes and to deploy more effective and efficient ways of working and approaches to delivery. The payment/reward structure for this element of the requirement offers the opportunity for a more flexible approach, which may include the CRS contractor being rewarded for the delivery of results through innovation by way of gain share.

The total scope and value of Part B is difficult to quantify prior to Contract award, as it will depend on the ability of the CRS contractor to identify and deliver innovative opportunities, the appetite of the Authority for innovation and the approach of the parties to risk. As such, the estimated Contract notice value is reflective of the Authority's best estimate at the time of publication.

No business whatsoever is guaranteed under any resulting contract indeed there is no guarantee that any contract will be put in place in relation to this notice. No compensation etc. will be paid if a tender or resulting agreement is withdrawn for any reason. Bidders should take part in this process only on the basis that they fully understand and accept this position.

Large Scale Automated Composite Deposition Capability

University of Bristol | Published November 16, 2016
The National Composites Centre intends to procure a series of equipment to provide a Large Scale Automated Composite Deposition Capability to be used for manufacturing research and development purposes. This Prion Information Notice serves to alert the market place to this opportunity and the NCC invites interested suppliers to lodge an initial expression of interest by emailing your information to including any other information which they feel may support the NCC with scoping and planning for this exercise. Following receipt of Expressions of Interest it is currently the intention of the NCC to utilise an Open Procedure Route under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, although this may be reviewed following the outcome of this PIN. Details and guidance on the procurements process will be provided within the tender documentation, including help and support in responding via the e-tendering portal. The Functional requirements for the capability are being confirmed with the industry. It is envisaged that the capability is likely to consist of the two work cells similar to the those detailed below: Cell one will have a working volume in the region of 5m x 5m x 5m and will utilise state of the art deposition technologies such as automated fibre placement (AFP) and automated tape laying (ATL) capable of deposition of materials such as dry fibre, thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs of multiple widths. Cell two will have a working volume in the region of 20m x 5m x 2m and will be capable of utilising state of the art AFP/ATL deposition of materials such as dry fibre, thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs of multiple widths. See below.
In addition there is a requirement to deposit broad dry reinforcement fabrics (such as non-crimp or woven fabrics) for subsequent resin infusion and out of autoclave curing The equipment must enable deposition of full coverage plies as well as systems for partial coverage plies at high rate and controlled tolerances over multi-layer fabric preforms.
The NCC intends to use the information gathered to shape the proposed procurement process and specification for this project. Commercially confidential information should therefore be marked accordingly. Following consideration of responses the NCC may wish to engage in further discussions with the respondents which may also further help to inform any subsequent Tender documentation. Participating in this market sounding exercise will not guarantee short-listing at a later stage in the procurement, nor will non-participation in this market sounding exercise restrict access to the tender opportunity. As a result of feedback or for any other reason, the NCC may make the decision not to go ahead with any proposed procurement exercise. The NCC will not meet any costs incurred by any party in responding to this notice. The NCC reserves the right to award all, none, or part of the business.
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