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14-BYM-2015 Sales apparatus piggdekkgebyr scheme

Oslo kommune Bymiljøetaten | Published May 22, 2015  -  Deadline July 1, 2015
79211120, 72220000, 72600000, 79342300, 64212100

Studded tearing up the asphalt and creates particulate matter resulting in air pollution with environmental, health and welfare disadvantages in Oslo. The purpose of the fee for use of studded tires is to reduce the use of studded tires to reduce particulate matter from road traffic in winter. Oslo has introduced fees for the use of studded tires. Studded fee applies throughout Oslo and limit fee zone is Oslo's city limits. The acquisition includes a sales force which includes sales of seasonal, monthly and daily wafers and virtual fashioned wafers for payment of piggdekkgebyr in Oslo. Further comprising the procurement customer care and customer service, establishment, operation and maintenance of existing web application and customer database and reports to the customer. Needs: • Production / printing of daily, monthly and seasonal wafers. • Sale of daily, monthly and seasonal stickers and virtual wafers via SMS and telemarketing. • Establish, maintain and assure the quality of existing web application for sales of wafers. • Customer service - customer management - process customer inquiries - reimbursement issues. • Establish, maintain and assure the quality of an electronic register of customers who buy seasonal and monthly sticker. • Accounting and reporting to the customer - sales - income - financial management (reconcile sales stickers) - reimbursement issues - issuance of duplicates - sticker accounting. • Written oblate report and any return of the remaining wafers to customers
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