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Financial leasing services

Region Skåne, Koncerninköp | Published December 28, 2016  -  Deadline February 6, 2017

The contract relates to passenger cars, minibuses, vans and trucks, including service and repair contracts. The vehicles will be both business-bound vehicles and company cars for Region Skåne's staff. Most of the vehicles will be purchased through financial leasing by Region Skåne current contractor. Delivery of the vehicles is mainly to Scania Transport in Lund and Kristianstad. Start working with documents 24. Administrative regulations.

Ultrasonic unit

Region Skåne, Koncerninköp | Published December 20, 2016  -  Deadline January 25, 2017

The contract covers the exchange of three (3) Ultrasound System to the business image and function at Skåne University Hospital.

Procurement Object and scope:

The contract includes an agreement for the purchase of three (3) diagnostic ultrasound system to image and function at Skåne University Hospital in Lund and Malmö. Ultrasound systems must be designed for children and skeletal examinations. The contract includes delivery, installation, training, documentation, accessories and options, accessories and service. Agreements will be signed by one (1) provider.

Option for an additional three (3) ultrasound systems will be offered with the option of Region Skåne clinicians to place orders during the three (3) years from the signing of contracts. Basic tender includes following parts:

- Delivery of current equipment;

- Two (2) year warranty including preventive and corrective maintenance during the warranty period;

- Installation of date equipment;

- Clinical and technical documentation;

- Adequate clinical training for health professionals;

- Adequate technical training of medical engineers Price for training shall be disclosed separately. Price shall be expressed per portion of the system in accordance with Appendix 1 Specification. In the case where it is under contract to the equipment (and spare parts) for an agreed product so they must / be included in the contract under the same conditions as the other covered products.

The tender will price list on other products and accessories attached. For the price list, it is to get the percentage (%) discount based. The price list will not be evaluated. For further information see Annex 1, Specification.

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