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The amount of the premium for comprehensive insurance property liability insurance business and burglary with an extension of vandalism with the exception of robbery on Quest Hall Street. Freedom 406 in Zabrze

 | Published November 14, 2014  -  Deadline November 25, 2014

The amount of premium for comprehensive property insurance liability insurance business and burglary with an extension of vandalism with the exception of robbery on Quest Hall Street. 406 freedom in Zabrze.

Computer equipment and supplies

Śląskie Centrum Chorób Serca w Zabrzu | Published November 20, 2015
Ematech Trade Sp. z o.o.
30200000, 48000000

Object of the contract includes the delivery: - infrastructure, - tools and business software for reporting, analysis and data mining and ETL processes - modeling software necessary to implement a research program the Packages from No. 1 to No. 3 correspond to the technical characteristics indicated in Annex 7specyfikacji .

Credit granting services

Muzeum Górnictwa Węglowego w Zabrzu | Published April 28, 2015  -  Deadline June 5, 2015

The contract is to provide and support long-term loan of up to 7 710 000 PLN (say: 7710000 00/100) for the purpose of commencement, continuation and completion of investments made by the Purchaser in the framework of the task pn .: a) Reconstruction and Mine infrastructure adaptation historic Guido in Zabrze for tourism and cultural (task 1), Sienkiewicz 43 with accompanying infrastructure (task 2), Sienkiewicz in Zabrze for the development of brownfield theme park (task 3. It is possible to independently carry out the work, resulting in different terms their completion. 2) As part of the loan will be funded by a tax on goods and services (VAT) associated with the implementation of the investments. 3) The Purchaser reserves the right to extend the amount of investments co-financed loan is the subject of the contract, in the case of: - extension of funding sources / in investment - an increase in funding in / in investment from EU funds. The Employer also provides the ability to transfer credit resources between tasks. 4) The Contracting Authority reserves the right to extend the co-financing sources is the subject of a loan contract. 5) ordering predicts rise in the cost of the investment. These reports can be on behalf of the Employer drafting the contract engineer (supervisor) provided for the implementation of the project. 7) It is not possible to give a loan with funds obtained from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Employer does not agree to any provision of the EIB's explanations and the production of documents relating to the investment. 8) The Purchaser reserves the right to shorten the period of the loan. 9) The amount of the credit granted will be placed at the disposal of the Contracting Authority at such times and installments according to the needs of the Employer. 10) The Purchaser reserves the right not to download the loan in full, without incurring any fees, penalties, fees and similar payments for this and, without the consent of the Contractor. 11) The Purchaser reserves the right to cancel the instruction submitted tranche run one business day prior to the start tranche, as indicated in the disposal. 12) In the case of early repayment by the Employer Contractor will not charge commissions and other additional fees. In case you need to open, launch and conduct of the Contractor providing credit, additional accounts used for servicing the loan and its investments, the Contractor will not charge any fees and commissions in this respect. 14) Grace period in the repayment of capital will be 12 months from the date of making available to the first tranche of the loan. 15) After the grace period, repayment of principal installments will occur on a monthly basis, ie. On the last working day of each month. 16) The Purchaser reserves the right to change the amount of capital installments during the repayment period without incurring any fees and commissions in this respect. 17) Payment of interest will occur monthly, ie. On the last working day of each month. Repayment will take place on the basis of a written notice sent by the Contractor. 19) The margin under the loan will be fixed and constant throughout the term of the loan and will cover all costs associated with the implementation of the order (excluding interest, referred to above). 20) The margin indicated in the offer of the Contractor can not be increased during the term of the loan agreement. 21) The margin includes the fee to the Guarantee Fund. 22) The Contractor is required to indicate the margin, taking into account the requirements of the Terms of Reference, in particular of the Contract and the relevant provisions of the Agreement. 23) The Purchaser does not allow for the calculation by the Contractor of any commission or any other bank charges before granting the loan and the credit period beyond the covered interest margin and based on WIBOR 1M. If the date of repayment or interest falls on a public holiday, it is considered that the deadline has been met if the repayment has been made on the first business day after the date specified in the contract. 25) The costs of setting up security for the loan bears the Purchaser. 26) Repayment of loan shall be the Purchaser's own funds. 27) Any costs incurred by the Contractor of the contract. The Employer reserves the right to make changes in the design documents, if you select the offer of the Contractor, as discussed in the Terms of Reference and the offer of the Contractor. 29) Settlement between the Employer and the Contractor will be made only in Polish zloty (PLN). 30) In relation to the Employer did not maintain a rehabilitation program within the meaning of the Act of 27 August 2009. Public Finance item
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